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  1. The forums are a mess because people burst on stage, claim they speak for the entire community, claim that this one change will break everything, and claim that they have the only viable solution. There are so many duplicate threads arguing the same issues to death, with the same “assertion as argument” approach, that nothing every really gets resolved.
  2. In some of the previous threads of this sort, this distinction is more clearly drawn: “Stealth is balanced, but not fun” versus “Stealth is overpowered, and therefore not fun”. If the question is about why Thieves are hated, your explanation is very persuasive. If the question is whether or not that should be the case… that’s another question perhaps.
  3. If you see it only from the non-Thief perspective, your opponent is invincible and can kill you whenever they choose, if they so choose. The evidence that this is not the case is that the meta is not Always-Thief.
  4. There are lots of things other professions can do to create that feeling, for example, Ranger Rapid Fire. Feeling powerless to change your situation is also how every beginner feels when thrown up against an opponent of vastly superior skill. For whatever reason, being frustrated by a Thief is an unacceptable design flaw, but being deleted almost instantly by another player beyond your attack range is a learn2play moment. 🤷🏻‍♂️ N.B., I don’t think Rapid Fire should be nerfed.
  5. Thief isn’t an easy way to win, it’s just an annoying way to not lose. There isn’t enough advantage to get people to reroll, and there is no immediate, easy to access to advantage by rerolling. Hate Guardians and Necros? You could call for nerfs, but easier to just make one. Hate Thieves? Well, easier to hope someone gets rid of them because why would you want to play that?
  6. Just to clarify: nobody is “mad” or “offended”, they just wish you’d put a hold on toxic gatekeeping and constructively contribute. And no, it’s not because they don’t meet your imagined requirements, it’s because trying to kick people out of a conversation doesn’t add anything of value. High sPvP rank doesn’t necessarily translate into being a helpful contributor to game design. If you’re proving anything, it’s that.
  7. Clearly the minimum requirement for an opinion here is access to a keyboard, and little else. I agree with you, that requirement is proving exceptionally low.
  8. While players should not be forced into content they’d rather not play, it’s okay for the game to encourage a little cross-mode exploration. This exploration should be rewarded, but that means that if you absolutely hate leaving your mode, you won’t have access to every reward. Which is fine.
  9. You sound reasonable and experienced. You’ve convinced me.
  10. All good questions! I hope they’ve thought of this and we don’t just have a lot of traits invalidated, reducing our options.
  11. This is a suggestion box, not the Moscow–Washington hotline.
  12. I have, and I don’t. Your move. Pro tip: “all” doesn’t mean what you think it means.
  13. Do you work in an industry where rigour is unimportant?
  14. To be clear, my point wasn’t that players can’t contribute to design, it’s that we should realise the limits of those contributions. Presumably, the devs have more experience on the design/development side of this game, but we can certainly help them with our perspective of how that works out in practice. In my opinion, reporting bugs, experiences (good/bad), strange interactions, are more useful than trying to do armchair software design. Can we try to act like junior partners in a complex collective project rather than arrogant, unsolicited consultants?
  15. Maybe my point is pedantic, and we’re both heading in the same direction, but I suppose my issue is that we stand a better chance of getting what we want if we’re systematic about it. Devs are building a complex system, and so if we’re going to help them, we need to first gather data about how our part of the system works before we start tinkering with the whole thing. Hopefully your post encourages people to poke and prod the spec in ways that will contribute to making it better.
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