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  1. It's my favorite map, gives me flashbacks to some of the old star wars games like jedi knight. Do would there were better event and more things and reason to be there.
  2. It's quite delicate to undo the "healer" options from mech seeing as the heals come from core - the insane thing about mech is that you got a full barrier build + all the core healing + Alacrity + tons of boons(only a few boons it cant do only major one missing is quickness ofc since it got alac). Aoe stunbreak/aegis and cleanses. etc etc man it has everything stuffing into 1 specc. So, when you talking about removing healing from it if you actually remove the heals you rip core healing and scapper etc. But yea they could honestly change the barrier to be mech and engineer only and that wou
  3. Indeed. A balanced ability. We can go into your other signets too lol like the condi passive: every normal class flat condi increase, mechanist superior % increase 😄 Same for toughness but now wait on mech it reduces condi and strike dmg etc etc. Mech creeped to hell and back eating up the farmlands on earth growing super fat. Reality will find you.
  4. Tbh it would probably be healthiest for druid to definitively die so that it can eventually get attention and be revived.
  5. Everytime i compare full geared out roles using mech its revealed just how overscaled and how mech has everything in abundance - it's obvious as day that mech is the cheesefest nuber class 😄 And all the same are in here defending it like their lives depending on it. The total sum of their answers is usually like: "what??? what are you on about??? nothing to see here mech barely working in fact we need fixes for make things more easier". You can set thing thing up to heal as much as a fullspamming tempest for example, which are large part of it being mechanically superior shields, oh and it
  6. They should just remove the movement speed, condi cleanse and maybe the stun break from the signet all together - and now its still a very very very solid skill compared to a normal powered class. Fixed it for you.
  7. It's a well made pet specc and fits engineer well tbh. But it would have been even cooler if it was a suit that the engi jumped into and became the golem full time.
  8. It's honestly a very touching story - however, it's still is what it is, a result of overloading far too many things both offensive and defensive into one specc. That said, there should be room in there for building the mech as a support/tank and you could always have a condispecc and do good damage yourself with pistols and thrower. So i dont think she will ever lose the ability to hide behind that mech or throw some dmg. Thinking about it further i think the sensible future for mech is honestly if it isnt a top tier dps specc, but retains a lot of the tankyness and support, it just got wa
  9. Who cares about ranger pets when you can give stat scaling to mechs and call it a day.
  10. Its pretty good for jumping up and down in water - the turtle so heavy it will sink by itself and then you can make it fly up and out of the water over and over, pretty fun.
  11. The man has found you, and now everybody is hounding you particularly. Youre doomed - however will you survive?
  12. Did it one time on an early morning - 10 of us entered and only 2 of us made it till the end. We had two good healers that kept everyone alive for like 20min or something it felt like but then things started to go sidewards, then in the end it was just me and the 2 healers.. then one of those healers died and i had to dps the guy down in my celestial gear it took forever but hey we made it and everyone was happy it was over. Anyway, the fight is long and its not that hard to die if you dont know what youre doing tbh, i think most of us plebs were in there for turtle and that's why we didnt
  13. You don't always need to hold the hand of players you know. That can easily be a slippery slope where now suddenly players are accustomed to beinh handheld and carried as opposed to thinking for themselves, so now they wont engage in content if requires them to pay attention. Its akin to what groupfinder did to wow, taking the soul of the interaction among the community and why games that don't hold your hand feels much more rewarding to play rather than being fed "free stuff", which is quite honestly a flat feeling. Im just saying, you hold the hands of players and that is exactly what
  14. Ever since they nerfed spirit shards they are my constant bottle neck for everything - quite hard to get in large amounts unless you take a couple of days to spam certain metas. Lots of folks that had thousands from when they are easy or from playing 10 year dont see the issue, but its the hardest thing to get now in crafting new gear sets etc. you can easily make a thousand of them go poof
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