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  1. Dear mods. Please install a feature where any thread that has been inactive for at least one year is auto locked. thanks.
  2. A library to have all books in one spot would be nice. All my books are hanging around in the inventory of whatever char happened to get them.
  3. Are these gemstone passes at 1000 gems each?
  4. I would not play your version of GW3 and I think most of the PvE player base would feel the same. You obviously are primarily a PvP player, especially since you admit that 4 of your characters have only done PvP content. This means what you like in a MMO is the PvP, opposite of this game which is a PvE focused casual player MMO with separate PvP. Reading your suggestions for PvE gave me the distinct feeling that you played and liked New World. In that game PvP players are king and PvE players at max level have nothing to do besides gather and craft. Your post really made
  5. I really doubt you’re going to get this resolved on the forum. It’s more an ask for help from other players forum. the only real way to get help from the ANet support staff is to make a ticket and see what they can do for you.
  6. I’d like to buy a hamburger and a coke but all I have in my wallet is 1 Fame and 2 Glories. Will that be enough?
  7. There are PvP daily arenas. They are hosted by someone who sets the rules and keeps people in order. Basically (depends on the arena) the players alternate killing each other. If that’s what you want to do look for an arena that says Daily. They are normally active right before and after the daily game reset.
  8. Obviously the commander was hiding behind the door when financial smarts were handed out. You’d think they would have figured out that something was not quite right when they joined the Order and everyone else was getting regular paychecks and they were left standing there with their hand out, repeatedly. But nooooope, they never did. Either that or they like saving the world on a personal shoestring budget, taking time out from spying, killing dragons, assassinating and what not to farm wood or look at a vista to earn a bit of coin to get through the day. My advice to the commander
  9. No offense and all, but a vague post saying you can’t use a glider isn’t going to tell the people who fix graphic glitches what is wrong. A post saying what exactly is wrong is much better than hoping a staff person will see your post, look at the picture and figure out that you can use the glider, you just don’t want to. my previous comment still stands. Make a ticket and specifically tell them what your issue is with an accompanying picture. Maybe it will never get fixed but it’s still better than a non specific complaint in General Discussion (which they probably never read).
  10. Is that the Geomancer Glider? Mine works. Have you done a client repair? If that doesn’t work I suggest you make a ticket and contact support.
  11. Thinking the matter over, isn’t this the commander’s fault? I’ve never seen the commander sit down with anyone and negotiate a salary. No, s/he just charges in, banners waving, thinking they can kill a dragon by stabbing the dragons left front toenail. And then you’re surprised that the commander forgot to ask for money for doing all that.
  12. The Commander gets 2 gold a day for doing a quick daily. How much more do you need?
  13. Similar to mine, but when it happened on my account it had a banner at the top with pictures of gemstore items. don’t know if that makes a difference.
  14. (This is a problem that has been resolved. Posting for anyone who has this problem in the future and is looking for a solution) There is an occasional problem with the gemstore not loading/freezing when Anet adds a free item to the gemstore. The Trading Post and currency exchange still work but the gemstore section is frozen and only shows the top banner (which is also frozen). Doing a search for an item in the gemstore brings up the message ‘not found’. This problem goes away by itself when Anet removes the free item. A way to fix it when it happens is to clear the cach
  15. It could be brought back as a Pass, like The Royal Terrace Pass, but for the whole city not just part of it.
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