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  1. Mobility is a definitely one of the biggest factors to bring balance to the game it seems. I remember one of the earliest GW2 videos I watched back in 2012, where dodging and telegraphing of attacks and AOE attacks etc., attacks had weight and they required being smart in using your dodge. Now many classes seem to have so much mobility, and some have excess mobility, it feels like you are playing a game of pinball.
  2. Yeah that is primarily my goal with something like this! My main goal is really focused on skill balance players (newbies and veterans) , role/class balance in group matches and finally balance between classes.
  3. Great post! Well thought out! Yeah and this is just a VERY rough idea, we could iron it out more over time. I am thinking back to the days when I played Magic the Gathering, in tournaments they allowed you to have some swabble cards on the side to, in order to tweak your deck, you could have customizable, swappable slots and skills. But kind of in the same way in Magic tournaments, certain cards where not usable because they were just too powerful or they just limited the cards to 2 in a deck, you couldn't have the full 4. Something like that. But yeah good ideas!
  4. Yeah that sounds reasonable. I think the idea being they are pre-made, so balanced against others, but you can have a few options for a support, attack etc.
  5. You know mobility creep is a very interesting way of putting it. Never thought about it that way. I remember way back in 2012/2013, when they introduced the game, it felt like movement was much slower in general. It felt like dodging and endurance had a much bigger impact, because dodging was the way to mitigate an attack or get out of the way of an AOE. But when you look at the mobility now it is through the roof. People jumping all over the place.
  6. No that is a completely fair point! Just throwing it out there. Maybe as someone else mentioned above, could even be a certain mode of SPvP, not completely replace it per say.
  7. I have been looking through class builds, traits, skills and metas. And I got to thinking. It would be a decent challenge to balance all those traits, skills etc. What would you think about in terms of pre-made normalized classes? In the same way SPvP has equipment attributes that are pre-made and pre-determined. What about classes that would be pre-made and structured in certain ways? As long as they were balanced against each other, what would you think about that? It might even help with something like matchmaking too, to make sure there are equal skills and mak
  8. Stealth has been messed up for a long time in Guild Wars 2. It is one of those all reward no risk skills. When you compare it to stealth in other games like Team Fortress 2 and the Spy. That game is high risk high reward stealth. We can only hope someday GW2 gets a good PvP team willing to take risks and make big changes to skills so we can at least test them, and not just add +1 second to this skill, or +2 second to this other skill.
  9. Actual significant PVP balance adjustments. Not like +2 damage on this skill. Or added +1 second to this skill. But like we have completely reworked stealth, we have completely reworked the damage avoidance skills, we have completely reworked the damage over time or burst skills. We want you to test these skills and give us feedback.
  10. Honestly, I would like to see an involved developer, that would be my New Years wish for 2022. I know they said WvW is going to get some love with the new expansion, but we need developers that will be willing to try new things and be bold about it. Instead of making these little small tweaks here and there, get involved with the community, make some big changes and get feedback.
  11. Yeah it is unfortunate, but WvW literally got a mea culpa recently too. I think it is in part due to leadership changing at the top. Colin, the original creator/developer of GW2 and GW1 has come back from Amazon studious to ArenaNet. I think they are realizing that WvW and PvP is a big draw for their game, one of the core tenants. Before that the focus was pure PvE. As someone else noted there were random, haphazard balances that amounted to just minor tweaks and no overhauls of systems. Which is honestly what we need, even if just for testing, massively overhaul condi, power, stealth et
  12. Yeah that what was my impression when I left three years ago. One can hope! I did see this post from their news after I did some searching and digging. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/studio-update-world-restructuring-and-the-future-of-world-vs-world/ Before we wrap up this section, we did want to mention that we understand how important profession balance is for World vs World gameplay. To address this, after the expansion releases, we’ll be dedicating design resources to overseeing profession balance for the Live game in a full-time capacity, supporting PvE, PvP, and WvW. T
  13. Good post! I think it gets to the core of the matter. I think the core of a good PvP game is always counterplay. There always need to be something adequate enough to counter something else. I see this as a common theme in really any discussion on this forum : counterplay for motion/movement, counterplay for stealth/reveal, counterplay for condition/condition removal, counterplay for burst damage/defense. I think if the balance team took that mindset into their discussions, it would help clear up many of the balance issues seen in PvP.
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