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  1. Every other class has matched up with the [info we're not allowed to discuss on this forum] We're getting hammer
  2. 5 mil to skiffs and fishing 112 mil to skiff and fishing pole skins
  3. Pretty sure when people asked for "actual Guild Wars" they were referring to structured pvp modes and not a system that will see the top slot forever dominated by whatever Alliance manages to Katamari up the most serious players
  4. This was always going to be the end result They're taking a system that already barely works as intended and making it that much more complicated The same people rigging matchups will figure out how to break this system as well and newbies who are already apprehensive about diving into a pvp mode (one that still relies on having BiS pve gear, at the very least ascended weapons) even more likely to just say "no thanks" and then complain that they need gifts of battle Especially if they prefer "non meta" classes like ranger and thief or classes that have limited use like mesmer Telli
  5. If the servers can handle all the kitten firing off in a full 80vs80vs80 WvW map, activity that causes so much congestion it can lead to double digit seconds of wait time on key press and skill activation, it can handle a few dozen people swapping templates at any given time across multiple servers This had nothing to do with general stability and was almost certainly an issue of people triggering crashes by macroing gear and template swaps to min/max clear speeds The system wasn't likely built to handle people swapping templates in millisecond intervals and rather than sniff out macro u
  6. While I generally endorse any attempt to remove people's ability to confuse "cheese and exploits" with "skill", this does seem like an odd thing to care about at this point in the game's life where "speed clearing" things is pretty much the only reason a large chunk of instanced content players even still bother logging in Also seems rather dumb given that you are expected to pre-buff prior to activating a strike fight and presumably will have a similar system in the EoD strikes
  7. The sad reality is the game is now overwhelmingly made up of people who don't actually like action RPGs and thus refuse to engage in any actual gameplay that requires effort, instead opting for instant gratification via gemstore cosmetics and buying gold from Anet to get everything else Itr's why you see such a visceral hatred of serious players in this game beyond anything I've ever seen in any of the other big 3 MMO's right now I mean, kitten, EoD's biggest selling points so far have been "dance on a boat" and "harvest fish nodes", neither of which even involve using your class skills
  8. You can right click on mount licenses in the store interface and it will let you preview what's in the pack The lottery box's are kitten but they aren't a total scam either
  9. Ya, I'm not really sure how anyone can watch the video and not just assume that fishing is reskinned herb nodes you slap with a stick instead of a sickle
  10. Unless they pull the kitten they did in HoT with lilies, pearls, and flax, I don't see fish being all that much more valuable over current mats In fact, making the resource food based is probably going to actually make much of the fish value null on launch Why pay 5x as much for a food that gives you the same buffs as current "not seafood" based dishes? There will be a minor spike from whale speculators and completionists and then much of the items will likely end up like sawgill mushrooms or eyes of kormir with supply overwhelming what little demand there is 3 weeks after launch
  11. It has less to do with them "losing inspiration" and far more to do with them losing literally any and all development staff who gave a kitten about the content or were capable of creating more of it It's the same story for pretty much every other aspect of them gave that has been left to rot on the vine "So and So was the only person keeping content X going and they don't work here anymore" is the end result of almost every dig into why something hasn't been updated in years The amount of dev staff that are still around from the "good old days" is probably in the single digits and mo
  12. I would assume they could swim for it I mean, lets hope there's a reason to actually enter all this water they're gonna put in the maps or this is going to be one extremely dull expansion
  13. 99.9% chance what they mean is new faces and hair styles for humans to reflect the Asian area we're going to just as they did with PoF Cross your fingers and toes and hope they actually update the other races as well this time
  14. Not having to sit in town repeatedly shouting that your 6/8 team was looking for 2 monks was the greatest feeling on Earth and nothing can change my mind
  15. Because people don't like feeling weak in a videogame, especially one that essentially only has one metric of "strength" (DPS) No one wants to feel like they have to play with lead boots on because the class that appeals to them the most is objectively weaker for no apparent trade off There's also the simple matter of not getting team slots if you're not on a "good class" The strong class might help the weak class loot faster but why would the strong class even party with the weak class in the first place when he's the one who's going to be held back? He'll just class stack wi
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