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  1. My question is, do weapon swapping sigils still work for Ele's based off swapping attunements? Or do they not work at all on characters like Elementalists or Engi's cause they have not secondary weapon set?
  2. I have also tried scourge, but I personally hate the playstyle so I didn't stay but maybe a hour on it. Condi P/P Scrapper looks like fun, but I have no idea if its still viable.
  3. I've recently exhausted myself making several different builds for power and support/healing capabilities. I've found a lot of interesting synergies with different types of builds and I was curious as to what the condition damage side of spectrum can offer. The only real condi-build I've tried is D/D condi-tempest, which I think has a lot of fun synergies and huge condi bomb potential with the Earth 5. The only down side is the obvious fact that you have to in extremely close range the pull off the necessary condition dps. So my question is, is there a fun ranged condi spec? Or a more valued
  4. @Itz Jay.8941 Oh yeah I know all about druid, I have one but I never play him. I tried him out for one day, instantly hated the playstyle. But that's good to know though, maybe one day ill give the druid another try.
  5. @shadowpass.4236 Knockback? Unless your talking about one of the Air moves, the healing tempest doesn't really have much CC bro. However, if people want to play bunker builds then it should be there prerogative and they should have the ability to do so. Its not an unstoppable build, I have gotten killed plenty of times. Its not Meta by any means, but its fun. Fun is the core mechanic of the game = shouldn't everyone be facilitated to? Not just DPS or Tanks? I not here to argue, I just cant see why a gaming company would limit there player base like that. Besides, a whole 5 man team like that w
  6. @Alatar.7364 Listen bud, brother. Why would having a healer bunker be a bad thing? I would love to see a healing meta in PVP, maybe I would play it more often. It just seems incredibly unfair that I cant play exactly what I want to play. That's all I'm saying. PVP is suppose to be about making friends, kicking ass and having a good time. I love that everyone has a good time doing that, but I don't. Its not that I'm bad, cause I'm not or anything to do with skill. This is just a facet of the game that I want to enjoy with the build I have grown to love and have taken lots of hours to build. Hea
  7. So I have this awesome healing build (in my opinion) for my tempest, its worked great in raids, fractals, wvw and pve. So, like anyone, I wanted to try it out in pvp. However, there is no option for minstrel stats or benevolence sigils/transference sigils. Why isn't that an option? All the sigils that are supplied are very lack luster and wouldn't help me out my build at all. So is healing not a thing in PVP or have the dev's just forgot about those certain stat's? I'm just confused. I realize I could run Magi, but I wanted more sustain and toughness from Minstrels. I guess I'm just not going
  8. @Itz Jay.8941 hmmm harrier you say? I guess I didn't even think about that. Right now I have a mix of minstrels and magi. So far the toughness is great and the heals are really good as well. I guess I'm just trying to see if there is anything better than benevolence sigils that could further help my healing output. I'm not really much for stacking, it takes too long in my opinion.
  9. I have seen a few online guides about how to make specific stat back pieces, but how would I make or get an ascended back piece with Magi stat's?
  10. So currently I'm running a mix of minstrels ascended gear with monk runes and full magi exotic trinkets etc. My question is, what is the superior sigil that will statistically give you more heals? As a tempest healer my healing power only hovers around 1450 to 1480, is there anyway to increase that further or have a reach the limit to what healing power can do? Any suggestions from my fellow healers out there?
  11. I know you use to be able to farm them by doing the beginning story over and over, but if I'm not mistaken they nerfed it so you could only do it once a week or something like that. Is buying them really the only (efficient) way?
  12. I know you can make a legendary the long way, I was curious if you could ever get a legendary in a drop from killing a high level monster, completing some hard challenge or anything else. I don't have the time to get map complete or gather all the redundant materials need to make one. Is there any other way? Is grinding really the only way other than buying one with real money?
  13. Also, is it even worth it to do the higher level fractals? The higher I go towards level 42 fractals it seems the less loot I actually get.
  14. I've started getting back into fractals again and I cant seem to figure out how to raise my level. I cant change the scale past 42, which is my current level or join a party that is higher. It seems like 42 is just my wall and I cant seem to get past it. Its not my AR, cause I have 72 AR. So what could it be? it doesn't explain it very well.
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