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  1. I mean they have a huge oportunity to put new stuff in the dragon coffer. ( Pristine eyes to craft the primordus or jormag eye infusions). also of course with the ""deafeat"" of both jormag and primordus, there should be new events in the festival but idoubt it
  2. It works for characters that havent done the story before. it is not that one can't complete the meta achievement like the llama bug. just needs one to have a character that hasn't completed the episode 5 before.
  3. do the WHOLE episode from start with new character, when you finish the caithe's instance you get a mail, read it and then TALK TO THE NPC CLOSEBY.
  4. Yo ucan do it using a character that never done it before. I completed all achievements. It looks like the purple replay star doesnt work for caithe's instance. Just a character to start the episode from beginning. When you are done with the caith's instance you get a mail, read it and instantly go to the NPC closeby and talk and you will complete the achievement for new bonus event.
  5. I mean it is just dumb to include an event in the graphic of summer schedule and say no word about it. my guess is it was a mistake but they do not even bother to clarify.
  6. Exactly. if they did not include it in the graphic I would not care but now I wanna know because I like that event
  7. So, will we have world boss rush? It is mentioned at the Summer 2021 roadmap picture but not in the written schedule. No one knows and I would appreciate a reply from anet ...
  8. I just kick them continously until they are tired of rejoining. They do not do something forbidden though so it is up to you to prevent them from doing that.
  9. Hello, The summer schedule picture mentions boss rush event but the text information doesn't. What is the case? Will there be boss rush event? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the insight. I really like rush events and hope we will get more of these.
  11. I see... Then those who didn't do the achievements , will not be able to get these if the event never returns right?
  12. hello everyone, I wanted to ask if there is any chance they will bring the mystic research event back ever again and whether we will have rush events again in the future.The Mystic Research Event especially, is tied to achievements which a lot people want and hasn't happened for year. What do you think? Is there any official answer to that?
  13. There are tons of theories but I hope to debunk them all.what lane where you when you got the infusion? top mid or bot?Gz for the drop! I bought one queen bee but im grinding all metas daily and musltiple times (4-7 times per day AB-TD-Pinata-VW) and I hope ill get one to drop!
  14. PvE Player looking for active guild to have fun and do a lot stuff together( grind materials/ raids/achievements etc)! If you need people I would like to join!
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