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  1. We need more great RP spots in general. I miss old Lion's Arch 😕
  2. Tbh, it's a discount Gunblade from Final fantasy even though it's still cool. I just wish we could sheath the blade I'm in the minority that thinks vindicator is awesome. A lot of the specs are even if mech and harbinger feels like anet is telling me to play an Asura. 🤣 .
  3. I'd be fine if they were drawn only in combat. Out of combat they get so annoying and distracting that I have to literally switch back to a different spec
  4. Was just looking for a thread like this and was wondering the same. I'm also wondering if the Vindicator legends have a similar dialogue
  5. I noticed that too. Even Wooden Potatoes said on his youtube that all his guildies were on in different instances. I also tried joining several groups and all of them were in diferent instances due to maps being 'full'
  6. Still bugged also for me https://gyazo.com/59d594f42834ca89f519a77304dab4d8
  7. So uh I noticed on certain heavy helms, the new sylvari hairstyles clip through the helms. I normally don't mind some clipping but it was so noticeable that it looked like something was growing out of my Sylvari's head. Edit: After checking, also clips on light and med armors as well 😕
  8. Can we have it so Hero points are tied to certain shrines in orr. No one runs orr unless it's a daily and it makes it hard to do map completion if the temples are stuck as contested all the time with no way to get to the HP without dying
  9. Got my thief to 80 and ready to go specter. Only reason why I remade my thief 😄
  10. I agree that it needs a rework. Way too squishy and everything else that was said here. I'd love be able to switch from melee to range in combat.
  11. I'd probably just sail somewhere and relax because when I'm bored and just wanna log in for the daily reward, I'll just take a mount and glide around or run around and relax. There's some really gorgeous places in this game and the skiff is just another mount to relax on
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