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  1. Someone in a different thread raised an interesting point: flood the middle of the desert borderlands but keep some bloodlust capture points on the surface. It's a cheap and easy way to get space for skiff warfare... who knows, people might even start enjoying that map.
  2. +1 Real Pirate Ships Edit: give it a Rough Wake skill that interacts additively with the same skill from other ships.
  3. Well, I'm actually hoping for smash up derby Siege Turtles.
  4. The siege turtle mentioned in the livestream has great potential, but it definitely needs player collision and knockback.
  5. My suggestion was (mostly) serious. Link NA + EU servers then randomly host the matchup on either NA or EU physical servers. Ignore people whining about slightly higher ping. At this point even if its a trainwreck its still content.
  6. Or just start linking NA and EU servers together. Ignore the technical issues! How bad could it be?
  7. I really hope CU turns out good enough to kill this game... not sure which direction the cynicism/realism should point though.
  8. Ok thats a fine thing to want, but why should the top of a wall have an advantage? By nature it makes you visible, exposed, and restricts your movement options. Standing on the ground in range of a zerg is going to get the same aoe and cc dropped on you, what makes the top of a wall different? Maybe I am overthinking this and it's just a vague general desire. Edit: Oh, I just realized the wall does have an advantage: it prevents the melee train from getting to you. Should there still be more?
  9. You realize that when you stand on the wall you are really going 1v30 (or # ranged players in zerg). How do you really expect that to end? Unless what you are really wanting is to be able to hit them without them hitting you...
  10. So this happened: 0) Initial release and soon after desire for dedicated GvG space was articulated.... years later ...1) Guild hall arena was created, not suitable for GvG and feedback given. Could have been fixed but wasn't.... years later ...2) Arena in eotm was created, not suitable for GvG and feedback given. Could have been fixed but wasn't.... years later ...3) Gemstore arena was created, too small for GvG its like there is some not accidental, not arbitrary, kinda sorta intentional thing going on here. What would you expect repeating the same feedback to accomplish? I guarantee Ane
  11. Underdimensioned? No you're underdimensioned.... now get into the catapult!
  12. Lately my fire auto-attacks frequently get 8k crits, so I think the breakage is deeper than just meteor shower.
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