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  1. Have to admit, I'm a bit baffled by the total lack of advertising. Sure, if you're playing this game already, you know about the expansion and are (probably?) looking forward to it, but what about people who aren't playing the game already? This isn't the end of the story or the game as a whole, so why the lack of hype and advertising? It's kind of odd.
  2. Holy necro, Batman! 😲 Two years! Did you not notice when this thread was made, or the date of the last post?
  3. I'd be happy if they managed to separate hair and accessories for at least some of the hairstyles, so we could choose if we wanted the giant bow/pin/headband/whatever to show. One of the new male asura hairstyles looks great...but there's a dragon-shaped metal headband that just looks dreadful and, in my opinion, ruins the whole thing. Would have loved to have that raggedy ponytail/dreadlocks without the goofy looking headband. Sadly, I doubt that's possible... ...but yes, asura females having access to the new male hairstyles (and vice versa, I suppose) would be nice, or at least for jus
  4. I think you may have hit on it. Tyria is ridiculously dangerous no matter where you are. You walk out into the fields of Queensdale, for example, and bandits, drakes, centaurs, boars, pony-sized spiders, etc. are all gunning for you - not to mention all of the specific racial enemies (Nightmare Court, old Flame Legion, Sons of Svanir, and others) that will gladly attack in overwhelming force. Places like Elona are even worse. And then there's the dragon minions.... Sure, some of that must be excused due to game mechanics, but only some. It's quite possible that the average family for most race
  5. What, you really think Cynn would let him be with anyone but her? 😜 Somebody would probably wind up being incinerated...either the unlucky other girl or poor Mhenlo himself.
  6. Hey, I saw you in Lion's Arch asking about this a little while ago. 🙂 Welcome back. Hope you decide to stay. In the future, if you're unsure what is valuable and what you can do without, check the wiki. You can access it in-game by typing in the chat box: /wiki This opens the GW2 Wiki tab in your browser. You can then type in the search bar the name of the item you're confused about. Or you can go to the page directly by typing in the name of what you're looking for. For example, /wiki Jubilant Dye Pack /wiki Eighth Birthday Gift /wiki Mini Queen Jennah and s
  7. You know, part of what you said is true. The people who respond to you do, in fact, like this game. We like it so much that we want other people to like it, too. So when someone comes in complaining about stuff that can be easily remedied with a bit of work on their part, we want to help them, so that they enjoy this game as well. We're trying to help you. Whether you accept that help or not is up to you, but throwing a tantrum because you wanted to complain about your problems instead of solving them benefits no one.
  8. You do realize that a) this is a person intentionally clowning around (watch all the times she just walks back and forth instead of actually activating a skill or even dodging) b) the video has "PARODY" in its title Heart of Thorns is quite challenging, especially for a newer player. It's meant to be: most of it is group content, meant to encourage teamwork and cooperation with other players. You can't simply walk in, stand in front of mobs, and expect to tank all the damage. You must keep moving, you must keep dodging, you must keep reacting to the fast-paced combat. It isn't p
  9. "What made you do it, Commander? You've saved the world more times than anyone can count. What gave you the drive, the heart, the sheer guts to step up, take charge, and be a hero? Was it out of the goodness of your heart? The righteous anger at seeing injustice? A personal sorrow that cried out to be avenged?" "No, my mom told me to." "..." (On a completely unrelated note, advice books on parenting suddenly skyrocketed in popularity.)
  10. I think it's the fact that the charr's feet don't actually touch the glider that's the problem. They're floating two feet above it.
  11. We're Witchers! Mutant monster-hunters for hire! Toss a coin to your Commander, O land of Tyria, O land of Tyria, whoa-o-oa! ...no, really, please toss us a coin. Collecting money from corpses can't be sanitary. Explanation for the "mutant" part:
  12. People have pointed this out, but it's still worth reiterating: Heart of Thorns (and Living World Season Three areas) was and is a massive spike in difficulty from the base game. Whether that difficulty spike was done well or not remains...a subject of contention...to this day, but one thing that's agreed on is that it is much harder than the rest of the game. Even veterans get caught off-guard in the jungle sometimes. I know I sure do, and I've been playing for about four years now! So even if you get your build right (which it sounds like you're well on the way to doing!) and you've got
  13. Yeah, that's why I said I wonder what could have been (if this wasn't just an artist gaffe where they misunderstood what Mordremoth was supposed to be). It's just interesting to think about. Oooh, really? Looking at it again...yeah, I can see that! It's fascinating to see old concept art and see how it got repurposed or reworked in some way. 😄
  14. Needless to say, here be potential spoilers for Heart of Thorns. Ye have been warned. So, I was browsing around the wiki and stumbled across this: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/c/c8/Mordremoth_concept_art_3.jpg Seems the end fight with Mordremoth could have been a heck of a lot different...and scarier, what with all the emphasis on eyes glowing out of the dark. Mordremoth itself looks terrifying. Granted, what we have in-game is also terrifying, but somewhat less so than this rotting, eyeless plant behemoth. But one thing really caught my attention. Either the concept art
  15. Describe what's going on more clearly, please. Which boss fight are you having problems with? (I know, you said Balthazar, but there's more than one fight with him, and all have different mechanics.)
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