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  1. Pretty much this. Teapot screams like a youtuber aimed at kids most of the time which is very grating. Not only that but he openly talks about exploiting the game and yet Anet does not use this information in any way. He is proud of how much he can exploit the game and screw the economy of it, not his problem. Mukluk o nthe other hand always does videos to help players. His videos are centred around makign the game better, not how much players can break it. Plus he is way more chill too, nice to listen to.
  2. No they would be 1-time achievements that are then locked out for everyone else. Living World S1 only took about 10 years to reverse. Awful idea.
  3. I hate it. I don't even like waiting the 2 hours for dragons end. Why would anyone suggest content and achievements be locked out for several real life days at a time. Maybe you didn't suggest that but it would be inevitable. Perhaps you would change your mind after doing dusk/dawn fishing?
  4. HoT: we at Anet hate you and want to punish you. PoF: bro, check out mounts, don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain. EoD: omg stop asking about Cantha, now let us do something else.
  5. You have to look up to see the difference 😛 Some sigils do more damage at time of day, some weapons change shape at time. All of that would be on the wiki though if you want more detail.
  6. This or even an additional infinity symbol on them so it is easier to spot at a glance.
  7. With any luck, legislation will be enforced on predatory loot box mechanics sooner rather than later. It's on the way, just not fast enough.
  8. If you as a player didn't know yet, you can use /time in game to see Tyrian time, some maps have time frozen but you can find all that info on the wiki. My question is this; when will we see Canthan time added? At the very least it should be available in Cantha or it's own emote /Ctime or something. Knowing Tyrian time in Cantha is not super useful. That's it, that's the conversation.
  9. This is actually a great idea. Many game launchers have notifications like this, it really helps but I have never seen Anet do this, their communication is god awful.
  10. On that sarcastic note how about increase value of everything in the game by making every item account-bound. Let's cease all trading because players are too lazy these days. If you didn't earn it yourself then you don't deserve it. Extreme scenarios are dumb.
  11. Can we get some KP here? What is their Kompletion Proofs? If they don't have at least 1500 bug fixes, can you use an internal LFG tool for finding other engineers? Which reminds me; what spec are they running because Spellbreakers seem better suited to the task.
  12. And this is a game where turtles (who look like tortoises) can wear cannons and fly. I think we can let realism away with this one.
  13. Real turtles swim in the ocean and don't weigh 20,000kg so I would gather a juvenile is much lighter. Besides it doesn't have to make sense.
  14. True but they already put the mounted siege 'tortoise' underwater so they would have to remove that to be consistent in the opposite direction.
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