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  1. Exactly and that #6 skill also work for condi too. Everything that mitigate power damage also mitigate condi. But condi have condi cleanses on top of that so what's your point?
  2. Exactly this. There is an innately biais with power build in that their main priorities is to output damage and have few passive heal for the in between bursts. They only pick condi cleanses traits/skills if there is nothing better. So of course THEY ARE GOING TO STRUGGLE WITH STUFFS THEY DIDN T BUILD FOR. Why is that support are barely if not at all complaining about condis while playing the same game? This is the exact same thing with trapper DH where they were taking every damaging traits possible and then complain that DH is trash without trapper rune...like no kitten.
  3. Same with power but yall trying to make it look like condi are easier. Like "I have to bait his dodges, not once but twice. Then I have to bait his blocks, his invul frames and only then I will CC and burst him down like a true hero"...like stop the cap.
  4. Then you have a kitten condi experience. Condis are the opposite of power damage. You first land the condi and only then you CC to make sure they tick.
  5. Honestly, I think this is the biggest balance pvp needs.
  6. Or make every condi 1 sec duration and force expertise back in the game. Same with boons, everything 1 sec duration unless you invest into concentration. That's actually balance: you only get what you invested into, nothing more.
  7. Quotes: We've enjoyed seeing the recent performance of the untamed specialization in PvP, but it's clear that the damage of the drake's Tail Swipe is a bit too high, and we're bringing it down a notch. Rune of the Trapper (PvP): Reduced stealth duration from 3 seconds to 1 second. Why now? What made you guys think "okay this is a bit too much"? I am really curious to know what changed in you guys's mind when 99% of the player base agreed that those 2 things were clearly outperforming for more than a year now? Thanks.
  8. How is it fine? Who in his right mind is willingly going to play an A tier build when he can just play the S tier one in a competitive mode? Not my bandwagoning folks at least.
  9. This wouldn't have been a thing if expertise did actually matters. You know something is wrong when a cleansing skill is considered broken in a power meta. SMH
  10. simple answer: It requires less work to nerf 1-2 builds than to buff 10+ specs. practical answer: No matter how balanced those 36 specs are, there will always be 2-3 that are slightly better than the others. Now add in the bandwagon mentality and boom...unachievable (felt) balance. tdlr: It's up to the community to repress its bandwagoning instinct. The power is in our hands.
  11. Skill stacking have nothing to do with a more readable game. Fancy gpu expensive animations and team fights do.
  12. By stackable, I mean using 1 virtue overwrites the previous one.
  13. Real question here. Marks are stackable, traps stackable, venin stackable, yet virtues are not. Really why?
  14. The simple fact that "top" pvp players are keeping this secret just show how sad they are an how sad gw2's competitive modes are. It's not about having fun or being good anymore, it's about abusing the game as much as possible. Either be it with only playing meta or abusing bugs. Honestly, those players should be banned for abusing a bug. Shame on them.
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