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  1. Congratz all! There have been fishing updates! Thank you to everyone who commented!
  2. Glad that this thread is still going! I finished my Ascalonian, but the Branded Eel took me an additional 4 night cycles after my Musk catch. I wish they fully released the loot tables, and made FP better impact the rarity of fish, instead of just the ease in catching. You shouldn't be catching White level fish at 925 FP, during your dusk/dawn cycle, on top of fighting random mobs to keep the skiff alive! Great points all.
  3. Imagine the fact that you need 1 for strange diet, plus collectionist in me needs to keep one, but my Avid collection remains uncomplete.
  4. 12 x 21 cycles is what it took, and you need the skiff for the fishing party buff + getting to nodes faster
  5. I was getting 12 total fish on a good cycle, but that was assuming the nodes were easy to get to in that 5 minutes and that my boat wasn't getting hit. The skiff buff giving you 10 seconds to kill a mob or two is not generous enough and is it's own problem.
  6. They should have a table just for Dusk/Dawn fish during those times, from trash up to the legendary tier.
  7. I have spent at least 20 dusk/dawn cycles in the last 5 days sitting in Iron Marches for the Ascalonian Fisher. Not even the Avid yet. I've used roughly 1k lures and the same in bait, and have yet to drop Muskellunge. After 6 consecutive hours in Iron Marches, I sent a ticket in and an in-game bug report. First response: "We ask that, when possible, you reattempt to catch the Muskellunge again. If after attempting to catch the fish again and you still are unable to catch it, we then ask that you submit an in-game bug report." Two hours later, still waiting for my 5 minute chance. In
  8. For A Blooming Errand, the first flower in Snowden you have to do the story, the event never spawned. For Lunt, you have to let the fire event FAIL, and then do the follow up. It took ages to spawn though. The yellow flower in open world was the easiest, it's by the water of the POI. Toxicologist Yon, after 2 days of map and IP swapping, is stuck in the Hollow Caves. Either in the caves or simply doesn't spawn. Sat in the map with a few people swapping IP, and we had 108, 184, 70, 148, 109, 231, 35, and 149 that we swapped with and nothing happened.
  9. I cannot play a single meta anywhere in the game without getting frozen and dc'd. I can't do Drakkar, Octo, or even Matriarch. It's anywhere in the game where you get a ton of players, and it just freezes, disconnects, and I load back in to 0 loot. I'm not using the Dx11, I don't have arc or anything else running. I haven't had so many issues with just playing the game anymore. It's not a wifi issue, it's not a computer issue, it's a GW2 only issue. And it burns me out waiting hours for metas, sometimes leading a late Drakkar, and missing out on loot. I can't go to raids, because of the risk o
  10. You're lucky to get a response. I don't know how it went a full year without being fixed though. We were hoping with the Return it would have been noticed before launch.
  11. New update from me - I recorded about 8 different bounties I took part in since Noon EST. Simoom, Suneh, and Lady. None of them count, I just did one NOW, 4 hours after the Return. It's the only achiev I need, and I doubt I will ever get it.
  12. Even bronze -> gold won't count, did Suneh x5 and nothing. Also, ambushes as a cool tactic, but make this so much harder.
  13. Did a ton of these today running a tag, nobody got anything completed. Very frustrating.
  14. There is the exact same issue in Flashpoint, in the Heart of the Volcano mission. Has the first voice line, but Scruffy falls the second you have the first line, and then Taimi doesn't continue. My issue is only when you try to bring a party to the missions, otherwise solo it does work. https://imgur.com/a/AYb4tU3 With the upcoming release of these two episodes again, I really hope it's fixed because my friends and I really look forward to running through these together.
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