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  1. Thank you for all the great memories, may you rest in peace Treliss.
  2. Harbringer's icon stands out too much from other class icons in squad view. Could use some tweaking.
  3. Making mounts cc'able would honestly be a very welcomed change in wvw, considering how currently it's possible to dodge all the initial spike from enemy groups without any tactical efforts and just one push them with full cd's.Also, could you change the leap on spacebar to a separate (dodge key) keybind instead? Some people would like to have a possibility to jump around while running mounted.
  4. It's sad to think that there are probably no wvw balance devs left working on these patches anymore. Some of the changes mentioned here will be detrimental towards the further future of wvw as a game mode.
  5. Okay so... After playing holosmith in wvw for quite a while now, I came to love this class very very much. Seeing the changes made to engi makes me wonder if anet even cares for this class at all and if they make ''balances'' to it based only on other people's complaints.Holosmith is already an unviable class for zergs in the current wvw condi meta, having low damage, extremely low survivability and self sustain compared to other classes like scourge or spellbreaker. Why nerf it even more? Seriously, ruining the only skill that gives stability, not giving any proper condi cleanses and even red
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