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  1. Me and a few of my friends (SEA) are getting horrible lag spikes when playing GW2. All the other games we're playing are fine, its only GW2 that's unplayable atm. I hope this gets fixed soon. insane ping
  2. Saw this on YouTube just now. I've also been trying to make another legendary and was wondering why the MC prices have been so impossible. The clip from the stream of this "tp baron" showed some suspicious stacks of infusions that basically shouldn't exist in the game. So the theory of the youtuber is ITEM DUPING, and the reason for why the guy can buy out the supply of MC in the market and fk everybody over. 😕
  3. I just noticed playing as my firebrand. If you start a new game, you have all your tome passives active inside the dragonball arena giving you regen. Pls fix
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