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  1. I just noticed that the repair anvil service is not available to be purchased from Lady Camilla. Is this an oversight? Service Hubs always seem to have a repair anvil and it would be nice if we could add one to the coterie of npcs in Eye of the North hub.
  2. Unfortunately when they fixed the above issue they also turned both into single recipes instead of one single and one bulk.That indeed is unfortunate. I guess the wiki should be changed to update to the singular only.
  3. I am now having the reverse problem., I cannot use stacks of 250 Destroyer/Corrupted/Crystal/Mordrem Lodestones to get an output of 25. I only get 10. I am pretty down about all the double clicking I had to do to make the lodestones in the first place , then I find I will have to do more? Please, Please take pity on people who have physical conditions or disabilities.
  4. The Change is about adding Strike Mission into the list, and Strike Mission DO represent challenge. As said, squad based boss fights isn't uncommon among map contents, the difference on a 10 man instance is simply the added difficulty and transparency of personal performance. If you really don't care, then there wouldn't be this thread. In reality, many casual pugs we played with truly don't care, they simply wants to get this over and done with, we cleared the boss all the same. How is personal performance transparent inside these strike missions any more than elsewhere?
  5. This event has several spawn locations around the map but the locations in the SW of West Bjora Marches, in the Whipsering Depths, I found I couldnt find a way to access the spawns there - as per my thread How to get to event/trial in Whispering Depths I finally got the achievement when I saw the Trial icon pop in Aesgir's Legacy south of the Gates of Svanir poi, the beginning of the Storms of Winter meta .
  6. Ok ty for the info, and yes that is so weird. I believe that those events should be accessible from the time they spawn until they are finished and not be locked behind a meta that may fail.
  7. The raven portals where? In the Drakkar fight room? Seems a bit weird you have to wait for a glitch to do an ordinary event? :anguished: I agree, there has to be a legitimate way to enter the area. Normally there is hint, such as a node, that helps you find the way.
  8. I have been frustrated for days now trying to locate the area where the above event/s takes place. I have been down into where the meta is through the tunnel . I cant access it through the tunnel that leads into the Cavern of Lost Sons or the Light Puzzle area. But I can see that the event is on the other side of the cavern walls in each of the areas. Is there a secret portal or something? Help me find the entrance pls :)
  9. The moment you choose to work on an achievement, you're not casually playing, especially when you participate in any, albeit friendly, competition. If you're working on achievements, masteries, map complettion, etc. -- you are working, not casually playing. If I completed an achievement (i.e. Agent of Entropy), yay, but by no means I worked for it and it means nothing.Why does choosing to work on an achievement make me not play casually or completing a map? Lots of achievements happen without even knowing you are doing them - killing 10 Ice Imps or consuming a food item, or using a transmutati
  10. Weapon Sets for Black Lion Claim Tickets and Other Weapons - As we can't dye weapons wouldn't it be wonderful if ANet could provide packages of different coloured sets - Red Green Blue Yellow Purple/ Dark or Light as I have often liked a set but know it doesn't suit any of my characters in the sold colour version and wished it had been in another colour. Also maybe mute the colours of the trims ie I don't mind the Shining Aureate weapons but the red of the handles just doesn't coordinate for most of my characters Re Home instance nodes I would like to suggest that the HI are sectioned into 4
  11. You sir, must have a limited and restrictive definition of casual, to have arrived at this conclusion. I know plenty of casual players, like myself, who love to get their achievements. They like to get their 5k, 10K or whatever K achievement chests as do I. It's also a friendly bit of competition in my guild to see who can reach the next goal first.But being casual, achievements aren't my[or most of the people I know] only focus. I spend my days doing the stories, playing throughout the entirety of Tyria, helping people when needed, getting dailies, crafting, making legendaries, doing a bit o
  12. I had purchased the item to unlock this collection with my Soulbeast and stayed in the map after unlocking it to work on renowned hearts for the day. I completed 5 events on my Soulbeast and this achievement was completed. Soulbeast can't use staff. Not that I'm complaining. But a bug is a bug. It seems the requirement to be wielding a staff while doing events is not true. Strangely enough, I completed the achievement on my Soulbeast whilst wielding the Priory Scan Gun, from the wagon near the Heart of Rhoban. I was puzzled at the time as to how the gun could be counted as staff, but then ov
  13. I am also having the same issue where the Chasing Tales: Asaliea the Channeler check list is showing the heroic spirit deed #3 as unchecked, but the achievement Chasing Tales: Torrent of Magic has been completed in my All or Nothing Achievements List. Until the Asaliea the Channeler achievement is updated to reflect my completion of the third deed, I am unable to finish.
  14. We also had no idea it was a problem until after we had finished the story.I entered the story on a full zerker Dragonhunter with my husband, who was a soulbeast but became a wisp. We had no problems with this fight, the EoS just melted on traps and I used sceptre/torch and Greatsword. I was running a raid build (which I used for the entire story and completing all zones, as it seemed very effective from the beginning.) and Stand Your Ground, Procession of Blades, Test of Faith, and Dragon's Maw.
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