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  1. It looks as if it might be US only. However, y'all now have as much information as I: that's the entire text from the official GW2 website. It makes no mention of where it's available.
  2. Poster's Edit: Best Buy has stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico.However, according to posters below, this deal might not be available outside the US. I also do not know if it's easy for players in other regions to purchase the Gem Cards online or not.
  3. Guardian has some great builds that are meta for Fractals.Banner Warrior is also a good choice, although for Tier 2 and above, you'd need ascended. Discretize is the best place to start looking at Fractal Builds. MetaBattle is preferred by some (more builds, including some that are less effort to play) DT FirebrandDT BerserkerA buddy of mine has an "easy rotation" Rev build for raids that will also work for Fractals. (It might need some adjustments from the last bit of skill changes.)
  4. tl;dr the data published in the Original Post does not (by itself) support the hypothesis that participation is declining. The number of participants in "this month's" content is always less, for predictable reasons. The ideal comparison is to use "snapshots" for participation after 2 months. Since we don't have that, the next best is comparing relative participation and that shows a different picture: relative participation is similar. (My personal belief is that the OP is likely correct that participation is dropping for metas. But I don't think we players have access to any data that can demonstrate that. Instead, I think the most effective way to convey "meta fatigue" is to post our opinion, rather than trying to teach ANet what their numbers mean.) In More Detail Proxies for Comparison
  5. Awesome. I'm sharing that with my guildies. Well done. That's really sweet.(and now she has a two dad jokes to go with her cake ;) — one above & one below)
  6. @"Sorem.9157"my recommendation for events like this:park a character in the safe spot, outside the dungeon entranceand, any time you have a free five minutes, jump on that toon and see if the event is up You can also check LFG (if you're NA, on some weekends, there's a "cleansing of Orr" guild-sponsored event you can join; times vary). 30-90 minutes after reset is often promising.But me? I just pop up "every so often" and eventually, the event is up or the pre-event is running.I find it less stressful to be patient rather than be stuck waiting (whether for a clock time or the map to get it together). If you're really ambitious, you can look at the wiki for all the relevant pre-events and organize the map to start progressing them. There are always people who want temple events and, for a variety of reasons, few will ever initiate them. However, that's a lot of work. It can be fun, on its own; it's just not everyone's cup of tea.
  7. tl;dr According to the architects of the game's economy : "mystic coins are doing their job" — John Smith(paraphrase) high values of m-coins are beneficial to the game's economy and hoarding is fine, as long as there's plenty of supply on the TP The quote linked in an earlier post is four years old, and is from Chris Cleary PS Cleary, Smith, & O'Brien would expect that "ceiling" to increase as any game ages, because veterans simply can't help end up with increasing wealth (even those who spend all their coin end up with more "stuff" and become willing to spend more for "aspirational" goals). It's not anything surprising, as it happens with all commodities. Nine months later, Mike O'Brien said And John Smith said (emphasis added) Is there "plenty of supply" on the TP? Here's the data: May 2016 (time of the 1st quote): 26kFeb 2017 (time of 2nd quote): 17kOctober 2020 (right before a major perturbation): 36kPeaks & Valleys: Since those dates, the lowest supply was ~10k, which didn't last long.Typical low points are around 15-18k, which were also uncommon and briefSince those dates, the highest supply (day) was ~58kHigh points >50k are common
  8. Here's what ANet has said about Mystic Coins: In February 2017, Mike O'Brien wrote During the same AMA, John Smith added And he repeated that: Some benchmarks on Mystic Coins, from November of each year listed below:
  9. Instead of asking for help, what I do is to announce that I'm starting an event, and what it's for. I set a time and most reminders in /map, as well as starting a squad in /LFG. This has worked for any of the small events that I (or at least my character) couldn't solo, as well as bigger events. I find that I get a lot of first-timers, who didn't realize that they, too, had a reason to participate in the event. And I get veterans, who like that they can finish off what they are doing first, without rushing to an event that they have done already. The vast majority of time, more than enough people joined to make it work. Another tip is to make the first announcement while people are on the map already for some other event or meta. Most people will leave at the end of that task, which is fine: we don't need "most;" only enough. In short, try to make it easy for people to notice & join.
  10. tl;dr Non-festival earnings are currently 20-25g for most people (who effectively process everything earned, except spirit shards)Mileage varies with the markets and new mapsFestival earnings can be greater. (the owner of the site usually includes that information during the festival; iirc, for this past halloween, it was 30g/hour)I'm not aware of any open world content that has reliably yielded >= 40g/hour in years. Then again, I'm not an avid farmer, so I might have missed something.
  11. Having two, non-tradeable currencies undermines the entire purpose of having an exchange: so that the value of gems is tied to the economy, thus removing the most powerful incentive for people to consider RMT.As the supply of gold in the game goes up, people are willing to sell more of it to buy gems, which allows those "real paying customers" a chance to get more in-game gold. The market is much more efficient at finding the happy medium of supply and demand than ANet ever would be able to do, micromanaging two types of gems. Regardless, the point I was making was that it's possible that ANet already does what you first requested above, i.e. charges higher fees to people trading gold to gems already, compared to those exchanging gems for gold. We will never know, because there's no way to independently determine the fees in each direction, only the cumulative amount. As noted above, if the fees are the same in both directions, they would run from 15% (same as for the TP generally) up to 18.5% (and ANet's never explained why it's been a variable rate).
  12. Rephrased Auras: stackHues: do not stack (generally, which ever is applied last dominates)Skin textures: do not stack (last applied)Auras, Hues, & Textures are applied independently (i.e. they stack)Unfortunately the article does not identify into which of the three categories each aura falls.(also keep in mind that these are fan-identified labels; they might be consistent with ANet's ideas & implementation and things might still be more complicated) Fortunately, the wiki notes of the items that grant auras usually describe the effect with those terms. Celestialhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Celestial_Infusion_(Blue)https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Celestial_Infusion_(Red) Phosphorhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Phospholuminescent_Infusion
  13. tl;dr some rules of thumb below about what effects stackRecommendation: search the internet for something like gw2 Phospholuminescent celestial infusions and then filter to images or video; people post these things all the time on Reddit etc"We kinda need a infusion preview dont we" — @aspirine.6852
  14. Perhaps thisnojamtoday.com/upload/guild_wars_2_content_and_feature_update_chart_36.png Found one that is less oldhttps://i.imgur.com/s71sJc3.png The most recent update (above) is from u/Listhenbird, who hasn't been posting much about GW2 since.(Original post is on reddit, if you want to look, but no pointers to something from 2020. There is a link to poster's website, which also has nothing more recent.)
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