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  1. Still broken as of 2022. Hopefully I won't have to keep posting until that number increments.
  2. No, I'm still using DX9 predominantly. This is an unrelated bug that's been in the game since launch. As far as I know, it happens after the player gets stunned. At this point I view it as a feature.
  3. Occasionally, when dying, NPCs remain frozen in their prior animation. Even if revived, they stay frozen in such state and continue to slide around without playing the respecting walking/running animations. This issue isn't specific to some NPCs, it can affect anyone. This issue has started happening even before the 2021-11-09 patch. I first noticed it on 2021-11-06, but since that day I've been spotting it every day, randomly happening to NPCs all across the world. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/154346111568445440/906331827529199656/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.co
  4. Until the November 9th patch, mouse cursors would change appropriately depending on what the mouse is hovering over: red-tinted cursor for enemies, green-tinted cursor for NPCs you cannot talk to, speech bubble cursor for NPCs you can talk to, gear cursor for interactible gadgets, etc. This functionality is now broken: red-tinted cursor is never used anymore, green-tinted and speech bubble/gear cursor only show up when the player is in range to interact with any NPC/gadget (emphasis on "any": it doesn't matter what object is the player hovering over, if [F] prompt is visible - the
  5. "Mechanist" training line in the Training tab is positioned between Scrapper and Holosmith for some reason, instead of being the last one in the list. Same issue affects the v2/professions API.
  6. Wells really really really need skill queuing support. Casting a multiple of them - you know, the thing that you'll be doing first and foremost if you're in alacrity provider role - feels awful right now: for a brief moment it looks like the consecutive well casts are queued, but as soon as the shadowstep happens - all queued wells are cancelled. Spamming wells requires a maximum of your attention, because it's way too easy to miss a couple if you expected the queue to work and it didn't. Coupled with the forced shadowstep, it's almost better to just click all the wells with a mouse, because t
  7. It... isn't press-and-hold... Like, at all... You press it once and go take a sip of tea.
  8. Ok, some actual feedback this time. Why oh why have you decided to swap the meaning of F* buttons around. Burst was always on F1! Why did you feel the need to change it? To arrange the buttons on the bar in the order they are supposed to be pressed? Core warrior has burst on F1. Berserker pre-rework had burst on F1, new profession skill on F2. Berserker post-rework has burst on F1, new profession skill on F1. Spellbreaker has burst on F1, new profession skill on F2. Bladesworn has burst on F2, new profession skill on F1. Why? All muscle memory goes
  9. Sheathe Gunsaber and Unsheathe Gunsaber have incorrect cooldowns in the tooltips: with Fast Hands trait it's displayed as 8.75s, when in reality it's 5s, which is correct. The "3 flashing buttons" visual overlay on the bottom bar when charging Dragon Trigger looks mispositioned, on all UI scale settings.
  10. Delete banners. Until you do that - it doesn't matter how many DPS specs you add to warrior, everyone will keep treating it as support and keep calling it by a very unsavory name, breeding further resentment towards the class. And the new spec's abbreviated name doesn't help matters in that regard either, quite the opposite, it sounds like a cruel joke on developers' part. And while you're at it - delete all unique buffs. All the empowered allies, ranger spirits, spotters, assassin's presences, pinpoint distributions, fractal augmentations and potions, and other powercreep that keeps
  11. Yes, for an ordinary player that isn't burdened by having too much gold in their wallet, 6 runes and 4 sigils are the numbers you should go after. Everything beyond that is just for underwater gear, for the most dedicated few.
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