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  1. I'd also like to point out: I don't understand why the Devs went through so much pain to animated and model Primordus's face and upkittente Jormag's face and add hands to their body, only to have both of them spend a total of 15 mins on screen.
  2. Hi everyone. After being exposed to the disappointing finale of the Icebrood saga, I had actually sent in a support ticket to Anet discussing said disappointment. They actually got back to me in less than 30 mins stating that they believe that there is a 'rich discussion (amongst the Devs)' to be had regarding the finale, and that they themselves are aware of the disheartening ending. They encouraged me to make a pot on the forums. Here is the email: "Hello Arenanet, I have been an avid player of the game since 2012 and have been very inv
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