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  1. I don’t need a marriage system ingame. What’s next? You have to do your tax declaration in Tyria?
  2. According to Vayne you can’t be average because you write on the forum, sorry.
  3. You still misunderstand what I meant or maybe you don’t want to understand. I don’t really care. Unlike you, I can separate opinion from fact.
  4. I wouldn’t even say that this is true for the average player. But okay, you have your opinion and I have mine. But don’t confuse your opinion with fact.
  5. No I did not. So when someone portrays someone as stupid and I call that out and write that this is not true, then I am not calling the someone stupid. Maybe you misunderstood what I wrote.
  6. I never said that I am the average player and maybe you should stop speaking in their names.
  7. I don’t call them names. You portray the average player as stupid and I say that this is not true. I know you want to push your agenda here. But come on, you can’t be taken seriously. I have a job and a partner and I know what alac is or how to find additional information about the game.
  8. Now it is getting ridiculous. Well, I wrote before that the average player is not as stupid as you portray him.
  9. Yes, I explained this in a previous post. This is not rocket science. Or does the average player not have time to use the LFG after he came home from work to his wife and kid?
  10. No, you don’t even need the wiki to see if the squad for the DE meta will be successful or not. You just need the LFG. I never wrote that you need the wiki for that.
  11. With “research their games” you mean checking the wiki for a couple of minutes to find additional information. You don’t have to spend two hours after work every day in the wiki. And yes, it’s your opinion and not a fact. At least you acknowledge that.
  12. If I am wrong then proof it please. New and returning players are not the average player. I doubt that the players you are dealing with are a valid basis for your claim. There are a lot of other games where you visit a wiki or other sites for additional information, this is not exclusive to GW2. Maybe not everyone looks in the wiki, but many do, you can even enter the wiki from the launcher. If someone doesn’t use the wiki then there is guild and map chat. In map chat people often refer to the wiki when someone asks something.
  13. You always write about the average player. I am pretty sure the average player knows about the wiki, knows about the LFG and is able to look for a squad for the meta event. The DE meta is not the first meta where LFG is helpful to find a squad and a map. You basically do that for every meta. If someone fails at the meta, and we all did at the beginning, he realizes that this meta needs some preparation and coordination. The average player is not as stupid as you portray him.
  14. You can easily see before joining a squad for the meta, if it is going to be successful. Just join a squad that is looking for and has enough Alac and quickness when it starts. I am in a DE Meta Event guild and tonight is gonna be the 50th successful Meta run. Usually half the squad is from guild, the other half is from LFG.
  15. Another week another complaint from you about the skyscale. Why don’t you just do the stuff that is required?
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