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  1. There is one advantage to buying an alt account that has one expansion and that is the permanent mount you will get. The core only accounts don’t have that. It’s an expense but if you’re doing dailies on multiple accounts you will sometimes need to travel around in a map to get dailies done and a mount makes the travel time much less. it’s not a huge deal. You can save the cost and just run to where you need to go but it’s a noticeable QoL for alt accounts. If you do buy an expansion maybe Crystal Desert as waypoint fees to that map are cheap and the map is fairly easy and you can get XP to make your mount more useful.
  2. I have 7 alt accounts with a level 80 and one with a level 56 that I’m now painfully dragging up to level 80 (I changed all that account’s tomes to spirit shards a while back because. . . it was a good idea at the time). 6 accounts were paid for. 2 were free. that math about vast wealth for alt accounts doesn’t hold. Sure there’s stuff that’s valuable but it’s either account bound or you need to first spend money for the expansion or it takes a loooooong time to get. Farm alt accounts are for logging on, maybe spending a few minutes on then logging out. They’re not for extended gameplay. They’re especially not for extended gameplay if you have 100 of them as some are claiming. The thing is, the stuff you can reasonably buy with AA on a farm account is limited. 90 gold, 150 laurels, 60 mystic coins, 20 Black Lion Mastery Coffer (total: approximately 270 gold at current prices). Once those run out basically there’s the 1 gold for 30 AA and one gold for completing a daily. Unless you do the full daily or spend the time doing a weekly you’re not even getting that each day. So sure, the initial gold is great but once you buy the cost efficient items the money spigot is turned off to a slow drip until 3 months later. TLDR: your average farm alt account can get ~270 gold then 1 gold every 30 AA/completed daily in a 3 month period and for that you have to actually play the game. It’s a decent income for a farm account but not what people are making it out to be.
  3. I had a big laugh about people abusing the multi boxing thing as opposed to the old system of only needing to log in. They might be willing to spend 5 minutes per account to get rewards for a while but sooner or later that’s going to get old. Most are going to go back to logging in only to get their 5 AA. It’s going to quickly become too tedious for most people to do multiple dailies/weeklies on multiple accounts. That time adds up and for most people there’s better things to do with their time than spend 1-2 hours a day grinding dailies/weeklies.
  4. Buy one bag of gold for 3 AA and you’ll have your 2 gold.
  5. You do get an account wide gift that contains… I noticed that the Birthday gift itself has a generic name (it doesn’t say 11 year Birthday gift) so this may be the pattern of gifts from now on.
  6. The schedule does seem to be random. the Swaggering Hat for example, was available on March 5th for seven days (#8) and both were available on March 13th till March 31 (#112 and #113). Since the Hat and Boots have both been back recently they may not be back for some months.
  7. AFK farming isn’t allowed however semi afk farming, where the person is playing gw2 and doing other things at the same time such as watching a video, is allowed. If ANet messages the person and they respond to the message then they’re semi afk and ANet isn’t going to punish them for that. report, move on, let ANet sort it out.
  8. How about a tonic that changes you into a Tengu and can be used in combat.
  9. Great idea. Especially for those who always wanted to be a cereal killer.
  10. I have 19 level 80s, two mid level chars that I’m slowly getting to 80 and 4 low level mules to hold misc items. I rotate between my level 80 chars as evenly as possible. I have them on a list and I play one char for 2 weeks then it goes to the bottom of the list and the next is played for 2 weeks. The ones I’m leveling get played when I’m in the mood to level.
  11. They changed it to 750% on 2/28/2022 At the bottom of the first post, under General.
  12. You can build things in the guild halls and put a sign on them. They only last until they are removed but it’s more personal. If the two of you have a guild maybe you could build a birthday structure for him in your guild hall.
  13. While it’s an interesting concept I wouldn’t want a game littered with vanity animals and NPCs You’re in some random place in the game, being the Commander, and there’s a rabbit named Edward Simmons on the side of the path or an NPC named Elaine Campbell. Neither of which have any reason to be there besides someone paid ANet a gob of money. It’s immersion breaking.
  14. I’ve seen suggestions to switch to upvote/downvote because people don’t like the confused emoji. However, look at Reddit. It has the proposed upvote/downvote system and people get bent out of shape about downvotes there. Basically, the confused emoji is a downvote variant and people dislike getting downvoted. You don’t need to make it deeper than that. Unless the forum only has upvotes people are going to complain about any “non positive” reactions.
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