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  1. Expanding on the "hide backpack"-idea, it might also be reasonable to add an option that only shows some basic models for weapons.
  2. Don‘t really care about Taimi. I‘ve never really been fond of any Asura overwhelmingly portrayed in the game. Having inquest everywhere doesn‘t help. Snaff and Kranxx however are great. As for Braham: I like him. Probably my favourite DW member. As dumb as he may sometimes act, he gets stuff done and isn‘t just there to ride along. He speaks his mind and acts upon what he thinks is best. I‘m glad Anet decided against killing him off in the finale. (I really hope Marjory gets a similiar (in length) character arc in EoD. The only time I‘ve felt her being her own char
  3. Selfish power dps with GS and Svanir as legend is my guess.
  4. Any lifeskill stuff. GW2 has always been lacking in content that isn't combat.
  5. I wouldn't wear them on my characters, but sure. We already have cat-ears, bird wings and more animalistic stuff on various pieces of gear, so if someone wants to complete a look with a tail I'm not against it.
  6. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Arena
  7. I'm hoping to see the Wardens, now that the Echovald Forest is turning back from stone they may not be as hostile as before. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Warden "...they work in their own mysterious ways to reverse the effects of Shiro’s death, but until they succeed, they will threaten any humans they encounter."
  8. The biggest problem that hinders Anet from creating more raids is the small player base. Not tackling the actual problem is a fruitless endeavor. It won't make anyone happy in the long run. Andrew Gray said it himself: As long as your solution doesn't increase player engagement it is doomed to fail.
  9. I doubt your "solution" would increase player engagement with raids by a large margin. The average player will still ignore raids.
  10. Revenants don't commune with the dead. They commune with echoes/copies imprinted in the Mists. A person doesn't have to be dead for an echo of themselves to exist.
  11. A checkbox option that disables non-group portals would fix this.
  12. Anet could add an option / checkbox to disable the usage of mesmer portals that aren't in your group / squad. That would fix it.
  13. Warrior MH Pistol Guardian OH Sword Revenant Greatsword Ranger Sceptre Enginer Mace Thief Torch Necromancer Shield Elementalist Pistol Mesmer Rifle
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