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  1. Friendly reminder most of us (including many who stopped playing) enjoyed the game far more before the Feb. patch that nerfed everything in WvW and PvP. All it accomplished was making the game slow, unrewarding, and much less fun. If you want to keep GW2 alive beyond EoD's honeymoon phase, I think reverting it entirely would go a long way, and be an easy fix. Celestial stat also needs to be reverted, since it's obviously OP when it's useful, but that's another issue all together. Cheers.
  2. Why do you feel this is true when the enemy is under the same stability constraints as you? Of course they may opt to use 2 or more FBs per party to ensure they have stability uptime when you do not, but that obviously comes with a cost as you pointed out. I'm suggesting you can't run a solo guard and stack range damage in an attempt to pirate ship, by creating a range bomb strong enough people can't survive a push into melee range. It doesn't work well atm, and nerfs to CoR, an already buggy skill, and drop the hammer will further reduce revs ranged damage. Anet did say they were going to
  3. Would like to address here at-length what I believe to be a catastrophic balancing mistake in regards to stability access via firebrand. Not saying this because I don’t like the class. I've played it in gvg, open field, and small scale support roles extensively; it will always be one of my favorite classes. WvW team-based combat relies on constant stability to function. However, the current proposed patch notes mandate two firebrands per-party in WvW, which is class stacking, and will also force Tempest out of meta. Allow me to explain (using a meta boon duration of 62% w/ food). Specifica
  4. So sad to see WvW walked off the plank because of some ill-conceived notions of what balance should look like. After all the feedback that you STILL intend to ship this patch tells us you DON'T care about player feedback or intend to keep the game mode alive in a meaningful way. People have lost like all trust in you as a developer, and there is NO coming back from any egregious mistakes that drive people away. The only good choice is to just throw out this patch and make reasonable small changes like you've done before. You are LITERALLY taking what fun we have left in WvW and are throwin
  5. I'll get right to the elephant in the room, after reading...yea, everything lol; speaking mostly to wvw here. The changes towards how things work like warrior rifle seem great, but the damage nerfs are way, and I mean WAY too heavy handed. You'd be better off throwing out all these coefficients and just scaling back existing ones by something like 15% to start. The current frustration mostly revolves around people getting essentially one-shot. There is no point in stacking excess support because all the support in the game won't save you from dieing to focused damage. You also force everyone o
  6. I am not sure what is the “buff.” signet of mercy was better with healing power. What Anet said is flat out false. Only FB dishes much boons (other guardian options do not), and is much better served with healing power over concentration. In any case, it does not matter, signet of mercy only role is the instant revival. Lost the 10% revive speed for the equivalent of nothing. And the only interesting change, courageous return, is only 1 sec in PvP (basically useless), and valor is not used by FB anyway, and DH and core are pretty dead in PvP. Overall, insignificant, but surely more of a nerf.
  7. Not sure where to begin, if I was to address what is wrong with this patch it'd take post upon post of walls of text. From class-breaking changes like removing cripple on manifest sand shade, to changes like 1s stab on elixir U rendering a utility useless, to removing fall dmg traits providing quirky and unique gameplay, the best thing to do is not ship this patch until it makes reasonable sense.
  8. It's really sad to see so many vet / tryhard players go and it's not going to get better until changes are made to the game mode to remedy it. Read: changes, not empty promises or Soon™. Do something. Yesterday.
  9. Actually a friend of mine had a great idea. Just remove the target cap buff from Sand Savant. You fix the problem with 10 target shades. Scourge balanced, without having to change background code for target cap sharing among different aoes.
  10. Would be nice if stacking scourges isn't a thing (this patch is a scourge buff), and firebrands (it's a fb buff too). And as always, nerfing fb won't fix anything but make the class eventually unplayable. You need to bring other supports up to being viable. And as long as scourge can have 10 target shades. We're gonna keep stacking them. This has been it. For two years.
  11. The guard changes still are bad.Makes fb less survivable (doesn't need to be nerfed lol).Changing SYG stacks does nothing but hurt small scale.Courage w/o aegis on ch2 will make surviving while in tome way too hard for small scale.Also scourge shade, is not good to remove shade from the scourge even momentarily.You are better off not touching that yet if you can't change target cap to 5 with function as-is, and dropping target cap later if you can find a way to code it. tl;dr, drop all the guard changes, drop the shade change for now, drop mesmer changes besides CI, consider reverting Fgyro an
  12. Ret is a self-sustain traitline, whereas Salvation is group-support, so that wouldn't make much sense. Also rev does way more damage than a guard or warrior in a zerg, generally speaking. I can't think of a use-case where a damage rev would use ret, because it's outside the purview of it's role.
  13. Some thoughts on how you can make other supports viable. Druid; Larger CA AoE, prot/vigor/regen application. Make seeds cleanse more condis, larger aoe. CA5 party stab, and elite glpyh aoe stab outside CA, personal stab inside CA. Staff needs wider aoe on auto. Revenant; Tablet needs much larger aoe for how clunky it is. Make the effect like wash the pain away, with less healing farther away. 240 radius large, 360 medium, 600 radius small heal. Same for cleanses on it. Give aoe stab on blowing up the tablet (ventari elite). Tablet movement aoe prot, vigor, regen. Tempest; AoE stab o
  14. This balance is really quite simple, it's a scourge and firebrand buff. You need to understand, while most of the scourge changes are good (cutting back some of the boon corrupt and a small amount of dmg)The major problem resides in a 10 target cap. Target cap being 10 instead of 5 only affects WvW, because pve (should) only use demonic lore, and there are only 5 on a team in pvp.Making scourge shades limit to 5 targets total would resolve the everlasting scourge problem (too much boon corrupt + damage). You also seem to want to nerf firebrand survivability in small scale fights (removing aegi
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