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  1. No that's not the case. It just doesn't show it until you're in stealth.
  2. Specter's Scepter 1 skill does not show the tooltip for it's Stealth Attack while unstealthed but all other weapons do.
  3. "Fixed a bug that prevented map character icons from matching their elite specialization icon."
  4. Anything short of climbing cliffs and tengu and this expansion isn't going to be enough for me either. No feeling of hype after 9 years. 😕
  5. Can we start referring to sPvP as sPvB(Structured Player vs Bot)? I am fighting literal, stop when I stealth, bots no less than an average of 1 per match. Some matches have like 2-3, some none, but at the gold 1 level, it's just not fun anymore. I was always mid plat for years and years, was playing since beta until I took a year off a couple years ago. When I came back, I placed low gold and can't climb out because I'm fighting with garbage Pentium 4 warriors on my team that we're programmed by fucking Doug in his grandma's basement. Please raise the Ranked ranked requirement to 100.
  6. Thank you for fixing this..> @Sniper.5961 said: I am really happy you fixed it, ty :). The whirl finisher from the other dodge trait "impaling lotus" still doesnt work btw, would be great if you yould fix that one, too. I would test it one more time. Working fine for me. Note that you do need to be in combat for that projectile finisher to trigger. Thanks for fixing bound.
  7. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/120386/someone-try-and-do-pistol-5-and-bounding-dodger-leap-finisher-for-stealth#latest Same thread topic 6 down from your thread too.
  8. Quite the investigation... Winter break has been totally great with a stack of new nerfs and our class further broken by this. If any other class couldn't use a class skill, after a patch, due to a bug, it would get fixed right away. These combos are essential for thieves and this bug should have been high priority and fixed before ya'll hung it up for the year..
  9. Is anyone else completely fucked by this? Still can't use 3 of my 4 builds which means no pvp, wvw at all. My ranged dps, melee dps, ranged condi pvp builds all use this. Super bored of just looking at my achievements panel and running around pve land pressing 1 on world bosses. Can't 2v2 which is something I was really looking forward to. We're the class who doesn't get a lot of skills because we leverage this type of shit. We HAVE to leverage this shit. Like, fuck Winter's Day if it breaks our class and ANET just goes on vacation... o/ (there's middle finger at the top of that arm)
  10. Welp, lost 150 points in structured since this bug... guess I have to just walk around in pve pressing 1, killing critters... Hopefully this won't get attention until after winter break.
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