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  1. Josh Davis.7865 I think I've been misunderstood. The lack of defense participation has hurt. I dont sit in a tower and wait for participation. i dont just wait and repair a wall... here is a scenario from last night. So here is an example of repair/siege changes that have impacted Join Red BL at t6 participation... only 2 of you so we decide to take a tower. it takes 50 supps to make a sup cata... so have to run to get supply why building participation timer ticks down cata built. Use cata... no participation given whilst using cata (wall has to be brought down before particip
  2. The patch killed off every mode of play that is not zerg vs zerg
  3. I've been trying to work out why Anet would have made the changes they made to WvW on 9/11/21. To me it seems to have killed off the game play completely. Sure yeah the changes were great for K-training zergs, but defending or small group fun is no longer fun at all. if you defend now you loose participation, there is no drive to repair or upgrade anything. no one comes to defend T3 keeps because what's the use if you get no participation unless you actually kill something. I am truly saddened with the impact these changes have made.
  4. If WvW is meant to be a separate play style to PVP and PVE then make it different... Reward people for making defenses, leveling keeps, towers and camps to higher tiers, reward them for claiming the strongholds on the map and for maintaining them, for sieging them up and for defending them, WvW is not about blob vs blob mechanics... sure people want to fight but they also take pride in leveling property and turning the whole map their own colour... Stop punishing those of us that love the difference WVW has compared to the single mindedness of pvp and the story of pve. it should be about siege
  5. Can confirm, I'm one of the 10 people on IoJ. I'm one of the 10 people on IOJ.. apparently we are able to push Level 4 population servers into T1... The power of IOJ is insurmountable.
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