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  1. The only raid bosses where I've seen the enrage in the last two or three years were Largos and Cardinal Sabir (with unexperienced players). It's also been ages since I've seen a training group doing updrafts at Gorseval. 99% of fails are due to other mistakes and not the timers. If anyone is actually afraid of the timer, they can start raiding with Cairn, as there is no real enrage mechanic. My suggestion to improve participation:Let us open the raid wings at any boss we've killed at least once, to get more flexibility if you don't have much time and just want to do your favourite bosses. Addi
  2. Your personal fractal level increases by one each time you complete a fractal scale equal to or greater than your personal level. You can also join other groups in the lfg instead of opening your own, e.g. the "daily" or "t1 rec" groups. As you need agony resistance above level 20, you should start with the lower ones. For joining a group, your personal fractal level doesn't matter, but you can only see groups in the t1 lfg as long as your level is below 25. I don't know the lfg in NA, but in EU you often see groups like "6, please help for legendary weapon". Maybe you find the right group for
  3. As far as I know low level fractals are enough for most collections. You don't have to be afraid of them and there is no need to do them solo. At least in EU it's not difficult to find a group for t1 fractals, especially when they are daily. There are also often groups who do the fractals for a collection. Groups with requirements in t1 and t2 are rare and can easily be avoided. When I do the t1 recomended daily, there are often new players with just around 2000 AP (achievement points), and some of them oviously don't know what to do, but that normaly isn't a problem. Often there is an experie
  4. A DPS monitoring system is not required to complete a raid, but it helps a lot to understand why you fail a raid.So instead of failing again and again and getting angry at the scourge (because necros never do good dps), you just look at ArcDPS and realize that your scourge is quite good and your beloved tempest forgot to remove his wvw healing gear.
  5. You don't need a tag to enter the Special Forces Training Area. You can make a squad without having a tag.
  6. When you go to the golem and use the snowcrows buffs, boons and food and you have around 25k you are good to go. If you are close to 30k, you are already very good. You shouldn't have much less then 20k on the golem.
  7. What people do you have in NA that you call everyone toxic?In EU I just open a squad (or join one without requirements) and Fraenir, Grothmar, Kodan and WoJ are done with just "hi" and "ty". I've never met any toxity in a squad. Right now (21:00 CET) strike lfg in EU: 7 listings with various strikes, only one with li requirement and one looking for certain professions.An in the raid lfg: 11 listings for raids, 2 of them training, 1 without special requirements. And 3 training squads are running in a discord of a training guild (RTI).
  8. Many experienced raiders do a lot to bring new players to raids. There are dedicated guilds for raid trainings and training discords.Other guilds (like Snow Crows) put a lot of work into creating the best builds (includinig guides how to play them).An EU raid training guild (RTI) made lots of raidinig PoV videos:https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/gbx4ae/my_guild_prepared_a_massive_list_of_raiding_pov/. When I started raiding, there were no guides, no experienced leaders and hardly anyone had ascended equipment. It took us weeks to get Vale Guardian down. Nowadays in a wing 1 training
  9. The next time something like that happens, Anet should just give everybody who was online at least once in the last month a bonfire. So nobody has a reason to complain.(Except those who were online 32 days ago and those who think it is too less.)
  10. How could you loose 150 gold when you didn't log in? If you did log in, you'll get a mount skin. And Anet wrote they're working on restoring everything that was lost due to the rollback. I'm not sure if giving 400 gems to every account would be good for the GW2 economy. There are 11 Mio accounts (though I don't know how active these accounts are). That would be a lot of gems flooding the market. A skin doesn't do as much damage to the economy as a currency like gems.
  11. We (3-5 guildies) do WoJ regularly. On of us plays healbrand, the others dps (DH, bs, reaper, thief -> depending on who is online). In lfg we just write "1 heal + x dps. We never ask for a special profession or any kp or even experience. Sometimes there is one wipe, sometimes two, but in general we clear it without problems.
  12. I've never met anyone who cared about how fast a strike mission is completed. We are 3-5 guildies doing strike missions quite often. Normaly we just write "Kodan" in lfg. Only for Whisper of Jormag we write "WoJ, 1 heal, x dps".We also sometimes have unexperienced guildies with us, who don't do much dps and there were never any complaints about it. Sometimes when there is a wipe at Whisper, someone leaves the squad, but that's the worst that ever happened.Sometimes we don't have much might or quickness and alacrity is extremly rare, as we don't care about group composition, but we still get go
  13. That's most likely because Gunnar's Hold changed from "medium" to "very high" and many of the people you see playing are from there.
  14. In the past it was the elite signet that caused this aura. After the recent changes in the tactics traitline it is now coming from there, probably from the minor trait "Marching Orders".
  15. Weird, my experience is completely different:Before the linkings whenever there were two DE servers in a match up, they fought against each other while the international server was the lucky winner. There was and still is a lot of rivalry between the DE servers.
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