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  1. I think if they're going to mess around with conids it should be to add new effects to existing ones to make them more different from each other.
  2. ...Mai Trin. I hope it's a completely different fight. It's kind of bold to go with the return of a boss THAT familiar to us cause we're going to be comparing them. I hear the second strike is going to be Ensolyss of the Endless Torment. 🙄 Though on a more serious note, story wise, how could she possibly think fighting us is going to go better for her this time? I wouldn't want to fight of us if I were in position. How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old woman? We've killed a god and four dragons since then. I'm interested to find out at least.
  3. We should just start telling people it's February 1st until Anet corrects us
  4. I get the OCD impulse to put like traits together but this would be a power nerf for thief. Unless maybe they moved Executioner to where deadly ambush is now. Keep in mind also if there are more traits with condi on Deadly Arts they are competing with each other and it's probably not a straight out buff to condi. If they put expertise on Deadly Arts they're taking it off Trickery most likely. I think the reasoning for having Executioner/Revealed/Dagger Training on Deadly Arts was to keep Hybrid from being too strong and also have thieves choose between higher power damage and taking Trickery
  5. Weaver never had a support build and a damage build that were both top tier at the same time. A group can have condi-firebrand and healbrand and they are doing mostly different things. For that matter one Scourge could be doing all the group's barrier if it wanted and the other one be pure dps. Giving other classes better utility skills doesn't result in power creep. If they make the cooldown on a mesmer skill shorter, say on Feedback, that helps mesmer and doesn't increase group damage anymore than having reflects in the game already does. It doesn't matter to me at all if group wipes h
  6. I don't dispute at all the popularity of Scourge Firebrand and Renegade. Since the May update I've seen power builds dry up slowly and more and more Scourges appear in t4 dailies. Often these players don't know what they are doing and would probably be better going back to DH or weaver or whatever it was they were playing before someone told them "scourge is best dps it's so easy!" But I have three points I want to make. First that his data collected is from people paying particular attention to the meta, this isn't average player usage. I see Scourge in pugs about as often as I saw Drago
  7. No the meta hasn't really changed other than players have gradually been abandoning their builds for condi (more specifically necro) If you're trying to do t4 or lower fractals ele is still fine as a dps. A group you pug into is probably not ever going to kick you unless it's right after reset. The average dps player out there isn't really going to outshine you by that much. If you have a static anything pretty much goes right now. Pugging into CMs is going to be hard as ele though. Scourge dps is not entirely the reason you're out of luck there though. If you're trying to heal/support i
  8. I think that there is a bit of misunderstanding on what a fractal healer/supporter role has to do. It's not a "do this every time in very situation" type of thing there is a lot of nuance. Like bringing more reflects than usual to fractals that have We Bleed Fire. As players add more AR their gear should also change due to mist potions. A full Harrier HB is a waste at 200 AR. Let me give an example of a situation in t4. Daily is Chaos: Instabs are No Pain No Gain, Adrenaline Rush, Toxic Trail. Your group is: HB, Alac Ren (diviner), three power dps (say zerk, weaver, sb) On the first boss
  9. Nah the Scourge is fine, it doesn't need more nerfs. If anything needs to be nerfed it's the exposed buff to condi damage. What Scourge has going for it in CMs is consistency through utility which is what PUGs want the most. Same reason HB dominates in T4 pugs. Let me tell you though half the time when I'm in a party with three condi Scourges as dps, one of them is really good and knows what they are doing, one is just dps and is kind of good/okay, and a third one will be solo auto attacking in a corner giving only themselves barrier. Player skill does still matter, any dps will clear T4
  10. It's been here long enough if the mods thought they were bots they could have closed it. By all means report it for botting if you think they're not aware of it. The messages being similar isn't a red flag to me because they might not speak English, they might just have copy pasted or google translated a message in a guild discord. Arena Net also isn't providing them a space to give feedback in their own language and I would guess it's more likely to get deleted unread or ignored if the requests were made in Brazilian Portuguese.
  11. If these were alt accounts they probably would have gotten this topic locked. It's far more likely players in one of the several Brazilian guilds got together to organize a request for a translation in the forums. It would be nice if Arena Net took some of the money those players tossed their way and used it to translate the game. It's probably not going to happen but there isn't much of a reason they shouldn't do it.
  12. You seem like a pretty casual player, nothing wrong with that, so here is my advice for if you're looking to pick up living story episodes. Unless you are interested in upgrading past exotic for a particular reason, you can get by on very little gold as someone playing for story. I used to not have much more than 30-50 gold up until I needed the PoF mounts. If you want ascended or legendary that's probably a long term goal for you anyway and if you're not doing the high end content religiously then you won't have much use for gold. If you don't have much interest in legenedaries at all thos
  13. They might someday, it'd be nice to see some bosses brought back through the mists. There are a couple of fractals that (probably) take place in the lifetimes of GW1 characters like Urban Battleground and Twilight Oasis. Then there is one that stars a very minor NPC from GW1 (Deepstone)
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