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  1. Alliances will shatter Blackgate and Mag into pieces. Even an alliance they attempt to make from the pieces will be a small version. Anet is already fixing this. You have unnecessary paranoid and negativity about their new system. It balanced population pretty well last beta
  2. [NEW] Learn WvW Here is recruiting! We are seeking players who are flexible and eager to learn new builds and tactics to work into our roster for our runs. We do require that members represent the guild when running with us and join in discord, but we don't care about PVE so rep whatever you want there. Joining voice comms, running with our guild when in wvw, and playing a build/class that aid the group are expected of members. We have fully upgraded our guild hall, complete with WvW XP and other buffs, as well as our training Arena. NEW has our most active membership mainly in the EU and NA e
  3. Something needs to happen. If anet can't show they can make alliance happen soon, they need to just to a server merge or something. Population/time zone imbalance is awful
  4. I'm not as optimistic anymore. This feels more like they screwed up really bad and gave up. We'll see if they bring another beta soon or if it's another 4 years
  5. Really unfortunate to just cancel a whole week worth of beta. There were bugs during other betas of new classes, did they cancel that beta? NO! They patched it and kept going. At least a relink. No reason at all not too, except Anet is not authorizing the resources for people to get it done late on a Friday.
  6. I don't think 'solo players' will have much change in their experience honestly. You may have to open your horizons and jump in with a few new commanders after each 'season', but really, is that much different than the current world-linking system? There will still be camps and towers to cap and scout, and still fellow solo players. Maybe those familiar commanders you run with don't want to be in the same stale server with the same stubborn pugs and mapchat trolls. Personally I am encouraging all of those dedicated scouts/roamers out there to make little gui
  7. Ready for a new underwater wvw map? We are! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZGlJwQx8wA
  8. I actually posted the wrong video there, sorry XD
  9. Most activity is in guild discords. Darkhaven is a server of independent guilds, make some new friends!
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