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  1. 1-8 on the Numbers pad. (Zero is mapped for Mount Ability 2, I use keyboard movement controls and it's handy to hit with my pinky when drifting my beetle, and is also mapped as 'swim down' which is really intuitive considering similar mount ability actions.)
  2. Been a little busy this year, so I appreciated the beginner-level map event option. I was able to avoid some of the lengthier events while simultaneously ranking up my weekly key farmers, and still get my Lunar dailies in. :)
  3. Just pointing out something. It's not as simple as 'just get it in PoF.' It's on the Season 4 maps, and can't be got until AFTER POF. For some new players, that will mean buying Season 4. (Did you need all the maps to get it, or just Kourna? Feels like a long time ago...) So, cut the beetle renters a little slack.
  4. I think that most shoulders start at Level 15. You can always craft your own while you wait.
  5. Thanks everyone again! I managed to install all the upgrades without blowing anything up! :D 24 mb RAM, 500gb hard drive, MSI Graphic Cards GT 1030 2G LP OC. Second SSD drive to be added later. @Dusanyu, sounds like the GTX 750 ti would have been a little better, but I had already bought the 1030 when you posted. And it's fine, it 'optimized' GW2 when I installed the driver, which involved cranking every setting to max, and it runs very well. Such fun to see the whole landscape rendered at once, and the reflections on the water, and everybody's fashion wars! I am used to a flock of grey peo
  6. Thanks, everyone, especially Infusion for all the GPU info!I decided to go light, with the GT 1030 GDDR5, since it fits my small budget and seems a safe choice for power needs. GW2 is my main gaming focus, and that will be plenty. Looks like I should also be able to run Alien Isolation and Elite Dangerous, two games I have heard a lot about. ^^ All the parts should arrive well before the MacOs Feb 18 cut-off date, just hoping I can put in RAM, NVMe and GPU all at once go without anything blowing up or refusing to work. =) All this has been a great way of learning what to look for when I
  7. You haven't wasted the time, things go in and out of the statuette shop all the time. Contents usually change when the Black Lion chest contents change. Just make sure to keep checking what's in stock, I am sure it will be back eventually!
  8. Have you considered Paypal? The Paypal payment method opens a browser window, so you will not actually be entering any information through nvidia OR Anet, just through Paypal. Another way might be to get a prepaid debit card with only what you plan to spend in the game. That way, even if someone gets your number, you will lose very little.
  9. Due to the Mac abandonment and other issues, I have bid on a cheap-ish used PC on Ebay and won. Unfortunately, never having owned a PC before, I have since learned that I did not make the best possible choice. But it will do. It's an Optiplex 7060, i8500 3gz, integrated HD 630 graphics. It's a SFF which means that due to space and the wimpy power supply, it will only ever support a lower-end, low-profile graphics card (some day when I can afford it.) It comes with only a small M.2 drive, which I am planning to upgrade immediately to 500gb, maybe adding a 2.5 SSD later when I need more space
  10. Just wondering if anyone has tried running GW2 on a chromebook or chromebox running Windows. (Still considering various options for when the Mac version dies.)
  11. Tyria has been my second home for almost four years now. I will be sad to bid it goodbye. But I am on a Mac Mini from when they were still making them with 2014 specs, and still running Yosemite, and I knew that sooner or later the game would grow beyond my computer. The iffy Mac support has always made me feel like my days were numbered, anyway. Once I'm locked out, I will probably format my GW2-dedicated SSD and see if I can run Boot Camp off it well enough to keep playing. (Or at all) If not...maybe see you some day when I get a PC. Apple is not the Apple I fell in love with way back whe
  12. Do you key farm? (Needs a character slot, though!) Once a week, you can play the Level 10 adventure on a new character and get a Black Lion chest key. If you are hardcore and want to get more than one key per week,you can rank the character up doing map completions, for a 1/4 chance of getting a key from each map fully explored, and you also can get keys from the beginning of the Level 40 story, and from the Level 60 story. Delete the character and start over for the next week. You only have a rare chance of getting something seriously cool from the chest, but you get useful utility items a
  13. For something like that, you need to go to https://help.guildwars2.com and click the red button that says Submit a Ticket, going directly to the support team. (The forum is more for community support than official help, you will get real results by submitting a support ticket...here on the forum you will only get player advice.) I'm not sure what the wait time is on submitted tickets these days--good luck!
  14. It's okay now. I noticed one of my characters was invisible in the character select screen, too, and when I tried to load them they never appeared, just their weapons hovering in the air. They could spin in place, but not move. Weirdest bug ever, and now seemed obviously just my problem. Relogging actually fixed it, without having to go as far as a repair.
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