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  1. Yes please ,revert the change you did to Deflecting Shot and adjust the dmg to Smite Condition . I'm ok if LB3 does 0 dmg but rn it's impossible hit people with .
  2. the hardest hard CC to land is DH lb3 since it's a ground targeting skill. You have to foresee where the target moves and most of the time fails ( vs bigbrain players). not to mention they are gonna decrease the projectile speed : pepelaugh:
  3. Things to nerf: Lightining Rod : reduce the dmg.Things not to nerf:Deflecting Shot : it's ok if you decrease the power coefficient to 0.01 but don't slow down the projectile. It's already hard to hit moving targets without you making it slowerMirage Cloak: I would have reworked IH and vigor uptime instead of destroying the spec
  4. Agreed. While the reasoning behind their attempted changes are 'cute', the skill itself will be completely out of competitive viability until it's reverted or changed further in the unforeseeable future. DH's bow damage is low as it stands, and their missile speed is, correct me if I'm wrong, lower than ranger's longbow. With all of their skills more telegraphed than any of warrior's, how on earth are they supposed to deal damage outside trap cheese? None of the traits will be able to save this clunky mess. Not only the projectile speed, but also the AA deal less dmg.
  5. I think this is taking the skill into the wrong direction. It's supposed to use conditions as a trigger for doing decent damage, hence Smite condition. You are gutting the damage and buffing the cleansing which goes against what this skill was meant to be. Now it's just another removal. still, a low cd OnDemand heal .They also forgot about Lightining Rod builds
  6. you still have the broken Sage amulet, and Mirage is gonna be trash from now on, so you can rest assured. Watch out for oneshot thieves tho
  7. Permastealth left untouched, the rest sound promising, but I'd like to see warrior axe 3 nerfed too
  8. How about we stop the powercreep and instead of buffing the underperformers, we nerf the overperformer to bring them in line?Your way of balancing brought us into this powercrept state of a game. Edit: Warrior 0 effort self sustain Warrior has to hit f burst skills to get sustain, be it adrenal health (defense traitline isnt even meta anymore) or magebane tether/mmr If you avoid getting hit or break the tether you deny the warrior most of his sustain in the current metabuild. Since you have to dodge almost everything, ofc they land their f1. Also the might stacks don't come from bursts skil
  9. Something that's also pretty overtuned is mantra mesmer being able to instantly oneshot from stealth on a short interval with zero tells. Just reduce the spamability and make it Mantra of Distraction alike
  10. you forgot about DE being able to do 16k backstab permastealth due SA and CS
  11. You people really dare to compare warrior to core guard?? Such a crap load of pepegas
  12. As I understand it that is an example Cal used directly. That Bull's Charge having its damage trimmed off doesn't actually hurt what the skill itself is used for; which is to say that Warrior's use it for the Evade, gap close, and the CC. Removing its damage won't hinder its effectiveness so long as other similar CC skills get the same treatment which is the broader intention. That's fine. At least I won't be getting over a third of my health removed just from getting hit with it. Totally fine with giving that damage up if that metric is applied across the board.I think every CC should be li
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