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  1. U can craft toxic focussing crystal from empyreal shard and sell them in tp for nice price... Or use them in your raid runs
  2. The OP is just asking for something useful for players who got no use for those asc gears weapons... That "50 gold" statement might just be an example... Right now we might not have a problem on our hands due to current number of ppl owning legy armors... But it's inevitable...or we already do... Idk And the numbers will be sometimes misleading coz, lot of the accounts in gw2 could be farm bot accounts, alt accounts(just to get wealth and send to main account eg mc, daily gold,...) or ppl who left the game which are in no way would ever get legy gears in the future but the percentage stat
  3. U got few options ... 1) U could unlock the entire ascended skin sets by stat swapping in mystic forge... For Armor and weapons of all weight heavy, medium and light and all weapons... U'll still have lot of remaining ascended after unlocking the skin. Idk what to do after that 😂 2) Salvage ascended hoping to get the the collection items for the achievement "ascended recycling" and sell them in tp for some gold as much as 280 gold I believe 3) cross ur fingers and hope anet adds some infusion recipe/nice skin recipe for all these "balls of dark energy" and "globs o
  4. To feed your need to pet the dogs, you can go do the heart thing in caledon forest where they have a lot of fern hounds in a pen... Sit there spend some time until you get bored
  5. I'd prefer, a fire eye infu for primordus related achi collection and ice eye infu for jormag related achi collection... Something like two mastery track in dragonstorm
  6. for people who want gw2 to die, they'll scream to the top of their lungs "gw2 is dead" I dont disagree that it has moderate to low population compared to well marketed mmo, but tbh, all the meta listed in gw2 event timers wiki page is busy except maybe "buried treasure" event in pof X)
  7. the title could be a little vague but this should clear things up a bit... and this thread EXCLUDES OPEN WORLD CONTENT should a player participate in a content only with the guild or known friends? and consider everyone else detestable? should the player be outgoing and mingle with all players and participate in all content with strangers hoping they are good ppl? talk to only your guild mates and ppl in friends list and don't initiate or respond to a conversation with someone new? should a mmo community be pictured as n number of groups that an individual fr
  8. cmon.. ure beating the old bush again... why can't u be more imaginative... eg: If I was raiding or fractaling or dungeoning in a grouped instanced content... and I've encountered a toxic person... (story could be anything why he was toxic.... like.. A good player joined the lfg and confirmed and everyone mutually agreed for something and we started the content and during the middle of the content the future toxic guy violating the terms of agreement we made among ourselves and even performs poorly and dies so soon in the content and when checking his kp.me he's not even eligi
  9. the entire context of the thread is about toxic behavior, verbal abuser and inappropriate behavior in ingame-chat or ingame .. so the methods to track and secret info.. I did not ask for it nor do I emphasize on sharing them why did u even type your point(2 and 3)? and your point (1) let it be private they dont have to tell which user has been taken action against... its just that we need anet to give us a sense of security thats all.. some guy posted a video link about anet gm banning afk farmers.. that gives peace.. but i dont ask that level of transparency.. I dont want to know
  10. one way I can think of increasing ppl on dungeon runs... Include a dungeon run in dailies everyday and not just once a week.... another way is to include more dungeoun skins(weapons and armor).... a lit bit grindy like how the drms were... and ppl would swarm around... atleast until they get those skins.... but that might include lot of work on dev's end another way is to include infusion drops in dungeon... like how auric and td meta has.. but the drop rate should be really really low.. so atleast the dungeon farmers keep the dungeons busy
  11. afaik, afk farmers aren't driving the gw2 population away.. its the toxic ppl .. but I can't say I encountered too many toxic ppl in gw2.. but encountering one when all year was happy and bliss, feels really vexing... .. like... when enjoying a nice delicious icecream, u get to bite on a sharp pin or something unpleasant...
  12. ur post causing me lose faith in anet... gives me a lil bit of doubt.. mannn.. why u have to do that?
  13. Think this gives me a little bit of peace... since anet take action against afkr's.. they'll definitely take action against verbal abusers and toxic ppl.. hope they do... thx for sharing that.. I read this post so i got peace of mind a little bit.. what about those who aren't involved in forums or reddit and they play the game and get negative experience? hope something's there to help them get back to the game instead of leaving the game after encountering repeated toxic ppl.. please note.. I didnt start this thread just to get peace of mind for myself.... hope that video
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