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  1. Hello guys, I've Experience an unusual action that the game patch is broken, no idea if the problem with my pc or from Anet. So the thing is that when i open the game launcher, i click login and start game and then the game won't show anything and the screen freezes until i open the task manager and end task on gw2. Please if anyone still experiencing this bug please let me know . Thanks a lot !
  2. Today I faced also a bug, When i reached the underworld on aureen, kralkatorrik started to hit with tail. It asked to use (2) to activate the shield, so if i did or not kralkatorrik wont be able to hit so its the same , and it wont end, this is lasting forever. Waited 10 to 12 mins and still stuck on this stage. I tried to get out and relog also replay the story and still the same issue.
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