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  1. Right now I'm playing mostly Tempest and playing around with Mechanist, I played a lot of my WvW as a necromancer, and I started out as an Engineer and still have the most hours played as that. I've got one character of each profession except warrior. I have not got the Revenant, Ranger, or Mesmer to level 80.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions of events that already exist. To be clear, I was never envisioning a major map meta event that DPS players would be upset about being excluded from, just some obscure escort event, like the ones that have been mentioned which I had not thought of. I don't have a good feel for the magnitude of healing possible relative to typical DPS, for example whether it is practical to keep the 7 pact shoulders alive while dealing reduced damage to the attackers. NPCs often don't deal any significant damage so I presume you have to get some DPS in or it would at best become
  3. If it has to be in an instance that's fine with me. I don't know how many other players are but I'm very willing to do content with no loot if it helps improve my knowledge and skills. Perhaps a solo instance, like an optional branch in a story would be good. People often mention that the game doesn't teach you things, and trying to learn support by playing in a mass of other players of unknown composition isn't easy. With DPS you just need to solo a creature you are familiar with then compare to previous experiences with that creature. Support seems much harder to isolate and judge.
  4. This. I tried being support oriented in the DE Meta and I have no idea if it was helpful or I just lowered group DPS by not concentrating on that. I don't even know if anybody need the boons I was sharing or if everyone already had them and it was a waste. Likewise for healing. Maybe that's just because I don't know what I'm doing support wise, I'm not sure where to learn.
  5. I think it would be nice if there were some minor events that were dedicated to players playing support builds, and helping them practice and improve. For example, some sort of escort event where you had to support the NPC rather than DPS the mob. Say the NPC has a special weapon or ability that lets them do massive damage to an enemy with a massive health pool, but the NPC is somewhat fragile, so the best way to play it is to act as a support to the NPC via healing and boons and such. I've never played anything overtly support oriented because in the OW it usually seem to be better to just
  6. I think it would be very cool if Anet added a combat holodeck in one or more locations. A combat holodeck would be a little like the special forces training golem except instead of a golem it would have an NPC that you can configure. You can choose any of the professions or elite specializations and at the most basic level it will auto-attack you. You can add self-healing where it will just use it's heal function any time it's health gets below a threshold. You can add "on-cooldown" use of its other weapon and utility skills. You could make it arbitrarily complex by allowing the user to c
  7. Sometimes it is because I give up on clicking Join in Dragon's End and being told that that world is full after many attempts. Sometimes it is because I don't know how to tell in advance whether a commander with a tag up is proficient at commanding the meta. Sometimes there is no accessible commanded squad at all and I figure I'll just see what happens - which is usually failure, often before we even get to Soo-Won And I guess all the time it is because I fail to join a discord server being used to organize the highly successful squads. Some people take it for granted that you
  8. You are right, this did get ignored. The reasons I personally don't find it compelling are: - I would much rather use a gift of battle because it is a tiny fraction of the effort required for gift of exploration. That said, I would not object to being able to use a gift of exploration if one preferred. - I have acrophobia, jump puzzles make me sweaty and give me vertigo, I hate them. It's a personal bias. As you mention winterberries are very specific to one particular map, as unbound magic is specific to one LW season, it isn't clear to me how to make this work more generall
  9. Actually I have enjoyed WvW in the past and will continue to play it in the future. I am happy earning all the components of WvW legendary armor the way they are now except I don't like skirmish ticket distribution, the way it is tied to the number of hours you play in a given week rather than the total hours you play had an adverse effect on my enjoyment of WvW. Maybe they can add a skirmish ticket reward track so that you can still earn the tickets playing WvW but on your own schedule? I also believe that people playing non-instanced PVE should be able to earn legendary armor by doing
  10. I should say that I am convinced at this point that the Jade Sliver idea is flawed. I still believe that people who may enjoy some wvw but don't want to grind a lot of hours of wvw weekly should have a path where if they can do an equivalent amount of grinding but doing something else. Finding a better way to distribute skirmish tickets within wvw would be my first priority, I don't think the game should be especially rewarding playing a certain number of hours a week, by giving more and more rewards the longer you play in a given week but then cutting those rewards to zero after a certain
  11. I certainly see some flaws in the expansion but I really appreciate the extra communication and hearing about what I can look forward to and when. Four more days to the first LW Season 1 episode!
  12. If you give me discounted non-Legendary Armor with ascended stats that has all the benefits of the legendary armory I'm certainly all in. Give it the skin of a level 10 armor for all I care, just like the wvw armor I'm going to transmute it or cover it up with an outfit anyway. To me "Legendary" is just a word, I want the QOL improvements of the legendary armory not the "prestige" of "legendary" armor. I don't think it is useful to the discussion to assume that people want prestige and are dishonest when they tell you they don't. To tell the truth I don't recall ever observing a player in
  13. If a player does more total damage and healing and provides more boon uptime by wearing Celestial then they are being smart. Celestial gear won't save you from the mechanics anyway.
  14. I have no problem whatsoever with the way that wvw reward tracks give access to OW rewards but isn't it a little weird that many wvw players so jealously guard the requirement to get wvw currencies by playing wvw, while at the same time we can earn dungeon items and currency using dungeon reward tracks instead of doing dungeons, festival items and currencies by doing festival reward tracks, almost every OW map currency can be earned by doing the matching reward track instead of playing on the map? It seems rather asymmetric to me.
  15. I've come to realize that there is a segment of people for whom legendary items should be legendary rewards for legendary players. Then there's another segment who see legendary items a big QOL improvement that they would appreciate being able to obtain without torturing themselves doing long grinds of content they don't enjoy. Members of these two segments seem to talk past one another to no effect. Nineteen pages later and people still find it necessary to tell other players that they don't need and shouldn't want the QOL improvements that legendary armor gives.
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