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  1. Just because you say NO loud enough does not make it true. Your posts are reaching troll status. Please offer some additional discussion besides screaming no all the time.
  2. I would question why you feel the need to attack strangers on a forum though, this is about guild wars so try to keep it on topic. The JP is badly designed, not everyone can get around it nor do they want to cheat their way through it via mesmers or other means. It will be unlikely they will remove it from the meta for this but people are allowed to voice their discontent and should not be mocked for it. If you completed the JP then kudos, move on. Why are you here to mock others?
  3. I left a comment as I am allowed to like everyone, nothing in it was a rage despite your attempt to paint it as one. You just dislike what I wrote. Well tough luck is all I can say. You are just going to having to agree to disagree.
  4. There is a difference between dodging and not engaging. You are currently raging and I don't see the point to engage when you have nothing valid to add to the conversation. You seem to want to take, take, take. Not something I am interested in.
  5. Just because I disagree with your arrogance doesn't make me a hypocrite but nice try. Who is pretending? It IS wrong to mock the disabled and a few people here need to be better people. Then you misunderstood my post entirely.
  6. Also, you seem to equate disagreeing with you as entitlement. I worked for every copper I made in the game. I also never said anything about all of the content, that was you.
  7. Just your opinion man. I said it is shameful to mock the disabled but if you are totally ok with doing that well that's on you, isn't it?
  8. Some of the people here should be ashamed of their comments, we are a better community than this. This game is ultra-casual 95% of the time so much so that you can autoattack metas and bosses. The second people make VALID points about that 5% being far too difficult when compared to everything else in the game it seems like an invite for some of you to attack others. Shame on you. But the point of of this topic is not that the JP is hard at all, it's that it is poorly designed (which it is), there is too many 1-pixel slips that can kill you, checkpoints are poorly labelled, if you miss a check
  9. A revamp of the LFG tool would be really nice, I would love to see a squish on all those tabs. Instead of several listing for each map, just have 1 tab for LW2 for example. How to know which map they are on though? Add the location of party leader to the right-side pane so now we can see location, party members/classes and text all in place without having to click through tons of empty tabs. If you were to add any other tabs I would highly recommend a "services" tab, I hate trying to set up for a raid group and just see the tab spammed with raid-sellers. Nothing against them but they should be
  10. Also, would it kill for an update to which squad we want? How many times do we press the squad button only for it to be the wrong size? To create a squad it takes 2 clicks unless it is wrong then it takes several more. Adding a choice of the squad as per image provided would be a really great QoL update and should not be too difficult to implement. Here's hoping! https://imgur.com/a/7Yz9Htm
  11. Oh god yes on the mouse cursor, it's so tiny and we are constantly trying to find it. So much for accessibility. On new character select screen I am hoping they change it with Cantha because I imagine whatever they choose there will be the last time they look at it. This is a post from nearly 2 years ago asking for the same thing.
  12. Whenever we get a new skin we may not always have a free character or weapon to add it to when we get it so we have to either save it for later (taking up inventory space) or trash it (wasting a transmute charge later if you do want it). Sometimes the rewards we get from content is not actual weapons but skins alone and they all add up eventually. If they were weapons/armor then at least we could salvage and the trade off is a few materials but with skins, nothing. I was thinking as a QoL upgrade you could add an option to skins to either convert them into a transmute charge or add it to the w
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