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  1. yoni.7015, do not confuse, speak English and write in Cyrillic. The big difference between Cyrillic and Latin. The Latin alphabet is not suitable for writing in Russian, since twice as many letters are required. My case is far from infrequent. People have different levels of language training and pedagogues are different.In a nearby branch, the Italians asked for localization and you will say that in Italy, is there a problem with the English language? Well, let's say otherwise. So, you speak English, would you be comfortable playing a game where everything is in German and even chatting is on
  2. @"Wrong Device.3014" , About Germany wrote "Vinceman.4572", a link to his post, just above the link to yours.My answer is to both of you. I am born in 1976. In Moscow, there may have been schools with English. At the school where I studied, only in 2016 appeared.Why did not learn English in the 90s, I already wrote. This lack of teaching (wrote above) and in those years, I perceived English as the language spoken by the Russian mafia that robbed our country.And with German, at school I had big problems, because of the problem with memorizing words.
  3. Я тоже, её подписывал, так что в их числе. As for the player base, this is a very controversial statement. Now they may be few, while there is no Cyrillic alphabet and localization, and when this is done, then the ratio Latin players and Cyrillic players can be 50/50. I don’t know, you played the original game or immediately switched to GW -2.So, in the first one there was Cyrillic and localization, and ANET did not complain about money or other problems. And why only Germany ?? I was born in 1976. Under the USSR, English was the language of the elite; it was taught by the children of dipl
  4. Ol, if you didn’t notice, then my post was moved to this thread, and in it I’m talking not only about chat, but about localization. And she was asked from the very sale of the game, on this forum and there was a petition to the address of Anet.> @Ben K.6238 said: Ben, automatic translation is really not a panacea. Google, my translator (through which I am writing to you) debugged only this year so that he understood the difference in grammar. Although he is still. He doesn’t understand that if “You” is capitalized, then it will be translated into English, like “Sir” or “Ma'am”. And playin
  5. Cyrillic alphabet comprises 33 letters. Thank. Google gave the wrong data. But I can’t fix the text (((
  6. I watched the video. But I did not understand how this video explains with the lack of Cyrillic in the game. This is for technical support of the game, or localization of the game, you need a staff of workers who speak a specific language.And for the alphabet, it is not required.And when localizing the original game, there were no such problems.And as I wrote at the beginning of the post, the players volunteered to do the translation of the game. And as I heard, the company Mail.ru can take on this work.
  7. Yes, they really can do it, the blogger INOY Demonstrated this in his video by switching the keyboard to Chinese.I answer the second question. I already wrote that Russian is spoken not only in Russia and in countries near Russia, but also residents of the EU and the USA.A Russian-speaking community is a huge number of players and is not limited to the borders of one country.I will add, in the original game, there was localization and then, ANet had no complaints that it was not profitable. The Russian-speaking community is not only those for whom the Russian language is native, but also those
  8. AlexKeks. 9768 is right.In YouTube, there is (in English) an appeal from Russian-speaking players to ANet, asking for a Cyrillic chat.And before that, they asked for localization and even wrote that they were ready to collect the money themselves to pay the costs.And what is the answer? In response, or silence, or refusal to do so.
  9. Good day Anet and fans of Guild Wars 2. A few weeks ago, on the game’s maps, a procession of players passed, with posters in the form of chat messages, with requirements for the game’s developer, to introduce the Cyrillic alphabet. I’ll tell you my opinion, adding the Cyrillic alphabet to the game’s chat is the smallest thing that Anet can do, since the localization of the game is required. Someone can say why in the game, do you need the Russian language? Who needs it in the game, only for Russia? No friends! It is not only for Russia. It is spoken in other countries where it is taught in s
  10. The original Guild Wars, was translated into the world's all-languages. And money for this was enough. Excuse me, it seemed to me that they said that ANET does not know how many fans have a game ???Here is the petition that was sent to it by the players https://www.change.org/p/arenanet-ncsoft-russian-localization-of-guild-wars-2-3Only this petition collected 41,763 signers! These are only those who read about the existence of this petition. Could be so. I repeat that the original game was translated into all languages. The survey of players in Russia was not conducted. ANET, the exhibitio
  11. And why, did you decide that they were gay? The last, I do not agree. To translate, the original Guild Wars, there were no problems.
  12. I read the comments and the lot of some just shocked. Who saw where in the game, gay characters ????? I did not see. Who banned the game in Russia ??? !! This is fake news! !! I myself live in Russia and play in Russia in this game. About a foreign language. It's for schoolchildren, it's easy to teach, but to whom 40 (like me) is no longer to master. About the money. If the game were translated into Russian, then its sale was more than sales in Germany! It is because of the lack of translation, there is no big sales. Imagine that you sell the game in the US, and in the game, there is no Englis
  13. Friend, is translation into Spanish, French, or German worth less?
  14. For sale in Russia. Just the English version is sold poorly. But the first Guild of War, which was localized in the Russian language, was sold well.
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