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  1. Why is Revenant kept op in pvp modes ?
  2. If anything Ranger needs a buff as one of two classes that have roaming as single role in wvw it aint anything close to be the most powerfull roamer (it is at number 4 or 5 ) and as having one singe role i think that is to low preformance.
  3. 1. Yes they are in the upper part in roaming but not on top 2. That Reaper build is dangerus if you get caugth by it but it can be dealt with Been solo roaming 8 years now , apart from some spvp that is all i do in this game But now off too feel powerfull on scurge 😄
  4. It is a very spesefic scourge build that is broken beyond anything i have ever seen in wvw last 8 years, wont post it so we dont have 30% off all roamers use it for a year like that condi rev build that could 2 vs 1 most What i dont understand is why those builds that popp up time to time that rly overpreform in wvw smal scale can be in the game for so long periods before they are dealt with. Some these get nerfed from bigger changes making me think that they get nerfed is only a side effect of other changes, and that their overpreformance is never thougt to be problematic.
  5. Ranger will never bee top roamer bc then ppl would complain too mutch
  6. Yes i would say that 95%- 98% of necros are free bags but not this build , and tried with several ranger builds. and my ranger build dont use any boons apart from prot And no ranger is a decent roamer but no way near top roamer.
  7. Tried a scurge build after stuggling agains it (not many run it, mainly only one dude that i know of ) it is basicly immortal and spewing out tons of condis. How can it be so powerfull and not get nerfed ? my main is nerfed and way less powerfull as a roamer and have no place in sqad play ( ranger ) so why is this build (and 2- 3 on other classes ) alowed to be so much more powerful than the rest ? Other in smal scale and roaming that is overtuned is ele , holo and thief ( up until recent patch condi rev where there too ) And for the sake of it give mirrage back 2 doges ( don
  8. I main ranger and have since Guild Wars 2 launched, last 2 years i have become more and more unhappy since it seam that all other classes is slowly geting better but ranger have had a long list off smal nerfs that combined have made ranger way less powerfull. He is my favorite but going to retire him for now, as anything else i can play outshines him by a mile. This is from solo roaming perspective in wvw, in pvp it feels a little better and pve i dont have the understanding to know anything about :/
  9. alredy running 4 skill with cleanse and Superior_Sigil_of_Cleansing use foods too.its too little
  10. got condi removal on weapon swap sigis + on heal (traited) and ult + 2utility skillsit can hold it off 4 a while then i die when all is on cd.full maurader hitting these condi tanks 4 under 2 k critt with maul at same time eating burn tics of 3k+ or torment 4 about same if not higer or both at same time
  11. Condi is overtuned in smal scale and at same time usless in zergs.How can this be fixed?
  12. condi burst can be rly hig and almsot instant you know
  13. I do agree mesmers do have the highest burst in the game uncontested, but in order to land the burst you have to be near perfect at comboing all your skills in quick succession. For a burst to be that high a mesmer normally wasted all 3-4 of their utility skills in order to pull that off AND hoping clones don't die before the shatter goes off which btw clones give a HUGE tell on where the dmg is going to start, also mesmer utility skills all have a large cooldown.FYI mesmers dont do 20k off the bat nor is it 1 skill it is MANY numbers combined together to form a burst unlike other classes that
  14. hmm when i play condi thief its like easy mode and in 95% of the fights the enemy have no chance, it is the class i have best results with in 1 vs 2-3 too (dont play condi rev bc how op it is) but some classes have way better tools to be condi than other.
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