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  1. No. It is not expected for an intersection to be even somewhat equidistant. An intersection is "an occasion when two [or more] lines cross." For example, here all these lines intersect but are at different distances.
  2. An intersection does not need to be equidistant from all points. Also, Taimi doesn't imply there is only one intersection. But the story journal does imply there to be many,
  3. That's because the fallout from the clash was relatively conatined. The damage caused (which I don't think is small either way) was the contained "explosion". In lore, the story journal says, And in Champion's End, Rytlock remarks, Aurene says, But that doesn't mean it wasn't relatively conatined, because she then says, and the story journal says, In conclusion, even with Aurene attempting to contain the fallout and the intervention of another party, the damage was still enough to level anything in range.
  4. A player has collected the OST if you want to take a look through.
  5. This was a great read! Thank you for putting it her for the non-german readers 😀
  6. I'd like to imagine the Commander was fighting off attacks throughout the months inbetween the ones we play through. It is nebulous. But I feel the broad timeline still works. For example, Icebrood Saga started in the end of 1332 and ended first quarter of 1334 (the story journal states 1333, but I think thats because Champions is categorised as one episode as started then). But, yeah, the details are nebulous.
  7. I have nothing to say on this anymore, since its just everyone giving their subjective opinions, but this line is wrong. Since, at least, Season 1, the world passes at the same rate as our own.
  8. In that case I want to apologise for jumping the gun. But I hope people understand that a poll conducted on the forums is inherently not going to give an accurate view of a playerbase. Its too small of a sample size and way too self-selecting.
  9. They just don't agree with you. Liking or not liking a story is subjective, no matter how objective you feel your opinions are.
  10. You know, giving your feedback would land better with devs if you don't accompany it with memes. Also 'braham' isn't a verb.
  11. They were cut off from magic not their own, and their champions. They still have the magic within them directly. Aurene is no match for Primordus at his current level. The whole point is that Jormag's power is equal to Primordus. Jormag leaves, we leave, Primordus get the magic, Primordus overpowers Jormag, Jormag loses later on. And free will. I doubt Ryland would listen. Even if he did, that small increase of power Primordus gets would snowball into more victories against Jormag. Retreating would be losing later on. The thing I think people are
  12. But the small amounts of magic over Jormag means more chances against Jormag's forces, which means more magic, which means are better lead over Jormag, and hence the snowball.
  13. Where did you get that specifically that magic in the world outside Elder Dragons is the issue. If the cycle of magic seeps out of the dragons and then back in, then the amount of magic doesn't change. So you are saying the magic goes out of the Elder Dragons to the outside world is the issue, but that happens everytime at the end of their sleep.
  14. Disagree. 1. Ryland is very special to Jormag. Jormag sees Ryland's kind as rare, "Oh, there are some exceptions. I can see why you've bound yourself to your commander." 2. And retreating and finding another champion on par to Ryland would still give Primordus time to get ahead, which would snowball, and Jormag would still lose. Which is still irrelevent. Jormag retreats, recoups their losses, Primordus increases in power, Jormag loses later. Its checkmate.
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