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  1. This. In the end, it doesn’t matter. I figured out quick, thank you ignore feature, who was confuse-spamming me for the longest. Far from annoying, I found it amusing and telling. Either way, life is too short to sweat nonsense over an Internet forum. In the military, we have a saying. “If you’re not three-effing me, I don’t care what you think,.” or words to that effect. The three ‘Fs’ are finance, feed, and I’ll let everyone figure out the last one. It might help to apply that philosophy to your forum browsing. 😊
  2. I’m at a two. The last storyline fizzled, and I’m not interested in finishing it. So much so, I’m playing something else. The End of Dragons trailer lacks excitement, and the new specialization(s) look terrible. My humble opinion, of course, but I’ll end up buying it to see how this ends. But I’m not hyped. Edit: Yeah, I'm not buying it. Decided to play something else, instead. Might come back one day.
  3. I’ll buy it, but I’m not excited enough over the expansion to pre-order. The last episodes in Drizzlewood Coast soured my opinion on Guild Wars 2. Massive amounts of grinds to gain achievements aren’t fun.
  4. From my experiences, housing kills communities because everyone goes to their house instead of a central hub (city) of sorts. While I’m not opposed to housing, as far as trophies and displays I love, I can understand the hesitation to add it for the reasons I stated. Still, they added fishing, so you never know.
  5. Must agree with the OP. Hopefully, we'll be surprised with the actual game. But I'm not holding my breath after The Icebrood Saga.
  6. I just wanted to post in this epic thread before it gets nuked.
  7. First impressions are everything. And so far? End of Dragons isn't impressive in my humble opinion. My apologies, but our opinions don't wait.
  8. Well, it's not Blizzard Entertainment if that's any consolation. 😉 Edit: https://www.glassdoor.ca/Overview/Working-at-ArenaNet-EI_IE255820.11,19.htm Seems positive, overall.
  9. On a side note, I find it hard to believe spamming guild invites to random strangers across multiple maps incites confidence in your guild, but I'm sure that's another topic. Oh, and welcome to the forums. 😉
  10. Yeah, I'm having a similar experience trying to play another MMO too. Like night and day.
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