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  1. Club Canach is the best thing about arborstone, the music is so good but i can only hear it near the band, should be nice if we could sit in another place and still hear that sweet jazz. Also, the NPCs took the best seats, thats sad, i wanna sit near the music
  2. You are nerfing hard encounters, nerfing Soo-won, cool, very cool, its too hard you are nerfing, but why aren't you buffing the "too easy" bosses? The entirity of dragon's end pre events are boring as hell, and the main reason is how easy the bosses are, the salt spray dragons are cool, nice animation and mechanics that we can all just ignore because the thing dies in 30 seconds and we don't even need to evade, in the 5 times i played dragon's end i barely saw people getting downed there. Finished new kaineng's meta for the first time, nobody died in the entire fight single digit downs
  3. Hi, first of all sorry for bad english, second i need to talk about something, this is for the devs not for the players: i don't really feel like buying EoD. I've been following this game since beta, and playing since launch year, i was astonished with dinamic events and the open world and the dinamic combat, bought every exp and played every living world episode the day it came out, lion's arch attack was the best thing i've seen in an online game, and heart of thorns took everything to another level. But now i feel like the games not for me anymore, playing gw2 feels like playing m
  4. Was reading an article talking about EoD strikes, how boneskinner had this damage mechanic that everyone just ignore because you can overheal it, so they said they are increasing the bosses damage for EoD, i face palmed so hard when i read that. I'll just say two things. First: If you wanna increase damage so ppl don't just overheal damaging mechanics you'll need to make everything insta kill Thats a fact, healers can fully heal a party with a fart and they eat mexican food for breakfast, and even if you go down theres necros teleporting you and reviving you in 2 seconds.
  5. So devs butchered turrets for everyone and thats because of bots, and i agree with that change in some parts (not like the bots will use necros anyway), and they want a move active turret gameplay so heres my suggestion, improve tool kit as a turret management kit: Tool kit: 1: Increase the turret healing to 10%, and to 20% if you don't hit any enemy. 3 Pry Bar: Make it fully heal the first (so ppl don't stack turrets) turret it hits (heal hp enough to fully heal all turrets but thumper turret) and increase its strike and condi damage by 15% for 5 seconds. 4 Gear Shield: The turret
  6. Imagine wanting anet to fix old content instead of wasting 10 times the effort to make new content that will become obsolete and stupidly easy within 1 month
  7. Yall asking to be more specific i'll be for him: Premade faces that you can't change much, theres no tattoos and make-up, only like 2 human female faces that have lipstick that you can't change the color, even tho you can change eye color to any color (behind payed itens) you can only change the iris, i like to use black sclera on my characters and in this game you can only do so with a medium helm skin, no sliders for body, zero, no scars and the few slides we have on the face are worthless
  8. Everything is wrong, its the wrost character creation from MMORPGs (other than new world) how premade face is any good?
  9. I was hopeful for playable Largos, since we ain't gettin it can you put Largos Fin back in the gem store so i can make a bootleg largos pleeeeeeease?? Pretty pleeeeease
  10. Weapon swapping is supposed to be for people to have versatily, i remember the youtuber that made me start GW2 playing GS/rifle war and switching to rifle when low so she could regain health and go back to melee. And yes in some ROTATIONS you have to swap weapons constantly, thats how most rotations work, thats the most efficient way to play, you don't have to you are right, but you don't have to remain in the raid squad either, they can easily kick you because your dps is garbage because you don't like to weapon swap. IF the best way to play is unfun it is bad design,
  11. Was not an example for weapon swap is an example for profession with lots of button to press, firebrand have more weapon skill than ele, with weapon swapping and tomes it have a total of 25 skills while also having mantras that are a ammo type of skill, for a person like me with tendinitis i can't play the thing is literally PAINFUL to play healbrand. I never said ppl did not stack in dungeons i played the guard/war stacking meta in dungeon, i said if you don't stack the game is completelly different. Stop being toxic and putting words in other mouth, thats stupid, what
  12. So no playable Largos in EoD, thats sad, very sad but i can take it, iiiif you put Largos Fin backpack back on store so i can make a blue sylvari bootleg largos, maybe abyss stalker outfit too? Please Anet this will help alot with wiping out my Largos fanboy tears.
  13. I replied it in another post but i think the suject deserves its own post. The problem: The main reason of UW combat being clunky is because it is outdated, lots of core game weapons feel that way, or would feel if they did not occasionally update some, having only 3 underwater weapons and up to 2 usable per profession doesn't help either, also the movement feel so slow and clunky in general. Lack of skills are also a thing, since only half of your utilities are usable underwater. The solution: I find thief's spear hella fun, i have even ascended underwater
  14. The only reason of UW combat being clunky is because is outdated, lots of core game weapons feel that way, or would feel but they ocasionally update some, having only 3 underwater weapons and 2 usable per profession doesn't help. I find Thief's spear hella fun, i have even ascended underwater stuff on my thief, and also he is a daredevil, not only i have 3 dodges but they go far and they feel amazing underwater, if you give this freedom of movement to base dodge rolls for all profession underwater and also increase endurance regen underwater it would improve highly the UW experienc
  15. Quick answer: Bad game design Long answer: GW2 have a bunch of builds and professions that have tons, and i say TONS of buttons to press, like firebrand and scourge with lots of skills that don't have casting time, including the tomes where you are punished if you waste a page instead of having reduced cooldown if you do. With the meta of stand still stack rotation and how healer is broken in this game you just need to press all skills off cooldown, IF you play the game the old way you need survivability skills, and you need to use them in the right moment, in old content witho
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