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  1. I think the cap round now is 2000 decorations per guild hall? I could be mistaken. This is really not enough... If you want detailed spots or have your hall "Lost Precipice" (like mine) full of empty homes there is little room to decorate all of them. I hope causing some awareness for people who agree and like housing as much as I do. So my humble request would be: please upgrade the decoration cap on guild halls. Sincerly Veryl
  2. after I bought a RTX nvidia card that works like a charm on many games supporting raytracing,I know the reflections of GW2 are good enough, better than most mmorpgs, still with all the fog and slight ambient occlusion and depth of field already ingame a map feels kinda empty with barely volumetric lightning but just faced textures of fog at campfires made with particle systems.Anet is extremely creative and brings very potent content but it took me 8 years to slowly build a desktop that can run an AB meta without gfx lag killing me softly when I want to loot AB. so DX12? are there expensive li
  3. I think this would be very helpful teaching mechanics to people and increase their interest doing T4 dailies and CM.When tagging your able to place targets (heart, square, circle etc) and this is handy to show people where to go or tell them whats priority or mandatory mechanics to follow.
  4. after the machined gyrocycle beetle skin I hope for more machinery.Like a greatsword as jackal skin or raptor giving the player a bit of a skateboard feel.Mounts we're always pretty organic until the gyrocycle appeared.I hope this is anet's move to release more non-organic mounts!
  5. I get guildhall decorations and enjoy the extra loot
  6. Then what's your idea behind the lore wearing revered shrine guardian ears? or have wings that don't fly?Gw2 is weird enough.. but in a good way.
  7. I'm sorry I did not understand. All I understood from your post is a "special crafting proffesion" and an intended pun about cocktails?Please keep this a serious thread.
  8. I don't really get how this contributes to my thread...Keeping the only playable race Charr to have tails is unfair to the ones that don't want the tail to go with the large sharp teeth and oversized horns.But reading your sentence you don't make much sense to me... I'm fine with a novelty for tails..but making this a trinket or backpiece makes more sense.
  9. Well looks like most people look negative answering no to the poll I created.I hope there are some people who don't just type whatever comes to mind without thinking it through.GW2 needs tails! I just feel a bit naked running around with my shrine guardian ears without my tail to cuddle.If people would be more open minded you'll see why tails are a necessity for cosmetics...I've been scrolling through the opinions of people but it looks like only some actually read what I wrote. Coming with arguments like "Play Charr because those have tails" are not helping and I covered why already.Then abou
  10. I love this idea... I actually already had in mind using trinkets like an amulet.. maybe legendary infusions or whatnot.. As long as we could use a fluff ball that goes with our Bunny Ears and a demon tail that fits the several horns. Maybe partly achievable participating in yearly events. This realises me if it were to be a tail causes by a trinket, it should be dedicated to one sort so it won't interfere wearing more than one tail. Let's say amulets achievable or purchasable have different visual effects.
  11. A fluffy bunny tail or.. a demon tail or even better.. A Shrine Guardian Tail!Would you like to see tails (for example an amulet trinket) ingame? ofcourse this tail would replace or enhance the charr's tail since thats the only race having tails.Personally I would love to see this happening so I have a complete shrine guardian look.Please choose your vote! Thank you. Love,Van Marle
  12. The song is actually a work in progress... I couldn't help but to impatiently upload what I got.Occasionally you see my mouse on screen... My apolagies.. With everything in progress I'll finalize the details when the song is finished.Critics and love is always welcome! Hope you like some Folk/Singer Song Writing/ Chill Guitar!https://youtube.com/watch?v=2EtiIHZOEKo
  13. I've experienced playing Guild Wars 2 on a laptop i3 or desktop i5 before I started upgrading.I could barely play with 5fps and because gw2 is the only game I've play, this forced me to upgrade to i7 with a 4gb graphicscard.I know I'm not the only one that thinks the engine of GW2 demands alot of cpu and memory...Even now with my new specs I get around 70fps wich is really high running this game,Although the majority of other games running 100fps smoothly and have better graphics I do not agree that gw2 is optimized for an audience that have low spec systems and lags/spikes in ping are everywh
  14. How can a toon be outdated? I can't deny I releveled my guardian and thief to 80 like three times but I regret this alot and misses anniversary presents this way.A toon can not be out of date, otherwise there are hairkits and makeover kits that'll make your toon shine...So NEVER delete toons... I learned this the hard way
  15. I couldn't agree with you more...Though I still hope GW2 sets a future equal to our development of next gen gaming. Maybe after Cantha... or a living story after that... We'll be surprised with content delivered remastered for optimal game pleasure.. I didn't intend to mean that this has to do be done now. But its wise to think it will in the future....And Anet will have an extra chance selling the game in it's ultimate form. With RTX and a full advertising of Nvidia the game's population would rise alot.Arenanet always seemed working in solitude, not caring about implenting latest advancement
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