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  1. One of the game achievements comes from resurrecting players (No One Left Behind). Waking in the Mists would cause problems getting that achievement. Also, it would make Revive Orbs worthless as you can no longer stay where you died and use the Orb to resurrect yourself.
  2. and here I could have sworn that charr, being big felids, have both whiskers and hair on their faces.
  3. I’ll use mine on a key runner char to get rid of it. I don’t particularly need it as I have over 2 stacks of Tomes (and that’s after I deleted 2 full stacks), but it’d be nice if it could be removed from the inventory slot so I could store it in my bank.
  4. I’m planning to play on it and I’m hoping to have hours of fun on the new maps doing story, events, trying out the new mounts, etc etc. So I preordered the Ultimate. Considering that might be my last real money purchase for the next 2-3 years while enjoying this expansion plus any free Living Story installments, that’s not exactly a whole lot of money to spend on a game. i swear, I think some people expect the devs to live on ramen noodles and water while putting out an expansion worth of content twice a year for free.
  5. I have 18 level 80s that I play and every week I choose a different one to play. This means I don’t have a main character. Since I don’t have a main I think of them as my army of alts. 😋
  6. I was disappointed in no VIP pass to the new area. I use the Lily a lot. By using it I could take all my alts to PoF without going through the first story section, when you have a lot of alts that can be a nice feature. I also had it in a shared inventory slot and used it frequently as a fast port to the Crystal Desert when I wanted to play there. Maybe a personal guild hall will turn out to be a substitute or a merchant will sell a port but I still think ANet could have added one to the expansion package.
  7. I didn’t get the Shared Inventory slot or max level boost either. I’m wondering, is this with people who have the max number of shared inventory slots and maybe ANet forgot to increase the number allowed.
  8. A request for a general vender for that map is more likely to be seen and acted upon if it’s in the Quality of Life thread. You could post a request there.
  9. The site I checked showed that the options are rather slim. There are a couple of heart venders that sell mining/logging/harvesting tools but I didn’t see any kits sold by them. However you can go to WvW or PvP and buy items from merchants there. Ember Bay vendor items
  10. it doesn’t sound like they’re closing down From the July 2nd blogpost also Link
  11. So far I have one Legendary, a weapon. I play 18 characters regularly (2 of each profession) and there is no way I’m going to grind out 18 sets of Legendary armor. If they put Alliances in WvW so I can play there with my guild and there is a Legendary Armory, then that makes getting Legendary Armor a lot more doable and useful and I’d start playing WvW on a regular basis. Those game modes might be losing people like the OP but they’ll gain people like me. ______
  12. I’m sure if it turns out that large numbers of people stop playing WvW, PvP or Raids because they’ve collected 3 full sets of Legendary armor and they have no other reason to play those game modes then ANet can add other rewards to entice them back.
  13. Yeah, I’m going to agree. I liked her previous appearance better. .
  14. Basically what you have seen as a race change in fractals etc and are asking for as the same thing as the change in fractals is on the level of Combat Tonics and yes, that can be done. We do already have Combat Tonics and they could add more. _____ “u will not believe it but anets only reason for no race change is there is no money in it to make” actually I believe there won’t be race changes because of the racial tie to the personal story and the many times they’ve told us that the personal story from level 1 to level 80 can’t be easily changed without breaking it (it’s why the
  15. ANet saying that something is difficult and taking years to do it in spite of saying they would like to add it is most definitely an indication that it is hard to do. the difference between race change and sex change? One involves a change to the personal story, your home instance and what racial armor you can wear and the other does not.
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