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  1. Aside from her not having any current reason for turning evil, I’d be against yet another Asura as the main villain.
  2. Many things in the Manifesto don't hold up. Things like: or Just aren't true anymore with content requiring specific preparation. Want to do any of the bigger Meta-events? You'll end up on a empty map if you don't proactively look for a group in LFG. Same thing for the "your choices matter" during perstonal story. They've never really mattered long term, only short term to get some specific rewards earlier.
  3. HoT: Decline of Revenue PoF: Mounts are cool, I guess EoD: Still deciding
  4. While true, there's also a huge difference between games like Animal Crossing or Soulsborne and MMORPGs. If you were to play Soulsborne like some people play MMORPGs, by min-maxxing & watching guides left and right, you'd end up with a game where bosses would just get 1/2-hit. The beauty of playing a game like Dark Souls & Animal Crossing comes from being able to go in blind & not having to know stuff. It's the reverse for some MMORPG content where you're expected to know stuff from the get-go, even when attempting something for the first time, because your group demands it.
  5. Sounds like a waste of resources to me.
  6. Braham, Canach, Almorra, Bangar. Ivan is a runner up, depending on how/if his story continues.
  7. A god Espec could be fun. We know they can be echoes as a "Fall of Abaddon" fractal was an option once.
  8. The only statements we have about the average player is that he does 10x less damage and is here because of the story. "We generally try and make the story content be approachable to the average player, because that’s why people are here and what they’re playing." "The challenge is that the skill disparity between average players and hardcore players is extreme. We’re talking about ten times damage output. You can’t necessarily put a DPS check that the average player is going to be able to overcome without making the fight entirely trivialized for the hardcore." - https://www.pcga
  9. Agree, imo Ankka was rather bland and uninteresting. I didn't care for her charater at all.
  10. "Finally, we’re happy to confirm that we’re working on the next story update for Guild Wars 2, including a new map set in the Cantha region." https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/arenanet-studio-update-the-future-of-guild-wars-2/
  11. Here again to ask for https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Cat-Ear_Hood_Skin without Cat-ears.
  12. Seems to me that the option will just be default checked / on for new players, but it will still be able to be unchecked to switch back to DX9 for now. "As a note, existing players who are not participating in the DX11 beta will not be automatically opted-in on May 10, but if you’d like to start using DX11 you can enable it from the graphics settings menu." "In the long run, we plan to deprecate DX9 support and move to making DX11 the default graphics setting for all players (new and veteran alike)." Depending on what "deprecated" means for Anet, it will also still be availabl
  13. I've never been a fan of circlequest. Other gamemodes.
  14. I'd like housing. Sounds better to spend the resources there than for another variation of barely played instanced group content.
  15. Instead is should be awarded for afking in WvW and occasionally flipping a camp or helping a dolyak 😅 Such a prestigious thing 😂 Anyways, not going to start a discussion with you, you've already hijacked the thread plenty with your arbitrary narrow minded gamemode discussion.
  16. Going with that faulty logic, PvP armour should be removed, as they don't use the stats at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. You can get a hidden achievement there by dancing: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Disco_Dancing_Delver
  18. Still would be passive income, if you aren't actively doing something / just fishing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  19. GL with that. I somehow doubt people being “afraid of raids” is the main cause for raids being unpopular though. I’d even go as far as saying that bringing in all of the actual “afraid of raiding” people into raiding wouldn’t be enough.
  20. I can only say that i have it, dropped from the meta. So it shouldn't be bugged.
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