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  1. Good riddance. If gamemode failing to appeal to broad audience, it is a waste of developers time, regardless of how many developers were assigned. WoW and FFXIV raids managed to adapt and succeded, GW2 ones isn't.
  2. I can, tho, blame that small fraction of players for being overly loud for years and effectively blocking all possible suggestions about saving their own community from their current sad state. For years, people were suggesting different measures that would help new players to get more experience and more skill in less difficult raid encounters. And for years people, same people who a still lurking there and on reddit, were yelling "NO, DO NOT WASTE RESOURCES, KEEP MAKING NEW WINGS FOR US, CAZULS GIT GUD MAKE YOUR OWN RAID LUL", were valiantly supporting each other in defending their views bef
  3. Promoting unreasonably high requirements usually leads to overall higher requirements over time, and by doing that gradually blocks more and more new players from easy joining, which, in turn, gradually shrinks overall active population to the point of becoming insignificant and not worth their share of developing resources. That happened with raids, and now these people came to supposedly casual strike community, poisoning it as well.
  4. People who are making these absurd requirements in strikes LFG are usually exactly the same people who made raid community flop flat. They just moved to the new pool, because old one is kinda dead and dry now.
  5. At least it is good to see that raids are finally dying and all fresh blood is pouring into the more casual content like strike missions.Let it be a fine example to all future developers who would be so naive to ever listening to so-called "hardcore" crowd. A sad lesson, but still very important one.
  6. Move BG to EU WvW group. They maybe will be able to make a decent ppt during the dead EU hours, but during the primetime they are going to be rolled nice and flat.
  7. So, actually punish player for wishing to join the fight.What about instead giving warclaw a 10s CD after leaving the fight, to stop classes with overabundant teleports and stealth from escaping whenever they want?
  8. So, why exactly ranger should be able to shoot arrows, but engi cannot throw granades despite LOS? Or using mortar? Oh, also please remember thief SB2 skill, and what about SB5 as well?
  9. Ballista have a great dismount skill. Sadly, you cant carry ballista with you.
  10. Participating in zerg = press run button and 11111. Roaming = press run button on your mount and execute pve rotation in empty camp. Good logic.We need more rewards, not less rewards. And we definitely don't need to pigeonhole everyone and everything into some very few chosen playstyles. Zerging is already a lot more rewarding than anything else in wvw, and mindless flipping is not far behind in terms of wxp.
  11. Siege is fine as it is, if you know how to place it. Only thing that should be changed is more ways to deter direct assault on the objectives. Right now is NO way to stop 4+ rams and 2 shieldgens on your gates if you don't have your own zerg and invuln tactics is run out. You can have a million of ACs, trebs and catas inside - it's all doesn't matter. And if you will man the oil - damage is laughable against rams and you will eat a million condis while trying to do so.More damage from AC could be nice as well, because groups with FB now can literally /dance under 3+ AC fire and never go down,
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