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  1. Ill try that thanks. so much i still dont know about this game
  2. hello. I am 24/25 for my novice explorer.. to get it i need to assist Reacher kai in metica Provence. but The heart is already done. I musta missed something. any ideas
  3. Thanks alot Danikat.8537. My friend an i thank you.
  4. hi i am wondering if there is a way to find out how much gold/gems is in my account with out downloading guild wars.. I have not played in about 2 years and dont think il pick it up again. I want to find out if there is any. if there is i wana pass it to a friend. i dont think i can pass on my legendary s. is there a way i can sell them. i have my droughts though. anyways thanks for reading.. ant help thanks..
  5. penelty for being a crap player i guess :(
  6. is there a way to turn off the mounts you dont have when you get the licence.. like i have gotten 3 adopts now. Iv gotten 2 skins for a griffen. and 1 for a raptor. a griffion ill never get.. and a few other mounts. that require massive skill are quests are whatever. I only have the first 4 mounts that are easy to get. anyways I wana get skins for them. but as far as i can tell i get the licence. then spin my odds on what i get.. 50/50 odds on weather i can use it are not.. is not fantastic. zzi am sorry for my explanation.. i hope you understand it..
  7. cellofrag's easy gold on you tube.. check it out... I make 6 gold logging in now.. takes about half hour. there is faster ways but Im not that skilled.
  8. No it is nothing sexy are exciting.. lol. Lately I have been on maps were the view in is reality open. are the background is vastly open. I will spin my charter around to head some wear. and I ,,, myself...Person in chair, sitting at home. will feel like falling down. and feel quizzy in the gut.. my gaming setup has not changed.I am not sure what this is. are should i be worried. Iv been playing this game for years. this has just started. any idea,s? should I see a docter? stop playing? anyone else experience this.any info would help.. thankx
  9. hey ya all. This week Iv been trying out foods. to be honest. I just use them because they make the stats look good for half hour..lolI want to get a better understanding of what they are for. are what ones i can use along side with others.Before Id just click on clan flags. and get a bunch a stuff. but i hardly see them anymore. not sure why.anyways does anyone know of a site are video that explains this..Like.. Stacks... what is that?I feel like iv been playing way to long. to ask a basic question..lolThanks for any help..
  10. Well Thank you Cobrakon.3108. it is people like you that make this game more enjoyable. and less frustrating. My ears have come to welcome the sound of the purple pleasing port. Less rage that way. when i am having difficulty with a puzzle that i am ready to throw my pc . and i hear the tone. it,s like instant relief. so again i thank you so much. to you and everyone else that lays down a port for others.
  11. My charter is a warrior I am equipped with the zoja armor. and i have two legendary axes. I am currently running around sum leaver 80 maps. sum of the bosses are hard to kill . and there is the 5 an one. what im not getting is every now and then someone will swoop in off a dragon scale. Biff bam boom.. everything dead..area clear . then there off. what are they using?
  12. i use w a d s to move then i moved my buttons to the number pad.
  13. There are a few gold run.maps on you tube. as for maps but they have you tping every were . myself i like trees in Ruins of Orr. there are a ton of chests to.Im now getting in to dragon fall collecting volatile magic then converting it.
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