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  1. How do you know that? Isn’t the fact that so many discussions are about Homesteads that this isn’t a minor feature for players?
  2. They announced it early enough on the website. We had several betas before where everyone interested in WvW could find an alliance. I joined my alliance many months ago. Sorry but the fault lies with the players who didn’t care and are now complaining.
  3. Then simply don’t do them if you don’t like them. There are three other dailies you can do …
  4. Then simply don’t buy it. I think it looks cool.
  5. This criticism is stupid, so make new friends ingame that you can invite over.
  6. Why? I play on Skrittsburg and we are pretty outnumbered by Mirror of Lyssa. In the last 15 minutes I got Defense Event and player kills.
  7. You had more than enough time and several betas to find a guild that suits you.
  8. I had the legendary light armor from PvP, the medium and heavy armor from WvW. I made the heavy raid armor and the medium open world armor for the skins.
  9. As if you spend 1.000$ every month on Guild Wars 2.
  10. There is a fishing hole for world class fish in the new map that can be reached after the meta event finished. I completed my avid world class fisher there. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Deep_World-Class_Fish
  11. It was a bit overturned at first and got nerfed. That’s pretty normal in MMOs. Look how other games nerf raid bosses for example. But again, that’s not an indicator that it was a success or not.
  12. What? That’s nonsense and doesn’t say anything about how successful or not it was. You should realize that your definition of what open world should be is not the only one valid. There should be events in open world for everyone.
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