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  1. Why do ppl care so much about structures? WvW for me is open field fights. Capping stuff ( or not ) is only to decide who you fight next week .
  2. Different game
  3. I have mained ranger since start and never imagined ranger as a nature class.
  4. Alpine is the only fun wvw map.
  5. Thives is no problem sic em + some burst and 90% of them are dead or run away and those that dont run tanky gear so they have sub part damage and should be no problem.
  6. They are using a mod menu to do this, alot of players in wvw are using them ( about 5% of the wvw player base )
  7. This is 100% false
  8. Zerg play should not be only way to play wvw
  9. Willbender is ruining wvw smal scale
  10. What makes you say that ? yes i tried cele Druid for a week or so , but only after the nerf. I have always been playing direct damage builds.
  11. Ranger is by far the weakest class in wvw now and have been for a long time 😞
  12. I used to play ranger, but now with specs like willbender, Harbinger and Catalysts being so insane op in WvW (the only game mode I played) I don't play guild wars 2 any more.
  13. I dont play guild wars 2 any more as ranger (the class i used to play) is the weakest class now in the mode i used to play ( wvw )
  14. Willbender needs a big nerf in WvW
  15. I dont like the direction ballance is going at all for wvw and pvp
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