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  1. Still happening. Seems to be a random component. Not just keep keepers, but tower as well. Any type of defender.
  2. Thats not what they content of my post indicated. No one is advocating piking for credit. The rules of WvW, before we even talk about defenses, already prevent you from getting a reward for doing nothing, so this concern is a non sequitur that doesn;t apply to what is being asked here.
  3. No, there are already participation rules in WvW which disallow piking for rewards.
  4. Its horrible if they are awarding at random or if there is a player limit. Tapping a wall up got it every time. This current behavior is unpredictable and buggy. If they want more contested structures giving a guaranteed reward each time the timer cycles is a far better strategy. If we held off attackers for 3 timers we deserve 3 reward credits. It shouldnt have to do with PKing someone under timer within a specific distance in an odd number day in an even number month when pluto is in the 5th house of ascension during a blood moon. The current implementation is how you do it if you DO NOT want more contested structures. People will begin win trading if they dont fix this. We'll let people take stuff like a K-train and just get the attacker parts every week. Dolyaks, camps, towers, keeps, monuments, and SMC = 6 objectives = the gold reward = no defenses needed. Taking the sure fire method away (tapping up a wall) before fixing these bugs was a bold move cotton. Lets see how it plays out.
  5. Seeing the same issue. It is looking for a file on a development server rather than in the client. It faulted this file path: File: D:\Perforce\Live\NAEU\v2\Code\Arena\Engine\ArenaWeb\CoherentUi
  6. I am talking to people who said they received their shared inventory slot. Are you sure this does not add to your account until the expansion arrives?
  7. Cut base healing in half then double the amount of healing / heal power ratio. This wont change the healing much for people who invest in it, but will disallow cheese builds from having high sustain with zero heal power investment.
  8. Bunker meta was funnest. Longer fights. Less escape kits allowing people to reset fights on every failure to burst down.
  9. WvW Forumites: We want more fights!!! Also WvW Forumites: Plays burst + full escape kit, hit and run build which hits 20% of the time and runs 80%. Everyone else: /shrugs, then run the opposite direction which results in no fight happening through to completion. **this is a direct result of demanding "high risk high reward" builds, getting what you wished for, then min maxing to minimize the risk. No one wants to fight that, so they simply bounce the first time an entire escape kit is blown to reset after the first failed burst. No one wants to play against the "let me reset the fight as many times as I fail until I finally win" builds. AKA - People didnt really want high risk high reward. They just couched their feedback into those terms to make it sound convincing, and are now running around on a low risk high reward build wondering why no one else other than the other 8 people per tier who are ALSO running around on low risk high reward builds, wants fights. The bunker meta folks complained about supposedly not requiring any skill in the past, actually required multiplicitively more skill than the current meta does. Full escape kits can be hard countered simply by running in the other direction with swiftness on.
  10. That 15 person group doesnt have delusions of grandeur thinking they can handle your 40+ person blob. That support build running back to their zerg doesnt have delusions of grandeur thinking they can handle your 1v1 ganking spec.
  11. Mount stomp helped solve an often complained about issue that would pop up at least once a week on the forums. People complained about easy revival giving too much advantage to greater numbers, who already have an advantage. If a smaller group gets some downs, having 1-2 people mounted to stomp downs is a counter to easy revival, and allows smaller groups to do some damage to larger groups.
  12. People filibustered and lobbied hand over fist for the old bunker meta (which was a major contributor to those longer fights) to go away, and this current era is the result of that, plus alot of advocacy for "high risk-high reward" play - which increased strike damage/power damage considerably.
  13. Gw2 professions aren’t balanced period. The devs have a hot mess on their hands, and finally 7 years later the team might be doing something about it. The original profession designs are part of that mess, but I’m not going to dig in to old design quote right now. So you must think Warrior, Mesmer, Ranger, and Guardian are homogenized? I’m reading through this thread, and I’ve read many others, and most of what I see is people who don’t care about balance. And if some of you think resources are ultimate class defining things, then some of you are sorely mistaken. And I came from a game where the core designs were the same, yet had way more roles to play, more unique builds to play, more balance... and a heck of a lot of other stuff, so don’t think if things were changed that professions end up being homogenized. And some of y’all claim to want balance, yet those peeps don’t want to change anything really, besides some inconsequential numbers and stuff. No. What I am saying is: The game is balanced on hard counters. Your reply indicates a lack of understanding of what this even is. Furthermore it attempts to misrepresent what I posted. Having no answer for my post, the OP create a weaker position then attack that instead. The OP is asking for homogenization. Sometimes called "fairness balance" - and in every single game I have seen go down that road, once the game is homogenized the same audience who demanded it hand over fist now complains that it sucks because the game is now boring. GW2/ANet/NCsoft, please do not listen to the calls for homogenization or fairness balance. Keep striving for hard counter balance, or paper/scissors/rock balance. Uniqueness is far more important than fairness, as long as hard counters and counter play exist. Simply adjust for where these do not exist or too much of it exists. Tweak the current system rather than reinvent the wheel. As I correctly stated, you are the type of player who doesn’t want balance. I like how you avoided the question btw. It’s because you know they aren’t homogenized, and you can’t argue otherwise. So if we follow your lead, I want my next engineer elite to be like Ironman, with a nanotech suit, so I can fly around wvw and spvp and pew pew players! And in the event that I cross a group, I also want this spec to summon a robotic Ironman AI army to fight back! That will be unique! Oh, and since you like “hard counters” and “rock, paper, scissors“ balance, then this Ironman engineer should be able to fly at heights of 1,800 feet, so a LB Ranger is designated as the “hard counter”. Is that good for you?All false. Mostly strawman arguments here from your own imagination, as you cannot address the real points I made without exposing your own position, which is derived from multiple logical fallacies. To reiterate, my position favors diversity over balance. That does not mean what you said, which is not wanting balance at all. Given a choice between diversity and hard counters vs homogenization and sameness, the market (not just me, but the ENTIRE MARKET) chooses the former over the latter. 20+ years of MMO aggregate data and 30+ years of competitive game aggregate data shows this to be factual. This is street fighter expanding beyond Ryu and Ken as player avatars. This is different races having different advantages/disadvantages in Starcraft 2. This is different classes having completely different class mechanics in GW2. Homogenization, making everything like everything else, limits diversity, or eradicates it completely when perused as an extreme - and even then only achieves balance in a scenario with one class where everyone can play all combos on the same character. The minute you have two different classes with different ability sets, homogenization will fail to achieve any sort of balance, as one platform of different abilities will always have advantages and disadvantages when compared to another platform of different abilities. In these games, there ends up being one META choice, and everything else ranges from viable to trash tier, but is never META itself in any situation. Resource mechanics need to stay. All game play is better for it, including competitive game play. Games which do not foster enough difference in play between the classes play like Gauntlet with better graphics. Any two avatars have the same control parameters. The elf shoots twice as fast but for half damage each hit compared to the wizard, so their DPS is the same. Folks like yourself fall for the illusion of choice and claim there is no homogenization in that scenario, but the rest of us who understand game systems objectively observe what is really happening there. Video game developers worth their salt avoid this scenario at all costs. Lack of diversity lends itself to rapid boredom, and increased net loss attrition of the player base.
  14. Half as many people per map.Twice as many maps. If there is an issue with headcount too low then... Half as many people per map.1.5x as many maps.
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