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  1. The problem with mai is the phase at 25%. Those elite enemies in t4 are no joke. Add sugar rush to the elite assassin and sniper, more incoming damage instabilities and you get rekt. The phases before are not the issue. Playing condi btw since power is no option. Lets see when they give a preview of the patch.
  2. P.S.: other notable mentions from my duo fractal times (and where i log to nec nowadays, especially to survive and pull my weight😞 - sirens reef: impossible to survive as war, so much damage and stuns and the amount of conditions is insane. - volcanic: your primal sword f1 and longbow f1 dont work against the shaman shield to reduce stacks for some reason. You get smashed by the elementals also. - underwater: there is no way to do reasonable condi dmg as war. Random conditions instability will kill you hard - deepstone: just because of the end boss (fun fact: I actually use
  3. Everytime I duo fractals with my friend and we end up with mai trin as daily, I immediately reroll to necro for deathmagic. I tried warrior multiple times, even with defense. You are just feeding and bring no useful utility like pulls and projectile hate. Defense doesnt just need protection, it also needs reasonable defense against conditions. That meme way to get resolution isnt worth mentioning. On necro I run death magic mid, up, mid with like two minions skills. That way i have: - 400 to 600 toughness permanently - perma protection - endless condi transfer - i
  4. I like how you put warrior in general in almost every aspect. Feels bad.
  5. Thats assuming people will roll warrior in the first place instead of all the fancy eye candy the other classes bring.
  6. Pve Top: might and fury Mid: rage and healing (for laziness) Bottom: dolyak and stamina, there is just no room for them
  7. Dont forget the most important. Your grandmaster trait furious. If you dont crit, you dont get any stacks.
  8. Diehard condi zerker here. I dont even want more damage. All those other classes can get as much dps as they want. What I want are freaking QoL features. Where is my manual exit? Where are my core bursts (T1 only)? Where is the refresh of quickness on burst of aggression? King of Fire? King of memes maybe. Whats with the physical damage on detonating the fire aura? Give us something else instead. Arms grandmaster trait is tied to critting a million times. Why? Burning by default on longbow too strong? Ok then.
  9. Same actually. I saw the trailer and was instantly dissapointed because I knew right there that it will be just a dps spec. And then I noticed that you cant move in F2 without loosing everything. And I logged out.
  10. Well as long as people praise bladesworn for this exact abuse (high sustain with still high damage because no investments needed), we probably wont see that many impactful changes. I mean just check youtube. For one person who dislikes it, you have at least two/three people who defend it.
  11. Well to be fair it was like 90% nerfs. That indirectly buffs warrior duh. Not like it matters I guess.
  12. Actually there were eclipsed by eles and assassins for tanking. Shadow form was just op, the small warrior with extra health had to suffer from all the hexes if he didnt run obsidian flesh. And compared to shroud of distress and mirage clock/mystic regen, your sustain was actually trash (plus your low energy regen). For Spike damage yes, 100b warriors were completely outclassed by dervish. Its not even funny how strong VoS dervishes were.
  13. Good old tank warrior in gw1. Well before obsidian flesh and shadow form completely dominated everything. God I miss those endgame dungeons... I spent an unhealthy amount of time in FoW. No regrets.
  14. Saying that it needed skill to skip boss attacks with your mantra is a huge insult. Its an instant cast mash skill. Whats there to time? Whats so "hard"? Look at chrono needing to time their signet cast so the group has aegis but more importantly you also have distort yourself. Not the biggest skill req I know, but people struggle with that. Then we also had the glory distort share days when you had the lesser SoI after you cast a phanatasma.
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