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  1. Many charr hairstyles are clippinmg through the obsidian medium chest, please fix this
  2. At least for the medium armor this is nonsense and not true. I agree. I crafted the medium armor just for the skin and I must say that it looks amazing on my characters.
  3. It’s already in the game, it’s called emboldened mode.
  4. To be honest a real vertical gear grind looks very different than what we got now in the game. Look at games like world of Warcraft where you have to grind new gear every expansion and basically every bigger patch. Guild Wars 2 is very far from that and getting relics is far away from being a grind. But I like how the upcoming legendary relic will work. It’s a step in the right direction.
  5. I had my WvW guild selected the whole time as my guild for the beta. This morning the selection was gone. Did I had to select it again before Thursday? Now it says “Pending WvW Guild”
  6. And we certainly all want a bully to come as soon as we make a mistake that makes fun of us.
  7. Making fun of someone’s spelling mistakes is really cheap. Who not help him instead of making fun of him?
  8. Yeah, it’s getting really annoying. The devs have better things to do than answering nonsense topics on the forum.
  9. I have a lot of fun stuff to do in the game. If you dont have fun anymore maybe it is time to take a break or move on.
  10. And where does it say that Orr is supposed to be a Horror setting? It's a bit ridiculous to expect Horror in a game that is rated 12. I like Orr the way it is and it does not need some kind of Horror feeling at all.
  11. GW2 is not a horror game and was never intended to be one. Maybe play other games if that is what you are looking for.
  12. lol next time you correct someone at least do it right, this is a bit embarrasing
  13. I bought the Gentle Garden Swing Chair but other players can't see when I am swinging 😞 please fix this.
  14. We all do and no one is forced to do anything that he doesn’t think is fun. btw, you still haven’t answered my question what server you are on where all the WvW guilds quit when the warclaw came out 🙂
  15. and you cant have fun without buying the new legendary armor?
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