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  1. I'd pay happily if the new hairstyles were good and well designed- no meme hairstyles and no sharing between races, example: when humans got norn hairstyles. Was a bit of a "we don't really care anymore for race lore friendly stuff." moment for me. I don't care if they were added to new character creation because I don't intend on making new characters. I do think they should add new ones to the creation menu though. But what I mean is, I don't mind paying for new ones if they actually looked good.
  2. Simple: No proper new dungeons after Arah have ever been added and the old ones were never fixed. Could also add harder stages of the dungeons rather than path 1-2-3. Like tiered up versions of the original sort of how fractals works. New dungeons, New armor sets and weapon sets to go with those new dungeons! 😄
  3. Just throw an AoE at their smoke cloud, they literally just die they have no blocks unless they run the skill for it and the trade off isn't worth it vs other better skills in their kit. They can't take any type of damage and in the hands of a better player than you- they will just do what works on that class. They are pure glass. They can't break auto target once aimed at even when in stealth- so play a ranger or a necro and bomb them from a distance and pay attention. They've been nerfed to the ground- it's not the Thief player's fault that you can't count 2-3 seconds before they hit you (th
  4. Also a really cool thing would be new dungeons that came with the new maps since HoT and not just Fractals or Raids- but actual new dungeons that came with its own personal loot like the classic ones. I really like dungeons, would be cool to see and play in new ones. But realistically, that'll never happen: just like balanced classes where all builds are viable rather than just 1 meta, replay value of old content, and solid lore. Oh well.
  5. New hairstyles and face designs to choose from, and not racial hair swaps because it's severely lacking and racial hair swap is lazy.
  6. here's another joke that will continue after the patch(as always, not attacking Thief Profession players but attacking Thief Profession Toxic design) -no amount of 'nerfing' will fix this profession until it is completely redesigned - In Fact, the next upcoming patch will force them to use their conditions more I take it you haven’t actually watched the video... Lmao..redesign for thief and mesmer at this point.
  7. could you like nerf all damage types? it would really improve on the player base depending on dmg to do dmg. thanks! also please take away steal/swipe completely from thieves, the don't need it.
  8. why not just take away what little build diversity there already was in pvp and wvw. just when i thought about giving this game another go. Back to FF it is.
  9. i think it would be better to see what players had to offer in terms of design because anet design is lacking. put the winning designs in the gemstore.
  10. new hairstyles please- like actually good ones that aren't shared between races. The game is incredibly boring over all, and really lacking in the hairstyle department (unless you're a human) I know new hairstyles will never come again, any decent cosmetic updates have been forgotten for the sake of stupid mount skins.
  11. Charr and Sylvari need the most love, but Norn need hairstyles that can't or won't be shared with humans.It's been over a year since we've seen anything- 2 years to be exact for humans and longer for others.Hopefully something will be added in the nearby (this year) future.New hairstyles and faces please!
  12. Disagree. They're equal. There's a good chance I wouldn't like any of the new options nor the new chair. Turns out I like the chair. So I don't begrudge it for existing as opposed to new hair/beards. If we got some of your examples VS the new skyscale chair we did get, I'd regret not having the skyscale chair. But you know. Opinions and all that. YMMV. Can't really compare when there are 0 new hairstyles to begin with vs a new chair skin. js.
  13. they've really forgotten all about adding new cosmetics, I would LOVE to see some new ones.It's been over a year for any of them. But wait they give us the same colors for hair and eyes in slightly different tints and tones - so that's the same right? (sarcasm)Hairstyles/cosmetics like this mentioned above are LONG over due. But backwings and mount skins sell more. So we won't be getting any of this for a few more years if even ever. Personally, I'd want more viking/nordic hairstyles for Norn, something that couldn't be traded with humans at all.
  14. It needs a fast descent. a yaw right and left, a mastery locked skill that allows them to regain flight meter when they latch onto something.
  15. fed the baebi skyscale, forced myself to raid with my wvw guild (im really burnt out from only being allowed to play 1 class) logged off
  16. I wanna be able to get it in 1 hour with no effort put in and sit in a city to show it off before anyone else!
  17. Add a hard/expert and extreme mode to old dungeons. new bosses, different mechanics- anti stacking.new but similar themed gear to each individual dungeon. special vendors offer specific rewards for completing these modes on higher difficulties.Tier 4 cultural armor.New Hairstyles for all races. A way to spend our extra WvW points after everything is maxed.
  18. this amazing event that is in no way obnoxious with the time gated features from the skyscale collection and busywork design could not be dampened by a single bugged npc. been bugged for a few hours now. can't seem to find a different map.
  19. Id really love Norn specific hairstyles that are NOT shared with humans. Like that is the laziest shit right there.More tattoos for both, and nordic styled beards for men.
  20. its pretty transparent she gonna be like the unicorn and resurrect herself. i mean, otherwise their was no point to introduce her in the first place and get to know her only to kill her off in a very predictable way. i mean she was too lovable from the start it was a given that she was gonna die at some point.
  21. I don't know. I mean lore wise it's underwater due to the jade sea becoming- un-jaded and then you have bubbles. but i mean anet is all about breaking some lore with backwings and mounts so whatever. id be more interested in EotN and more Norn friendly oriented story and armor, new tattoos and hairstyles that don't go to humans for once. their needs to be a line separating the two so they stay unique from each other.I would only hope a Canthan dive would come with a new race like the Tengu, starting with their own starter instance like how it was done in WoW.
  22. I really hope it is NOT a paddle blade. Like an actual claymore style would be nice.all i need to get ready for a gen2 is tangled depths map completion which isn't as bad as mystic curios
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