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  1. Started my journey into this franchise shortly after the initial GW1 release as I was relatively young and didn't want to pay for a WoW sub, but still wanted to play an online rpg. Pretty happy with what the franchise turned into.
  2. Will wait for all the skins. If none interest me, I'll just go for the sword with the basic aurene theme.
  3. So they didn't state it originally, so you're only assuming and was a lie. Thanks for clearing that up. Guess there just wasn't a source. Sure. Just like the fight against Dhuum is a "remixed version" of the fight against a ice worm in Snowden Drifts. Dhuum merely has new mechanics they "need to learn and master" 🙄 W/e, seems pointless to have an actual discussion with you, as it seems you're just arguing to bait responses, just as you did with @robertthebard.8150. Not going to lose myself in a discussion against your assumptions. After all, we'll only have to wai
  4. They've never mentioned anything about SMs specifically giving the players a firm grasp of the fundamentals and to get players familiar with basic tactics like fixates, stack and spread, kiting, and more during any of the IBS SM releases. Feel free to correct me with a source. In fact, it seems to be what EoD is about: Teaching new players how to play the game. They've even set up a new training space on Shing Jea. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the new SMs will be more about training the players, instead of just throwing players into SMs like boneskinner and whisper. If by
  5. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-strike-missions/ "Accessible Endgame Normal difficulty Strike Missions are intended to be an entry point into the world of 10-player content in Guild Wars 2. These instances are designed to be something you can tackle alongside both close friends and new allies, pitting you and nine others against jazzed-up, remixed versions of epic, exciting bosses from the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons story. This gives every player the opportunity to experience these encounters as key story moments, while enabling each Strike Mission to
  6. Oh I agree with the battleground idea. Anet should definately add more, less competitive maps and gamemodes to the game. SPvP & Arena style PvP isn't for everyone. Still, a game that focuses on PvP like LoL and CSGO etc. mostly focus on their main gamemode, as they're more competitve games and therefore focus more on balance. They don't add new gamemodes (aside from event gamemodes only playable during a respective event for a short duration). So you either focus on more modes or on competitivity. WoW does the former, PvP games do the latter. That's also the reason there's no actual mech
  7. Every balance patch matters for WvW & PvP, so never? Just like in regular PvP games like CSGO, LoL etc. balance is the thing that matters most. New gamemodes rarely matter, LoL had dominion which failed, GW2 had stronghold etc. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Release Chronologically, since you've been asking about last "type of content" release, it would be: Last Dungeon (instanced): dungeons are discontinued, Aetherpath, October 1, 2013 Last Raid (instanced): Ahdashim, June 11, 2019 Last Strike Mission (instanced): Cold War, May 26, 2020 Last Open World map (open wor
  8. The video is still missing the "kicking the ground" idle animation, which has also been removed. Edit: Nevermind, it is in there. It just looks weird due to the inclined surface
  9. I vastly prefer the massively multiplayer open world content to the smallscale, non-massive instanced content that turns games into lobby grinders without a fleshed out world.
  10. I don't think the Ulimate Edition will be a river, a rainforest, a company or a member in a tribe of woman warriors.
  11. Main enemy could be the leader of the Jade Brotherhood Chul-Moo and the one of the Speakers, Tetra, so two villains simultanously. On the brotherhood side: We don't really know what the dragon jade is capable of for now and what machinery was ultimately built with it. A big mech/tank rivaling the Breachmaker could be possible. Maybe the stored up magic in the Jade can be used to create huge bombs. While Aurene is an ED, she seems to be quite weak compared to the EDs we have faced so far. We were able to beat EDs and their minions with our armies, so why shouldn't an army enhanced by
  12. The concept art did show a set looking like a full set, so I'm not really sure. Helmet, shoulders and gauntlets all share the horn ornaments, while either chest or pants use the same bandage and red symbol as the helmet. My guess would have been shoes then (and would have made sense with the jumps), but they aren't at all accentualized, just like the pants, and feel more like background noise in the art. So my final guess will be the gauntlets, as they have distinct looking blades that aren't found on the other pieces. So there'll probably an exotic version of the set, with
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