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  1. Sale ending soon (less than 24 hours) Branded Mounts Pack 2000 gems Mount Adoption License 1@400 gems. 10@3400 gems Skyscale Ascension Mounts Pack 2000 gems __________ Returned Mad Kings Mounts Pack 2000 gems Mad Realm Mounts Pack 2000 gems Spooky Mounts Pack 2000 gems __________ Available for 7 days Gallant Lightbearer Raptor 2000 gems Sand Lion Warclaw 1600 gems __________
  2. One of the Frog people in HoT that has permastealth unless the other people have completed a 15 point mastery line that I have personally designed.
  3. It sort of looks like it. It’s red and gold and one shoulder is very similar….
  4. New Shiro’s Legacy Backpack 500 gems Shiro’s Legacy Blades Package 1000 gems Shiro’s Legacy Outfit 700 gems Shire’s Legacy Appearance Package 2000 gems (Contains Shiro’s Outfit, Backpack, Greatsword, Sword, Total Makeover Kit) __________ Sale ending soon (less than 24 hours) Canthan Cuckoo Springer Mounts Pack 1600 gems Elegant Canthan Appearance Package 1700 gems Elegant Canthan Outfit 700 gems Elegant Canthan Staff 600 gems __________ Listed as 61% off Elite Reinforcements Package 2400 gems ___________ 20%
  5. It does appear that the site is broken. I logged out of the forum and attempted to open up a ticket. I was unable to do so as it went into a circular message telling me to log in first.
  6. for them to attempt it, they had to either have your email and login and got stopped because it was from a different location or they had your email and tried multiple times to guess your login, which got the account locked. Either way you have/had bigger problems if random people are able to find out your email/passwords to try to get into your account. You’re lucky ANet stopped them from stealing your account and stripping it clean.
  7. Not only is your personal story tied to your race but what cultural armor your char can wear is race dependent. Changes to your home instance are tied both to your race and the personal story. Some comments made by NPCs to your char are race dependent, and probably more. It’s something that’s at the bottom of the spaghetti code. Possible to untangle but probably expensive in dev time and effort and most likely would lead to a continuous bug fest where one fix exposes another bug.
  8. Automatic forum filter turning naughty words into the word kitten. Kitten was chosen because it sounds ridiculous to call someone a kittening kitten.
  9. Perhaps there are other requirements that you fulfilled but I didn’t
  10. i didn’t get that achievement. It does say succeed in subduing. (I haven’t done that story section yet) True Ending Succeed in subduing Soo-Won in Dragon's End before beginning "The Only One."
  11. Sometimes gemstore items don’t show up if you already own them. Do you have an alt account? If you do you can check if it’s visible on that account or ask a guild mate/friend in game if they can see them. If they can maybe they can gift them to you and you send them the equivalent amount of gold to repay them or money thru something like PayPal.
  12. I finally did one. i had a char on that map and logged in to a meta in progress so I gave it a try. I figured we would lose (and we did) because if I can get in at that stage, it’s not an organized event. it was a confusing mess. I was trying to see what was going on, avoid the many!! AOEs, read chat for player directions and pay attention to the NPCs giving directions, try to figure out the mechanics, and half the time I was completely lost. I guess it gets better if you do it multiple times but.. no rewards for spending an hour trying? That’s not an incentive. There’s jus
  13. I got the impression was Gayle Gray who pushed for new forum avatars. She no longer works for ANet and they don’t seem to have anyone who has the same job she did.
  14. That is incorrect. I went to the future and came back to tell you that GW2 will be bought by Blizzard, the game turned into a vertical gear progression game and there will be a portal in game where you can go between WoW and GW2, for a small fee.
  15. I like them also. The only thing I would change is to put one by each waypoint also.
  16. well, yes. But your previous post was about a level 10 who doesn’t have a Raptor, and the thread is about low levels, which is what i based my answer on.
  17. A player can get a Raptor at level two if they have PoF and have another player willing to run them through the first story instance of PoF. they party up and other player, who is level 80 and has PoF, starts the first story instance. They are transported to Pof and the level 80 does all the work, except at the end where the low level player needs to do the heart. Once that’s done the low level player can buy a Raptor from the heart merchant.
  18. Still working my way through the story and leveling the masteries available. I’ll probably get the turtle eventually but it’s not a mount I think I’ll use much, except maybe to race around Lions Arch on it.
  19. We can kill cats and kittens in this game? why wasn’t achievement points added for this and a progression system, maybe even a title for kitties killed?
  20. I like to use food such as Mango Pie that gives me 80 health per sec. It’s not a whole lot but sometimes that slight amount of continuous healing will make a difference in a fight. In addition different NPCs sell bundles that can be used. For example you can buy rocks that causes knock down and 200 Defiance Bar damage and in some story fights I’ll use a summonable Fire Elemental for extra damage.
  21. That’s a very kind offer. Here’s hoping for many wins for you and your groups.
  22. I salvaged festival food, specifically Scoop of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream as I had a whole stack of that and it was free from opening containers.
  23. Who is he clearing it with? Is he doing it with a random assortment of players, both vets and new and some who aren’t paying attention to instructions or is he doing it with a group that follow him around and probably have the best gear and builds?
  24. If you don’t want to close the game, why not minimize it so that it will still be there, just not visible until you max size it again. That way you won’t be seeing the character screen unless you want to play.
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