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  1. To be fair, not all outfits have shoulders...but it'd still be great to have the option for those that do. Weirdly, there are a few outfits with a toggle for the gloves. (Cook's outfit, and at least one of the "town clothes" outfits.) I don't know why more don't have that option.
  2. This would be so nice. There's a number of beautiful outfits that I haven't bought solely because the shoulders are so absurd. If only we had a shoulder toggle (and gloves, preferably) for outfits, too...
  3. Comparatively, it did. F2p got to play eight sprawling, fully voice-acted class stories, plus I think the first two expansions were free (about a decade into the game's life). If that was all someone wanted out of a Star Wars game, they got it, and in fairness, that was a lot. Each individual class story was about the length of, but certainly more in-depth than, GW2's vanilla storyline. Multiply that by eight, one unique story per class, and that's a heck of a lot of free content to dive into.F2p just had to deal with the limitations I described. It's up to the individual person to decide if t
  4. I tend to stick to lore as much as possible, so my sylvari generally have Irish, Scottish, or Welsh names (Gethin, Celyn, Caoimhe, Lorcán); my norn have Scandinavian names of varying origins (Myrgjöl Stormwolf, Rúni Agnarsson); my charr have proper 'band names (Kaja Fireclaw, Timaeus Gravecaller); my asura have...typical asura names? (Neff, Mezzi, Korri); and my humans are all over the place, with their names corresponding to the appropriate culture they come from/are descended from (Masamba Afolayan is Elonian; Elena Anderson and Gemma Blythe are Ascalonian; Bai Jiahao is Canthan).Concerning
  5. Nailed it! :D SWTOR was fun, I suppose, but...painful. It got so annoying without a subscription that I just left. I'm not shelling out fifteen bucks a month just so I can watch pretty cutscenes.
  6. Writing some of these ideas down made me realize just how gloriously non-P2W/grindy GW2 is. Thank you, ArenaNet!! A monthly subscription. Dropping the subscription will cause you to lose subscriber privileges - lowered XP gain, unable to do more than three fractals/raids/Strike missions/PVP matches per week (yes, per week, not per day), lowered level cap, unable to equip legendary/ascended armor and weapons, fewer character slots, can't have more than one mid-level crafting discipline, can't have more than a certain amount of gold (which is too low to actually buy anything worthwhile on the tr
  7. You can sort of do this. Go to the Graphics tab in the Options panel, and put "Character Model Quality" on lowest. Here's what everyone will look like: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Options#Gallery_of_generic_character_models Sadly, this doesn't cancel out infusions, certain shoulder skins (like Nightfury or Winter's Presence*) or backpacks, so you'll be dealing with a sea of glowing faceless mannequins. Makes the world seem pretty creepy and ruins immersion even faster than the eye-searing migraines people like to dress up as now, but it does save your eyes a bit. *At least, not that I've
  8. I can also confirm this happens on more than just male human. Tested so far with male and female sylvari, male asura, female charr, and female norn. Some race/gender combinations seem to be less severely affected than others - female charr only has slight clipping along the shoulder that's really not noticeable unless you're staring right at it; male sylvari is the most obvious. It seems to be because the front of the shirt is designed with physics - it moves when your character moves, like certain hairstyles that clip into/through the character's head when they run forwards.
  9. If you (general "you" here) get offended by total strangers on the other side of the internet typing angry pixels at you, you need to grow a thicker skin. Shrug it off, laugh at how silly they're being, and ignore them. Block and/or report if you feel you must (or if they're genuinely and repeatedly harassing you), but other than that, move on and forget about it. They don't control you.
  10. Welcome to Tyria! Glad you're enjoying the game. :D Yup, these are just cosmetic skins for the regular mounts. They don't affect gameplay; they're purely for looks.Usually the various mount skin packs (there have been quite a few of them) are rotated in and out of the gem store every few months. It might take a while for a particular pack to come back into circulation, but rest assured it will come back at some point. There's no rush to get them unless you see one you really like - in which case, when you buy it, it will unlock the skin for you. It will not unlock the mount itself; you'll have
  11. Happens to me on my sylvari Daredevil every so often, for no reason at all. Drawing my character's weapon seems to fix it for a long while, then it starts up again seemingly at random.
  12. Tangled. Depths. It's a beautiful map, and I actually love how confusing and complex it is - but I still get hopelessly turned around thirty seconds after walking into the labyrinth of chak tunnels. I once managed to run into the Chak Gerent meta by sheer accident, joined in the final boss fight, and promptly got lost again afterwards. Draconis Mons is another one. I genuinely can't tell where anything is on that map. Unlike Tangled Depths, I really hate this place...the over-saturated, eye-searing colors drenching the scenery doesn't help.I used to get lost in the Grove all the time until som
  13. In Draconis Mons, I got stuck in a superhero pose after interacting with Oakheart's Essence... One of the most basic rules of gun safety: never fire into the air with a loaded gun. That bullet will land somewhere you don't want it to....but who cares about gun safety in a world with magic, dragons, and walking plants, right? Especially when it looks this cool! [facepalm] "Taimi, I'm fine. Or I will be. As soon as I liberate more of my magical ghost friends.""Oh boy." It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S SUPER-VARI!!
  14. "Demmi's been kidnapped by pirates! COOL!" ...actually, that whole storyline with the Order of Whispers: rescuing Demmi from pirates. The part that had me falling out of my chair laughing was just how utterly blitzed out of his mind my poor sylvari sounded.Demmi: "Oh, thank the goddess Lyssa! I was starting to think the Order had forgotten me. Do you have a plan to get out of this place alive?"PC: "SOrt of." (that is not a typo; his voice squeaked) "The idea starts with ‘run for it’ aaaAaaand generally goes downhill from there, c’mon!”The hangover must have been excruciating, but it was hilari
  15. Yep, you're correct; Matthew Mercer is voicing Canach now. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/124874/new-canach-va
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