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  1. I'm not sure how, but some time after the summer - it seems that this stopped happening. I had about only ~15 mastery points for a long time and increased them during the winter. Some for the raptor, some for fractals and glider. Seems it stopped when maybe I got above 10 points. I haven't done any story or living world stuff at all. Now I've got 32 with all fractals maxed and some in the legendary crafting (2/4) and pact commander(2/5).
  2. Then, you are experiencing a different issue than what is being discussed in this thread. Have you tried a -repair of the client, or contacting the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below? Repair of the client? I wouldn't think that it can change the way, the UI is working. Will see what happens again now, since I've gained some more points (13 total spent across all masteries) and I'm still filling up the XP. Might be a different problem as you say but previously it was getting triggered even from other things, not just the jumping pads.
  3. This is really annoying, I have both expansions and did spent some 6 mastery points for all three branches. Still nagging on everyting, especially now, I've found some jumping puzzle or something "Second Aetherblade Site" which makes the stupid pop-up appear constantly on being ejected by the pads. Make it timed or something, IDK. Just not like it is now. :angry: >:C
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