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  1. I used to be very much in favor of a stunbreak while in Ventari, but with the current powercreep I would say i am in agreeance with you now that the design makes more sense now. I agree that Ventari's biggest issue currently is landing the skills on allies because the legend skills themselves are all actually quite good. I have made my own personal suggestions on how to help remedy this and I would really love ANet to make the legend feels more usable and adaptable in realistic high-mobility scenarios. I can understand Aeolus' (can't seem to tag users on mobile) issues with the eli
  2. Love seeing Glyph of the Stars being used! Prob my favorite skill in the game.
  3. The change to Pain Absorption makes me want a baseline offhand weapon even more. Give it a skill that transfers condis so as to help take advantage of the change to PA.
  4. Personally I think the on-vuln application should stay and has really great intentional synergy with different aspects of the class throughout multiple specs. However, I do agree with you that there is a pretty clear issue when DoD competes in DPS with a pure DPS trait that offers no sustain. That just simply shouldn't be the case. I don't think that really means that the trait requires a rework, but moreso that it could just use some numbers tuning. No need to really overthink what is IMO a really cool, thematic, and well-executed trait.
  5. Please consider reviewing both Ranger's Signet of Renewal and Guardian's "Save Yourselves!". These are *full* condi absorption skills with a short duration of resistance that also function as stunbreaks, and will suffer a similar date as Pain Absorption if not re-evaluated. While Signet of Renewal is a bit different in that it sends the condis to the pet, it was specifically designed to give resistance as a short grace period upon absorbing the condis.
  6. Hey @Syfer.5897 mind clarifying what game mode/type of content you are referring to?
  7. Almost every time I go solo on the southern BLs, I get killed repeatedly by the same roaming guilds. It is frustrating and sometimes I get salty about it, but at the end of the day it is part of the game mode and something that you have to accept. Something that I think is important to keep in mind is that being ganked usually feels a lot more personal than it actually is. How often does it feel like you are making it personal when you are in a group and kill randos? Often probably not, but it is more likely to feel personal when you are on the receiving end. There are countless people who hav
  8. Yeah, I agree with you. Core Jalis/Mallyx Condi or Jalis/Shiro Power both feel really wonderful for open world play.
  9. Lmao, this made me chuckle. In response to the OP, I really don't see why this can't be an option, even in PvE if somebody desires. Would be a really nice QoL.
  10. Elementalist: Longbow Engineer: Staff Guardian: Warhorn Mesmer: Dual daggers Necromancer: Mainhand sword Ranger: Scepter Revenant: Scepter (with focus offhand baseline) Thief: Scepter Warrior: Staff SCEPTER TAKEOVER
  11. I suspect it isn't related to the distance it travels because I walk around all the time with the tablet and generally no issues. It seems it is in some way related to elevation changes or variances in terrain, almost as if there is certain terrain where the "net" or "web" on the outer terrain is missing. Since the tablet behaves so uniquely in its pathing and where it can actually go, it's as if there are invisible holes in the terrain or something. I have no idea about this sort of thing--not much of a tech person--just a theory. Certainly an incredibly annoying bug though.
  12. Ventari's Will can often clip through the terrain and "fall" beneath it. Once this happens, you generally have to destroy the tablet or swap legends if you want it to settle on the terrain again. I am not sure what exactly causes this to occur but as an example, it happens incredibly consistently near the SWT/SC area south of the bridge on Alpine Borderlands in WvW when moving it between the different elevation points.
  13. Yeah tbh I think you will be totally fine in most solo content. I have a feeling they will be touching on the resistance/Pain Absorption issue and how it specifically affects Mallyx (the feedback has been very vocal), and the torment change in open world IMO is more of a benefit than a hindrance. Just pull em and bomb em. The Soulcleave change will for sure hurt your sustain if you are running Kalla, but you have other means of remedying this like @Infusion.7149mentioned, such as Dance of Death, and if running condi, Tormenting Runes.
  14. As a mostly solo WvW player, I am very happy to see retal removed, but the changes to Resolution and Resistance should require a total reevaluation of each skill that gives access to these boons. The changes to Resistance were horribly thought out in relation to its impact on Mallyx (additionally skills like Save Yourselves!, Signet of Renewal, and all the resistance-granting skills/traits from Warrior). For a legend that has no inherent access to cleanse (beyond True Nature F2), Pain Absorption and Facet of Nature - Demon both become a liability. They were designed with the whole idea of *hol
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