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  1. By far one the best episodes of Season 4 and a return to what I love about GW 2. This is what I would call a PROPER living world episode. You can feel the weight of how much more the developers have in store. It was packed full of quality content, instead of stretched thin and hollow. This is an episode that will last. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to play it over again. They achieved the right balance with this episode. It was the right length with many significant things taking place. The most important thing for me was that the story would return to focus and we'd move past the filler.
  2. Probably 2021. I don’t mind as long as it’s not rushed and they are working on revolutionizing UW content.
  3. The latest LW trailer for episode 4 looks exciting. The title is great too. Finally we can move past the filler and continue the real story.
  4. I was there, like you OP. Asking about the Golden Wings for a long time. It took a year and finally came in at a random sale for a few days. Hasn’t been back since. All you can really do is check up on the new gem store items thread every Tuesday. This is one of the major flaws with their gem store skins system that I’ve brought up many times in the past. Scarcity, demand, peak sales, unnecessary wait times, whatever excuse, we just have to endure and indulge the nonsense until it’s finally available and be ready when it is. Meanwhile, those Black Lion keys and Mount skins will always be on th
  5. No reason to go there. Waste of time. Cantha is HOT. The only logical place to go next.
  6. How do you know we haven't seen a single DSD minion? How do you know the mysterious Largos (arguably the coolest race ever) is not one of DSD's minions? There is so much mystery surrounding Bubbles, we have no idea how much it IS already a part of or influencing the world. How much it has been factored in and effected the design of content already experienced. YES! Absolutely. Because they are the story and are the only story worth telling and finishing right now. They were the current threats we were facing until the devs diverged. I want to see it continue and completed properly. So much of
  7. All great ideas. Never really imagined a hammer on the necro before, but this sounds fun.
  8. Warrior. It's about time it got staff. I imagine it could be like the Monk in Diablo 3. Powerful, swift, and benefits allies.
  9. Then finish the Elder Dragon storyline BEFORE you change direction. And find villains that are actually original. Then make it a good change. As long as you restrict something's potential to what it once was, it will never have the chance to be anything good. Let go of the past and envision the future or this game will never introduce anything truly new and interesting. They traveled to Elona for many reasons as they mentioned in the interviews. It was not just to please the fanbase. What do you consider new? We don't know what is going on over there which is what presents so much intriguing
  10. What game are you playing, Pifil? GW 2 was based on the ELDER DRAGONS. It's been focused on the Elder Dragons up until LW S3 and even then it still frames the story around the Elder Dragons as the over-arcing plot. Bubbles is an Elder Dragon. The story has EVERYTHING to do with Bubbles and the other Elder Dragons. So the only story we can have with the Elder Dragons is one in which we have to kill them? That's what dictates whether we can have any story about them? They ARE the story. This isn't GW 1 where the story was centered on multiple villains from different areas. This is about the far-
  11. The analogy was meant to outline the betrayal aspect, but in the case of firing, that's where the analogy can be different. As you said, it depends. It depends on the class and reputation of the restaurant and the gaming company. Overall, what matters is if those two employees are now a liability. Does the company have to worry about them? For JP, the answer is clear. She should not have been hired in the first place - as she pointed out how they overlooked her behavior and ways. As for PF, for someone to do what he did given all the time he had there and having known better, he clearly made a
  12. And yet that "Protecc switch" was meant for JP and not his family or the rest of the team. He knew what he was doing, he didn't back out, and after the result, he still didn't care. My hypothesis is that no, he didn't know what he was doing, he didn't see that he made a mistake until it was too late, and he's still terrified to say anything for fear of bringing further wrath down on his head. So, you are calling him unintelligent? I'd like to think he's a little smarter than that or at least 12 years at GW would have turned on a few lightbulbs of what is a bad idea for the company. If he did
  13. No because Derroir clearly has no relationship at all with Price or Fries, let alone other customer watching it. And the situation is not analogous anyway because neither Fries nor Price are in customer service positions. morrolan... XD JP and PF represent the company. They develop, market, and have even interviewed in public for an MMORPG made for many players. The moment you are part of something like that, what you say and do matters when your words can be verified. JP and PF absolutely have a relationship with Deroir and the playerbase. If you don't understand how that works, then you, unf
  14. The servers weren't ever immediately fired for something like that. Were they reprimanded? Sure. Did the customer get consolation in the form of some discount or free meal? You bet. But in the end it worked out because if a business is not made completely out of glass that will shatter at the tiniest kitten-up, it can weather many, many such incidents before it even causes so much as a blip in the finances. Ultimately, where I worked had a reputation for mediocre service—but it also had a reputation for great food. And that's what kept people coming back again and again, even with rude server
  15. That lady was over the line. However, I think Mr. Fries, while I don't agree with his opinion, didn't deserve such punishment. I feel bad for him. He chose a selfish, careless fool over his family, fans, company, and team. But please, feel bad for him. He deserves your sympathy even though he betrayed you and has no remorse about it. How did he betray you? How did he even betray Deroir? Analogy time. You are a usual and known guest at a restaurant. You know one of the waiters there and they are kind to you. You chat about work and life sometimes and you have a decent employee/guest relationsh
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