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  1. To add, it is not just per character but per character template. So you could have your ranger for example with a condi build using the amulet in one template and a power build with the amulet in the other. You can reuse the amulet on as many characters and templates as you wish. Enrichments will pop on and pop off with ease, you can use the same one on the same character but would need a different one on another character, the same as infusions or agony. It works exactly like every other legendary.
  2. Apparently the key to getting this to drop is to post on the forum. In less than 24 hours from my post I received the item from a bronze chest from 'on wings of gold' above Tarir (first adventure I did upon logging in). I still say there is an issue with the drop rates in this collection.
  3. I got my bandit one fine, after like 20 or minutes of killing mobs (reasonable) but I am waiting on the one from adventures which after several weeks of farming the gold chests, nothing. There must be overseen .33% instead of 33% which would be reasonable and in tune with the others in the collection. Bandit drop felt like it was about 3% to me.
  4. There are close to 300 staff skins in the game, some look better than others and we all have our unique tastes but I refuse to believe you can't find a shiny one to suit your style in all of those skins. Demanding that it needs to legendary as well is just utterly redundant.
  5. Been trying for the adventure melody for weeks, they really need to look at the drop rate of it, it has to be an oversight when the other parts drop almost first time.
  6. I don't think the legendary weapons have anything to do with you not liking staff skins so I am going to leave that out of my reply. It sounds like you want a staff recommendation, the game has close to 300 staff skins, can you really not find one you like? What do you mean by "actual battle staff" btw? Something with a spike on the end? A club? What? There are at least 2 skins with battlestaff in their name, what are you looking for?
  7. Personally love UW combat and I think GW2 has the best UW combat of most MMOs so they really should devote some resources to it or remove and refund underwater legendaries since they have no intention of ever expanding on it. I really hope they go with the first option and and more, UW meta would be enough, just something.
  8. I like a lot of the points this guy says. The untamed definitely improved but maybe not enough. We absolutely need a stronger visual effect for this unleashed mode and a nice looking one. Turn the health bar green? I hate that my regular attack/return keys are now the new keys... either switch them to be the old keys and new skills on the new F6/7 or as suggested merge both of the skills as one to remove the clunkiness. The hammer just doesn't feel like it packs a punch. when I attack with a foe it should sound like I'm hitting someone with a sock full of quarters, not just a we
  9. Lol my questions were rhetorical but thanks for providing the data. My point was that we see patterns but it does not mean there is some conspiracy theory about lucky accounts.
  10. As an aside, this Halloween I believe I got 1 weapon drop this year and for every other previous year I had had at least 10 drop each year without fail. Roughly the same amount of bags, ~5000+ so does this mean I am lucky/unlucky or does it mean they can review drop rates and change them whenever they like?
  11. I can understand why people believe these rumours, humans want to believe there is a system in place of just random luck, it's why conspiracy theories are so effective. With regards to GW2 though I can say that as a player who has been here since beta (and gw1), I have never had a precursor drop. I had quite a few from mystic toilet but no drops. That molten alliance jetpack, I farmed that event for several hours each day to get it and saw 2 others get it but not me. I play near daily and have yet to see a single 'drop' worth over 200g even with max luck. There is a theory tha
  12. I think the OP was way too aggressive in their post and responses but they do raise valid points. Defiance bar: For new players it really is confusing and learning through trial and error when the rest of the game is handheld makes it sort of unequal. Yes they can use the wiki but that takes time to rely on that. I did read somewhere that devs were planning to to make the image/text of cc within a tooltip blue to help make those skills stand out. It might have happened and I didn't notice though which brings me to my next point. For long time players, some still don't know how
  13. Agree with the OP, remove them. However for the sake of meeting in the middle for those who do like them could we at least improve them? Like - fine, leave it Dislike - seriously, just add this Laugh - I guess it is helpful to stop posts with 'lol' clogging up a thread Thanks - why is a trophy? Why not a heart and add an 'award' using the trophy emoji? Confuse - useless, abused by petty people like me who track down a users ever single post to make their posts look incomprehensible. If there are other emojis, I forgot them because really it's a lame system
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