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  1. When I had come back to see if it Gw2 was worth getting back into, I took things slow then realized there wasn't anything to keep me interested. When I'd ask if Gw2 was worth getting back into- Every answer was 'No' for various reasons which I summed up to "slow content." Which is why I left in the 1st place. On top of that, None of my friends hadn't logged in for months or longer & the few guilds I hopped around in all had cliques & shunned anyone else. The community is so-so. The RP community is harassed, ignored & practically non existent due to trolls. There
  2. Devs look at RPers like they do WvW players- they don't care & wish you'd just go away.I love most RPers, I don't RP myself but I was in an RP guild & my role was to kind of give the warm welcome to new players & basically figure out where they sat as far as the RP event that the guild was currently doing & introduce them. The group was so nice, this was back during the big LA/ scarlet event & we were about 90 players strong. But the RP community always seems to be grasping at straws that don't exist. I say, look forward to Pantheon: rise of the fallen. It's a niche MMO t
  3. GW2 is an incredibly casual MMO for casual players. Is it the best MMO ever made? For Casuals, yes. You literally log in & get a participation reward. sorry for the extra comment
  4. Guild Wars 2 falls flat in what it's trying to be which is an MMO that does everything. It doesn't quite have an identity. The PvP scene seems all but squandered, WvW is a broken, boring mess, the GW2 story isn't as engaging as it could be & the character development is flat. If you want an MMO for Story, Dungeons, Housing & RP? FFXIVIf FFXIV is too weeb for you; turn to ESO or wait for Pantheon: Rise of the FallenIf you want an MMO for PvP, Housing & Graphics? Black DesertIf you want an MMO for it's vast popularity? WoWIf you want an MMO that is all about Mount & Chair skins?
  5. I've yet to see a chair skin worthy to purchase so here is my Idea-A Mermaid chair. A seashell shaped throne made of coral & pearlsOr a clam chair that is encased inside a bubble that the player sits inside with a quaggan swimming around inside. Also; NEW HAIRSTYLES PLEASE.
  6. I need the Primal Spirit Mount & the War-Torn Marauder - please allow them to be in gemstore togetherAlso; design better hairstyles for all races. give humans some Variety of the GW1 hairstyles- most were better than whats offered in Gw2. Especially the Elonian ones.
  7. I've wanted that face for a looooooong time. We get a mockery of something similar- but not as beautiful in comparison
  8. I've wanted that face for a looooooong time. That face is column 2, row 3 at character creation. Mouth is made WAY wider, eyes are bit tweaked too. I think slightly lowered height, and slightly raised width? I think outside of a few select named NPCs (destiny's edge for example) virtually every NPC uses player character assets. Just have to play with the sliders, even if what they do from face to face is inconsistent. I've wanted to wish it was that simple, and even as the face you're speaking of is the closest to it (I'm not in game to verify the exact positioning but know which one you'r
  9. I think the situation for PvP wouldn't be so bad if the GW2 devs were actually good at playing their game.
  10. Most players have terrible fashion sense or none at all & can't wait to get ahold of something to make it even worse so why not! As long as I get a vine-tail. And tentacle tails coming out of my eyes.
  11. There are people who like it & there are people who don't- I myself love getting immersed into stories of games I play BUT GW2 for me fails to do that due to the bad writing- There is alot of cringe & eyeroll moments & could I find better writing on TUMBLR? Probably haha -but that's what I think! I don't play GW2 for the story anymore- I have FFXIV for that- It's Gw2's combat you just can't beat. The customizing of builds & glamours are also what brings me to GW2 time & time again! GW2 combat feels almost more fluid than black desert but also the same? IDK-but don't feel b
  12. I personally prefer having a silent character. In every game, my character NEVER sounds the way I want him to sound or says what I'd imagine him saying in certain scenarios, so being able to imagine that makes me more invested in him. As for voice packs for audible emotes, I'm fine with it just so long as the game gives me the option to not sound like the Rock, such as in FFXIV. You do have a point about them never sounding the way you like, but even the npc's have no voice in FF. Bleh. Also re the hairstyles it's weird. I really admire/love some of the braided hairstyles I see IRL but they
  13. All of this. So much. But sadly, the only thing we will get is another chair skin.
  14. Please don't clump all veterans in as a single group. Believe it or not, "vets" have differing tastes. I for one am supportive of fishing Yeah, don't clump us vets together lol.I'd absolutely love fishing.
  15. A story that isn't laughable in comparison to FFXIV's Heavensward & Shadowbringers- GW2 story has never been great & more "generic good-guy teams up with other generic blend of good-guys" I just want a good story. Something I can get immersed into. Lore heavy, impactful & meaningful choices & NPCs with whom help drive the story in such a way, you actually are excited for what will happen next. I've never experienced that with Gw2- not even when Aurene "died" because you could see it coming & knew she would reincarnate or come back. It felt like a poor shock factor.-- Asi
  16. I'm not starting a new thread & will instead, continue this thread with more hairstyle choices - The links are all from Pinterest ->https://pinterest.com/ Some more universal hairstyle ideas (i know theyre on women but I can see them on men as well)--https://pinterest.com/pin/631981760198942503/https://pinterest.com/pin/281967626642717679/https://pinterest.com/pin/96475617006381952/https://pinterest.com/pin/326511041736543003/
  17. I play gw2 to kill time when there's a patch in FFXIV or when I'm cooking something that has to be checked often, GW2 is a fun way to past the time while waiting for something else. --small rant incoming--Things that could bring more players back are- Semi-Intricate player housing- allow players to choose between several houses & decor & able to share their style among the community.Meaningful choices within the story that feel less heroic & more anti-hero or vigilate- so our character doesn't seem so poorly plain & vanilla.WvW alliances & a system that rewards roamers &a
  18. Primal Spirit skin & War-Torn Marauder - Just put them in the gemstore together or something for a month, that way I can get them while there is money in my account!Also; recreate Gw1 hairstyles & add them to Gw2- Gw2 hairstyles are really bland compared to Gw1 hairstyles & I mean across all expansions- Gw1 had some of the best selections of hairstyles where Gw2... does not.
  19. No, the best thing is to just add in Tengu without any insight-- Norn lore & aesthetic was completely crapped on in GW2 & noone cares. Not to mention their NA terrible voice acting so noone would care if Tengu were given a similar treatment, they'd just be happy to get a new race.
  20. I'd rather more racial specific armour & outfits VS being a new race-- the way Charr have been treated gave me PTSD towards anet adding a new race. It would just be overshadowed & unproperly designed for universal armors or outfits. It would have been better if outfits were unique to each race instead of only fitting properly on humans.It's like situation with SE & the Viera & Hrothgar races. They were added quickly into the new expac, but are incredibly unfinished. You can't even wear helmets or hats on these races & armors look terrible on them yet people are actually ask
  21. New well designed faces, better character creator- more hairstyles. Hair styles NOT hair colours. Hair Styles, like actual hair styles, not a 11th shade of blue.
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