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  1. We pay for access to a game someone else owns. They can change whatever the kitten they want πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I do not personally care what a robot looks like in this game. For those of you that are truly bothered by it, feel free to find a picture of the original online and go stare at it... Stop wasting our time on the forums with a non issue...
  2. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Um, why discuss this at all??? This game was specifically created as a non-subscription based game. IT WILL NOT CHANGE. Someone provided the answer already. Now buy gems monthly, get over it and start posting interesting topics πŸ˜’
  3. I kinda wish that the variants were just a straight gold charge at a vendor πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Not a fan of the current implementation. I won't judge the actual cost for a few more months. This content is too new right now.
  4. The announcement said an expansion is required for the non-trial version of the raptor. Heroic edition is just the base game so it makes sense that it doesn't get expansion content πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  5. Trolling in this game is weak compared to many other games I've played. I don't agree with the behavior but it is so easy to not feed the trolls in this game as the worst they can accomplish is minor inconveniences. Report them if possible but otherwise just ignore them. Seriously, don't let it ruin your session.
  6. At least we can salvage stacks now. Research notes remain a clunky system though.
  7. I would prefer it if other player's summons were ghostly to me. Almost invisible in fact. This would help with the visual clutter while still allowing me to see how many players are around. Other games have done this and it works nicely. I don't know how it affects fps though.
  8. Which is fine. Polishing existing content is a valid and worthy use of development resources.
  9. Wow, I cannot agree that there is even an issue here. Everyone who spends money on anything has the burden of understanding what they are buying. If you skip the step of researching your purchase you assume the risk of not getting exactly what you wanted. It has NEVER been the burden of businesses to research for you. Scams are a completely different concept that don't apply to this situation.
  10. Backpacks were not always dyable and now that they are, they didn't update the old ones.
  11. I run WvW with my 9 and 7 year old. We should remain hidden lol.
  12. I am still a banner warrior. I switched to Spirit Banner and Banner of Heroes!
  13. I really want a sword/sheild warrior and sometimes I run it anyway. Thankfully I have a jade bot to res me now when I do...
  14. My gunflame build is still somewhat viable in PvE. Even I am forced to admit, however, I prefer other classes for range now *dismounts horse, takes off white armor and drops his now useless banner* Not gonna white knight this one lol.
  15. I don't think the game needs more conditions right now. I like the idea but I'd rather see some buffs to my warrior before a new condition is added, unless said condition buffs my warrior. Deep wound could do that I suppose.
  16. I like that better than the joke I made in the other thread. You sir, are hilarious!
  17. A human, char and a norn walk into a bar. Hahahahahaha, get it? Cause that's all that banners are now.... I'll see myself out
  18. This is very true. I didn't buy this item precisely because I have to log in daily to get the full benefit. That wasn't worth the cost to me.
  19. Ah, the long road. We are instant gratification types. Are we really surprised businesses capitalize on this? Several have said it above, speak with your wallets and companies will listen. Give a perfect argument on a forum and.... well, here we are 😬
  20. Honestly I just want the items that are black lion key only to also be gem store purchases. I've missed some that I would have paid for. I only farm keys in game. I mean mystery toys exist and that is a bigger issue frankly than a loot box that doesn't require cash to obtain.
  21. The system is almost where it should be. You can already get BL keys by just playing the game and converting gold. Paying real world currency is a personal choice that should remain in place. The only change that still needs to happen is that EVERTHING in the boxes should be available for direct purchase in the store. These boxes are almost completely optional for acquiring stuff you want. They should be completely optional. The rng exclusive items are the only real issue left and they are few.
  22. I can account for one of them. I carry its skull on my back!
  23. True. I've changed my mind. Ambient creatures should all get downed state!
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