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  1. The spec is...interesting to say the least. Played most of last night and I can tell you right now, the dodge spam is 100% going to get nerfed because of its bunker potential. Unfortunate because it is carrying the spec a lot and it feels really good to have a strong support skill. I was starting to enjoy myself by the end of it as I began to develop muscle memory for it. Monkeyed around on Ventari/Alliance full Minstrel support. Not to say that I think the spec is well designed or in a good spot; it felt like its success was defined by cheesing dodges. Regardless it was the most effective I h
  2. Can we take a moment to talk about how absolute trash the Alliance legend swap image above the player is? Looks like a couple of some knock off 25cent gundams. Where is the taste?
  3. Y'all killin my hype while I'm at work after reading all this lol.
  4. Rev also has the luxury of benefitting from sigil procs via legend swap, which will make it easier to maintain a proper rhythm while gaining dodges from energy sigil. IMO this is a pretty big deal and a big reason as to why this isn't a doom-and-gloom situation. At this point, I am considering actually running dual energy sigil so I can guarantee that the proc will always happen at some point. Idk, we will see. Glad to hear you are excited about it. You on NA or EU? But yeah axe is a really great weapon, even now. I think offhand sword just outshines it in g
  5. I have so many ideas. Probably gonna try to no-life this week and record some footage. The ones I am excited for the most are Alliance/Jalis and Alliance/Ventari supports. A couple things I am curious about is how Charged Mists will feel/flow the legend, and if GS will provide enough defense to replace staff. I suspect it may which is super hype. If that is the case I will probably swap offhand sword for axe on power builds so I can get back some CC.
  6. Ask in a week. It is only speculation at this point with us not having access to it.
  7. The alacrity affecting just Ventari does seem to be a relic of previous design, but with the new traits from Vindi, it doesn't seem to be the case as there is the same pattern (also the first time a legend has no CC). With that said, I don't really think it is any issue at all. You still get a stable 10/15% healing modifier which is superior to both adept and major healing modifier traits in PvP/WvW. It would be a big nerf to have it changed to your suggestion, and Salv's healing modifiers have already been hit hard from the Feb 2020 balance patch and dont need to be hit any harder. I assume t
  8. Prob gonna call it Vindi 'cause it sounds cute.
  9. From what I understand: At 100%-75% health: Heal nearby allies for 709. At 74%-50% health: Heal nearby allies for 1418 (709 x 2) and grant them regen (12s). At 49%-25% health: Heal nearby allies for 2127 (709 x 3) and grant them regen (12s) and prot (4s). At 24%-1% health: Heal nearby allies for 2836 (709 x 4) and grant them regen (12s), prot (4s), and resistance (4s).
  10. Honestly I enjoyed played Virtuoso and was ready to invest in it, but after seeing Vindicator...well it's back to being a Rev main for me. The difference in complexity between the specs is comical. Poor Mesmers 😔. Harbinger feels similarly uninspired. Willbender perhaps the same but IMO is moreso an issue of being undertuned, and the potential complexity is there.
  11. Bottom GM trait Energy Sigil Dodge food Staff 3 Staff 5 Greatsword 4 F2 Perma supervigor The evade slide on Saint Viktor Saint Viktor urn quick tap when incoming damage is big Kiting from Greatsword 3 and the Archemordus dash skill Other legend skills: Riposting Shadows, RotGD, etc. Honestly there are a lot of options, kinda like how Inspiration Signet Mirage can adapt to the one-dodge issue in PvP/WvW. I have roamed on Rev for years now and I am not afraid of the 1 dodge...well as long as I stick with the bottom GM trait bec
  12. Yeah, it definitely has the potential to be clunky. I am interested in playing a support build with this so the idea of having to press the Archemorus skills in order to get to the SV ones could prove to be awkward, but I would like to try it first to see how it actually feels. A lot of the 6-9 skills are lower energy cost so I am curious to see how it will play in game. F2 may be enough to solve this, but we'll see. I'm excited to test its limits/potential.
  13. Bad? How? I just don't see it. Literally all of the flipover skills are good, even for a DPS spec. Unless of course you are speaking in terms of PvE DPS, but at that point it's so easy to dismiss the majority of the skills in the game. You have... - An additional stunbreak that has a 15 energy cost. That is insanely cheap. The flipover skill will be really great in teamfights. Group stunbreaks are very underrated. - A 5-condition cleanse that under optimal circumstances can give you as much as 60 endurance back. If the character has no healing power, the healing per condition remove
  14. Gonna spend a lot of next week working on a good WvW support build. I actually see some potential in it and am excited to experiment. A few things I'd like to know... For the Saint Viktor elite skill (urn) - Does it decrease or increase movement speed? Decreased movement speed would be pretty bad. - Does the pulsing self-damage get reduced by damage reduction? If so, could be cool to go into it after a Jalis elite. - Is the pulsing damage fixed, or does it scale with power? With healing power maybe? - Does the urn follow you around? Really hope so.
  15. Honestly the spec looks really great and I am excited to try it out. Way more creativity than what I had expected tbh.
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